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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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05 Reasons to Take a Beach Vacation – A Fulfilling & Fun-Filled Break

Sometimes the best cure for all the stress, worry or lethargy you may face in today's world, is to take a vacation to the beach. While it offers a chance to truly unwind and "escape" from everyday routines, such coastal getaways have other benefits too.


Improves Respiratory System

On a visit to the beach, you can expect clean and fresh sea air, quite different from the smoggy environs of a city! When at the shore, you can inhale deeply without worrying about breathing in polluted air, while the oxygen absorption is increased which is beneficial for the respiratory system as well; in fact, those who suffer from asthma or respiratory difficulties will find breathing easier too. Additionally, it has been found that even swimming in the ocean is advantageous as it aides to flush out phlegm too.


A Chance to Reconnect

When it comes to the benefits of visiting the beach, it does not only have to be relegated to physical ones. Pristine shorelines bordered by ocean waters also provide the perfect settings in which you can connect or rather reconnect with family, friends or that someone special. It is the ideal opportunity to disconnect from digital dependencies and engage in actual face to face communication. For example, in the Maldives, resort hotel options can be found just for couples; they can spend their vacation by the beach getting to know each other better as they share their hopes and dreams and plan for the future.


Enjoy Additional Activities

Sunbathing, swimming or just chilling on the sand may be the main things that come to mind when you think of the beach but there is so much more to experience! This is especially true if you plan a vacation to private island getaways the likes of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort; the active type can try all manner of water sports such as snorkelling, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, flyboarding and diving. Depending on the property, you can also enjoy sunset cruises, dolphin spotting excursions, beachside dining or yoga, private yacht charters and trips to a deserted island for two!


De-stress and Feel Rejuvenated

The beach is an ideal place to de-stress from all the worry and cares you may have; it also offers a soothing environment where you can take time to think clearly and sort things out in your head. It is also said that such a vacation by the shore can help to regulate the brain's serotonin levels thereby making you feel happier too. Added to the fact you will feel rejuvenated, those going swimming in the ocean will find the magnesium in the body being replenished which will help you feel calmer too.


Get a Cardio Workout

You can't help but want to engage in some activity and games when at the beach which tend to provide some great cardio too! Even a simple game of family tag or taking long walks on the shore will get your heart pumping faster and do your body good. Swimming as well as beach football, volleyball and rugger are excellent activities to enjoy, while water sports like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking provide a fulfilling cardio workout as you explore the coastline.