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Headline for Explore Rice Paddies in Canggu – Authentic Balinese Fields
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Explore Rice Paddies in Canggu – Authentic Balinese Fields

Planning on visiting Bali soon? Then don't miss out on visiting the lush green rice terraces in Canggu where rice plants move in rhythm with the breeze. These offer stunning views to its visitors with the soothing green coming up at you from everywhere you glance.


Getting to Canggu Rice Fields

A resort village on the South coast of Bali, Canggu is pretty much spread out over a massive area, in which case, one will need to rent a bicycle or moped (a light motorcycle). The bicycle would get you the required exercise you're probably missing out during your vacation in Bali properties such as Nirjhara. Plus, some of the roads may not be the safest to be navigated using a moped. So, your best bet to a nearby paddy field would be by bicycle. If you leave your treehouse villa in Bali at crack of the dawn, you may reach the rice paddies just in time to see them glistening with fresh morning light.


Rice Fields in Canggu

Once you leave your accommodation, you can ride towards rice terraces via Jalan Batu Mejan and then onto Jalan Padang Linjong. From there, you may turn into Jalan Pura Blulang Yeh, which is quite a narrow dirt path that will make you quite happy if you choose to rent a bicycle and not a moped. Ride for several metres and you will meet a junction. If you turn right onto Jalan Sempol, you can reach striking rice paddies, and riding along the left route will take you onto Jalan Pantai Pererenan, towards some rice fields plus the beach. If you have the time, visiting both locations would be worth your time.


Canggu Vs. Bali

One may ask – how are the Canggu rice paddies any different from the Bali rice terraces? Canggu rice paddies are more easily reachable, and on your own as well – no need for taxi drivers or a guide, you can easily find these stunning stretches of green if you want to. Even if they don't have the impressive quality of the ones in Bali, they are quite enriched in the authentic feel that many tourists crave. However, it is not to say that the rice terraces in Bali aren't worth your time; the ones in Canggu can be more admired for their authentic nature whereas the Bali rice terraces are more focused on attracting tourists.


Best Times to Visit Canggu Rice Paddies

The ideal time to pay a visit to Canggu rice paddies is either early morning or in the evening when the sun is either ascending towards its peak or descending from it. Particularly during sunset, you would be amazed by the sheer artistry of Mother Nature as the setting sky contrasts with the gorgeous greens of the paddies. However, make sure that you don't travel when it's dark as most paths are not lit.


What to Expect

Canggu rice paddies are the epitome of Balinese rice fields. Although you may not see the amazing terraces in Bali, you can see some beautiful sloping terraces and also subak style Balinese irrigation methods.

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