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Triberr Reviews

A Review of Triberr: 4 Things Triberr Reminded Me about Twitter

When I taught my first Twitter workshops back in 2009, I mentioned one of the many reasons why I was bullish from the start about using HootSuite as a Twitter client: It gave you the ability to seamlessly import RSS feeds. At that time, I mentioned that this was efficient for...

Triberr Review: Useful Tool or Shiny Toy?

Does social media eat into your writing time? There are plenty of social media tools that can help with reducing the time spent, while others can turn unexpectedly into time black holes. I like checking out new tools, because sometimes I can find one that helps me out. So what about Tribber?

Triberr to Take the Blogging World by Storm | Social Media Today

Mike Allton Triberr is putting authors first. I spoke with Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr, while he was recovering from one of the toughest issues a tech start-up can face: server downtime. Triberr, the blog-sharing uber-machine, experienced a database issue during what was supposed to be a routine maintenance session, and ended up down for the better part of two days.

Triberr Review: Multiply Your Twitter Reach and Supercharge Your Retweets

Twitter is the standard right now, there's no denying. Simply because everyone serious about doing business online is using it, there's no easy way to get eyeballs on your content. Quality is not a deciding factor anymore (or is it?) and tweeting great stuff can only do so much.

Four reasons why I finally like Triberr

For the past six months I have given Triberr a whirl and it has been quite a drama. Triberr is a new platform that bands together like-minded bloggers who support each other by tweeting worthy posts. I've participated in a limited way because up until now, the application was misguided, political and melodramatic.

How I Use Triberr

Over the last few months, I have been trying out the Triberr service as a way to expand my content's exposure to new audiences and to give my followers more content from other blogs as well.

A Review of Triberr and the Spin Sucks Analytics

t’s been a month that I’ve been a member of Triberr. I’ve had lots of direct messages, emails, and Facebook messages asking what the heck it is and how I like it.

So I’m here to tell you.

For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t seen the shorted tribr link, Triberr is a way for you to retweet the work of bloggers you know and trust. According to Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo, the founders, “every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe.”

Review Of Triberr: Social Media Reach Massive Multiplier

Review Of Triberr: Social Media Reach Massive Multiplier

Triberr overview by Dino Dogan at DragonSearch's LunchNLearn

Recently, one of our #UsDragons folks stopped by for a guest speaking appearance at our weekly Lunch-and-Learn staff meeting. It was none other than Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr. All of us found him to be as engaging offline as he is on. Here's what Dino and Triberr are all about.

This is a Post on Socialable | A Fresh Approach to Social Media - Socialable

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of catching up with Dino Dogan from Triberr. Triberr is a fab tool for bloggers, it helps them extend their reach and network, as well as share great, relevant content with their Twitter followers. You can listen here, or download the file.

Triberr's Dino Dogan On How To Drive 2 Million Website Visits A Month

Dino Dogan is co-founder (along with Dan Cristo) of Triberr, easily the most innovative, effective traffic generating tool I've come across in the last year. Anyone with a blog and Twitter account can join Triberr to group into 'tribes' with other bloggers to cross-promote each other's posts in just a few clicks - and it works a treat.

How to use Triberr

Triberr is a community of bloggers working together to promote each others content. I'm a relative newbie to it and am still testing it out. It's very confusing to use for a first time user and it took me a couple of go's to figure it out.