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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 16, 2020
Headline for Safety tips for visiting Oman – Know the rules before you visit
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Safety tips for visiting Oman – Know the rules before you visit

Oman, although many of you don't know, is a great tourist destination. It's a relatively new destination to visit with many interesting attractions. But is it safe to travel to Oman? Let's discuss this in this article. Know your safety tips before you visit this destination.


COVID -19 status in Oman

Just as how the global pandemic COVID -19 affected every country in the world, it affected Oman as well. The government of Oman, however, has successfully taken preventive measures to suppress the pandemic impacts. Although there were barriers to enter the country before, things have begun to come back to normal, and this includes the tourism industry. Every Oman resort the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort maintains the best of safety and hygiene measures to help their guests stay away from the virus. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizers are always encouraged when you are in Oman.


Crime in Oman

Oman is a wealthy country governed by strict religious legal terms. Thus, the rate of crime in this destination is relatively low. Whatever the crime is, once it's reported, it's sure to be severely punished. When it comes to the people in Oman, they are very polite and friendly. But some minor crimes have been reported against tourists in the past about which strict actions have been taken by the authorities. No matter what, be responsible for your safety when you go to a new destination. Avoid going out alone in the dark and know about the numbers you have to dial when in an emergency.



As you are aware, some terrorist groups operate in the Arabian Peninsula. Several Gulf countries have become their targets over the past. However, the probability of a terror attack occurring in Oman is lower than in the other Gulf countries.


Omani political status

Being a country in the Middle East, Oman sometimes feels the pressure of political unrest. Oman borders Yemen, and this border has been a cause of conflict over the years. Unless you are an officially authorized person, you will not be granted permission to enter Yemen. When it comes to political meetings and gatherings in Oman, they are often peaceful, but tourists are advised not to join the crowds.


Using drugs in Oman

Oman is a country that has a zero-level tolerance for drugs. Even if you keep a small number of drugs for personal use and get caught, you'll be behind bars at least for one year. Severe penalties occur here for drugs, and they sometimes include the death penalty as well.


No-drones when in Oman

No matter how addicted you are to capture the best panoramic views of the destinations that you travel to, you are not permitted to fly recreational drones in Oman. The minimum penalty is three years in jail if you get caught. Earlier there wasn't such a law about drones, but with travellers flying drones too close to the airport infrastructure and flight paths, the authorities had to impose this law.