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This book does not explore the religious aspects of war. Your very belief is tested in combat, you must kill your enemy, or your enemy will kill you – that is the simple, hard cold fact.

Donut Hole by RC Le Beau | Book

Donut Hole by RC Le Beau. This book does not explore the religious aspects of war. Your very... A Marine's Real-Life Battles in Vietnam

All Kids Go To Heaven by Rick Vasquez

All Kids Go To Heaven is a psychological thriller mystery about a displaced family who was helped by a church congregation, two children killed, and their...

What Are the Worldbuilding Traps - M.A. Haddad

We all know the importance of worldbuilding to the fantasy genre, and writers shouldn't take worldbuilding lightly. The fictional world touches all aspects of your story, including the plot and the characters.

Why Cats and Kittens are Great Story Characters - Lynda Hamblen

Animals generally make great characters for stories, especially in children’s literature. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling – these are only some of the most popular stories with animal main characters. Dogs are arguably the most common type of animals used in these stories.

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Kitchen. Where the magic happens. It is the center of your day-to-day living. Almost everyone officially starts their day in the kitchen. It is where everyone gathers around. It is one of the essential parts of the house. Without this space for your home, it will make you feel empty and uncomfortable. That being mentioned, the need to make sure that everything is there and working well for you is critical.

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Frank Heller has published biographical and exhibition catalogs on American and European artists, some of which are housed in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries in Washington, D.C. He was a hospital corpsman in the US Navy during the early years of the Vietnam War.

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Children generally believe what they are told, so it will come as no surprise that you can enhance their confidence by using a positive tone and telling your toddler that they are loved, liked and wanted. That is why confidence is an essential ingredient for all aspects of your toddler’s healthy development and a key ingredient for school success.

A Mountain Within by Rick Vasquez

A Mountain Within by Rick Vasquez is a love story with tears of sorrow and a dash of Southern sweetness. Please love the Lore family. Accept them and…

The Shadow Of The Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge by M.A. Haddad | Book

The Shadow of The Staff, A Wizard’s Revenge is only the first book in a series of novels based on the adventures of the peoples of Hatu.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to bolster your understanding of how the mind works and become a better parent, educator and or administrator with Three Dimensions of Learning.

The Four Barriers Keeping You From Making Change - Charles Lewis Anthony

Summer is coming upon us, and the country is slowly preparing to open after the tragedy brought by the pandemic. The lockdown has pushed everyone into hibernation, giving us a lot of time to reflect on life.

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Born in the 1970s and raised in the 1980s in the gang-populated city of Los Angeles, California, Ray Watkins had to make some decisions for himself. Some turned out bad, and some turned out good, but the important thing was to stay alive and live to see another day.

Things to Avoid When Writing Murder Mystery Books - JB Clemmens

Murder mystery is very popular among fans of crime fiction. With its combination of high tension and the ability to engage its readers as detectives, murder mystery is quite a distinctive genre that offers a different kind of reading experience. Both readers and authors alike are drawn into the thrill of murder mystery.

Book | Moon Luck - Story of astronauts living on the moon

Moon Luck is the story of 30 astronauts living on the moon for extended periods. It explorers research and close relationships...

Enhancing the Language Development of Young Children - Jo Ann Gramlich

Learning and appreciating the value of communication is the sole purpose of Language Development. So here are a few creative ideas and tips.

Strategies to Develop an Exciting Plot for Your Story - Thomas Delaney

Many have dreamt of becoming a best-selling author, or some have even dreamt of publishing their fictional literary works. If you are one of them and you have spent a couple of sleepless nights trying to think of ways to make your plot interesting, then this blog is ideal for you. It is always the number one priority of authors to make sure that the readers will be captivated by the plot they have made. Because once they are captured with the plot, they will start to love the overall book.

Ways to Avoid Pitfalls When Writing Fantasy Books - M.A. Haddad

Writers, no matter how adept they are already, can also make mistakes if not being mindful. Writing can have a lot of technicalities that every author and aspiring author should know. If you are one, then this blog is just for you. When you write, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. You want to steer away from being bombarded with thoughts if your writing is excellent. As much as possible, you want to feel free and confident of what you are writing.

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Providing proper guidance to children from the time they are born until they can stand independently is essential for every parent. Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague, an experienced teacher, and parent authored a fantastic book to assist parents and even educators about this.


The expression most uttered when facing difficult circumstances is “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. From my experiences, not all lemonades have the flavor that is palatable for the taste buds. In the medical community lemons are sometimes referred to as the disinfectant for the body, and research is finding that hot water with lemons each morning is a great source for staying healthy.

Daily Reminders to Make Better Life Choices - Charles Lewis Anthony

Every day, we make choices. Every move we make, there have to be options. These decisions matter, and they make significant changes in your life. Whether it’s to make coffee instead of juices or get up in bed or stay in. Life is only a matter of making the right one. But how do we know if we are making the right decision? In this blog, you will learn some ways to remind you to make better decisions in life. You will also learn some tips and tricks on how you can easily do it.

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Storytelling can be in any shape or form. And it allowed people to be so much more in this world. It allowed them to be something by sharing a piece of them. In addition to that, storytelling has allowed people to make sense. More than that, it also allowed people to be heard.

How You Grow in Your Spiritual Walk with God - Arline Westmeier

When you are overcoming difficulties in your life, your personal strength needs to be steadfast. There are so many ways to strengthen your strength; one way is through nourishing your spiritual life. It will turn you into a person full of positivity, which can do so many good things in your life. People can become preoccupied because of the things that happen in life. Some things have been changing in this world, not to mention the rapidness of these changes.

How to Live a Soul-Centered Life - Judith Wright Favor

People from then till now are always searching for happiness, meaning, and purpose. They think that something is missing in their lives and long to fill this void. Many books made attempts to fill this need,

About Uprooting the Poison Tree — Myra L. Weiner, PhD

Uprooting the Poison Tree - This book will inspire those interested in
science, those who have had abusive or unrewarding relationships, women in

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Science fiction is one of the most enduring genre of all time—wherein other genres are slowly fizzling out, sci-fi flourishes to the top of the genre chain. Its popularity lies in its use as a tool to interpret the world around us and investigate areas of our life that are too complex, too implicit, too subtle to discuss due to the limitations of realistic fiction.