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Headline for Week 21 best articles from my digital media stream
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Week 21 best articles from my digital media stream

My weekly reading list of posts I found interesting and/or helpful. Curated for your convenience and published every weekend on

5 Tips to Stay Ahead When Marketing Your Business

The current state of media and marketing is constantly changing. And a forward-thinking approach is necessary. Here are 5 tips to stay ahead: 1. Create More Opportunity You have the ability to make useful things faster and better than any corporation. Relying on publicity to get attention is like bungee jumping off a bridge.

Media Isn't Social, People Are! | Kruse Control Inc.

"Sell something, create a customer today. Help someone, create a customer for life." ~Jay Baer, Keynote at 14th Digital Dealer Conference. I'm privileged to be a contributor in the creation and sharing of information around automotive Social Media marketing.

10 Ways To Get More Website Traffic From LinkedIn

Many social networks are often overlooked when talking about website traffic, and many times it's for completely wrong reasons. I am still often surprised by the traffic I get from different social networks that I never thought would get me any, and this was the case with...

Infographic: Which sites did Penguin 2.0 impact most?

Google rolled out its Penguin 2.0 this week, and its impact hasn't been as rough as anticipated (2.0% of websites were affected). The first graphic is from Searchmetrics showing that some pornographic sites got hit hard (as did the Salvation Army and Dish), and the second is an infographic describing the updates to this point, [...]

Customer Replacement Therapy - Millennial CEO | Millennial CEO

Why do some companies continue to grow at unparalleled rates while other companies seemingly fight year after year just to maintain their revenue rate? In some cases, why did a company grow for many years and then hit what seems like an unbreakable plateau? Some will attempt to say it is one thing or another.

4 Tips For Building A Website That Google Will Love

Posted by Guest on May 24, 2013 ยท Leave a Comment Optimizing your website for Google won't just boost your search visibility. You'll also create a site that's more Google AdWords friendly and, as a result, attract more clients via pay per click advertising. A great PPC campaign should always be accompanied by a stellar website.

The Technology of Star Trek is here, today

Submitted by Mike Allton on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 9:00am If you aren't a fan of the iconic Science Fiction show Star Trek, bear with me here. I think you're going to be pretty amazed at what's been happening lately. The idea that modern technology is being inspired by or even mirroring that which was imagined on Star Trek is not new.

How to: Build a Twitter Following with Twitter Lists

Twitter can become a little overwhelming for those who have just got started. It is like having 100 radio stations switched on at the same time and catching bits of pieces of conversations here and there. One of the questions I get asked frequently is how do I manage or keep up with my Twitter stream?

Be The Change You Want To See - In Social Media

It seems that almost every week, there is a new social media "scandal." And boy are we ever quick to lynch the poor sap who made the mistake that created the said scandal in the first place...

Persistence, Focus + Repetition: Kills Doubt, Earns Attention - via @nickkellet

There is nothing like persistence, focus and repetition to crack a hard problem. Oddly sometimes we even crack the problem and forget to celebrate our achievements. It's too easy to pass GO and not bank the $200. I can always recall my boss and mentor from French Connection telling me stories about lasers and the power of focus.

Week 21 best articles from my digital media stream

My weekly reading list of posts I found interesting and/or helpful. Curated for your convenience and published every weekend on