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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 17, 2020
Headline for Why Visit Oman after COVID-19 – Discover a Unique Country
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Why Visit Oman after COVID-19 – Discover a Unique Country

Oman is often overshadowed by its dazzling neighbours and many travellers tend to return to the same old destinations each year – however, people have finally discovered what they have missed all this time making Oman an up and coming destination of this year.


Oman is safe

Oman is a reliable country including for solo women travellers and others who are new to this hobby – this is because the country goes to great lengths to make it livable, safe, and clean for all its citizens and visitors. Lying quite close to Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it does come as a surprise to hear that the Sultanate of Oman is classified as a country with zero terrorism impact.


Oman will welcome you with open arms

Omani people are gradually becoming famous for their free spirit and wonderful hospitality. They are rather proud of their heritage and culture and are pretty excited to reveal its mesmerising facets to the world – should you ever need any advice or directions, don't be nervous to ask a local nearby. Most probably you'll even be helped before you even ask (if they sense that you need help). On that note, it is also nice to note that Omanis will not cross personal boundaries. You'll find them respectful of your personal space and never pry unnecessarily unless you welcome the conversation.


Oman is blessed with spectacular sceneries

If you don't explore the phenomenal desertscapes of Oman, you simply cannot say that you have been on an authentic Omani adventure! Why not sign up for a luxe mobile camping adventure offered by properties such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara; you'll be guided through diverse terrain from the mountains to the desert and the sea, covering a vast array of landscapes with tailored itineraries to suit your needs.


Oman is brimming with history and architecture

If you're someone who ardently falls in love with anything that relates to history or architecture, you'd be delighted to know that Oman simply thrives in them; among its 500 forts and castles peppered over its striking desertscapes, you'll find plenty to learn, explore, and discover. One of the most famous landmarks here is Bahla Fort, a historic fortress that is also a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architectural aspects of Oman are just as diverse as its nature. Once you've had your fill of forts and castles, then head down to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which is located close to popular Salalah hotels. With a 50-metres high elegant dome and the intricately patterned Persian carpet are reason enough to visit this immaculately white mosque.


Oman offers world-class dining and shopping experiences

When in Oman, you wouldn't be able to choose between exploring its sandy deserts and trying out their delicious desserts – well, make sure you indulge in both activities before you leave the country. Find a place offering authentic Omani cuisine, which is based on ingredients such as rice, meat, and vegetables. The aromatic herbs and spices used in their dishes are what sets their cuisine apart from anything you've ever tasted before.