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Why Dissertations is important?

Many students get confused about how to begin their dissertation writing process, and they take weeks (if not months) to write the first sentence of the paper. This is understandable as writing a dissertation is a humungous task!


Why Dissertations is important?

Why Dissertations is important?

Many students get confused about how to begin their dissertation writing process, and they take weeks (if not months) to write the first sentence of the paper. This is understandable as writing a dissertation is a humungous task!
Often students get too much worried about the length of the dissertation and its deadline. This causes a high level of stress in students which often stops them to take any action, as they keep thinking about the overall scope of work. The cause of these shortcomings can be also be attributed to various other academic and personal problems which the students face as they go about their daily life.
Therefore, for many students, premier dissertations writing period is the most challenging time at university. They understand that the dissertation paper would significantly impact their future career possibilities, however, they find themselves unable to manage this which leads to various problems including a fail or a low degree score.
This is the primary reason why getting dissertation help from experienced professionals is not a bad idea. Why not take it easy on yourself and allow an experienced team to work with you?
Another important aspect here is that drafting an excellent research-based full dissertation paper necessitates a specific skill set, and even most brilliant students find it hard to do so. An excellent dissertation includes the following key elements;
• It must be relevant to the degree title and recent studies in the field
• It must be interesting and impactful with respect to the quality of research being conducted.
• It must be manageable in terms of the required work-effort and data collection, so you can easily access the resources and data imperative for the study
• It must be original, so your dissertation must portray genuine work and contributes to the field of academia
Therefore, even if you have the time and resources to complete the full dissertation paper, you might still want to consider getting help as doing it by yourself often leads to unforeseen challenges such as; your supervisor does not approve the work you have done and advises you to redo the paper, or you find it difficult to get the relevant data sources and apply statistical analysis tools, or you might not be able to complete it within the deadline which could lead to severe problems.
Getting help at an early stage can potentially keep you out of many such problems.
Our dissertation writing services are 100% confidential and trusted by thousands of students across the globe. You can check our dissertation writing services uk reviews before getting styarted!
And you can also start small; place a small order or opt to pay in parts, so you can see how it works. This can build your confidence and trust further before proceeding with placing an order for the full dissertation writing service?
The choice is always yours, take action and get it done or just leave and stay where you are! Remember, we are always here to help you in getting what you really want, in the safest and trusted manner!
If you are looking for best dissertation writing services and achieve good results, then this service is most appropriate for you!


Checklist to complete before selecting a university course

Checklist to complete before selecting a university course

Selecting a university course is an important decision in every student’s life. If you are at the crossroads where you have to choose a course and decide where you want to go in the future, this guide will help you explore your passion and interests and how to select a university course.
Fresh out of high school students have many options at their disposal, especially if they have a good academic score and ability to secure good admission tests like SAT. The abundance of choices in terms of numbers of courses is enormous. In the UK alone there are 30,000 undergrad courses and tons of graduate courses.
Two personal factors play an essential role in selecting a university course; first, if you are passionate about the course, the second is more strategic, related to the course's prospect. So, let's explore the checklist you will need to complete without further ado before selecting a university course.
Find your Why
The first checkbox in your course selection checklist is if you have a genuine interest in the course and why you want to go for this course. Ask yourself why do you want to take the course or why are you attracted towards this course.
• Also, think about why is this course suitable for you.
• Will it help you achieve your goals?
• Consider why you are focusing on the specific university.
• Ask yourself whether you want to choose the local university or go to a foreign university.
These questions are important and require keen consideration before shortlisting potential courses.
Choosing a subject area
Once you have found you are why it's essential to choose the specific subject area. As an example, consider the field of engineering. Engineering has several subfields that are available as a separate course at both undergraduate and graduate-level courses.
While considering graduate or undergraduate courses, think about which subjects or research topic ideas excite you more and which you like to study. Your academic history also matters a lot while choosing the subjects or a narrower field of study.
So, while progressing with your university application, it is always better for a single study area related to your subjects. That will help you to write a great personal statement. It will also enable the application reviewing committee to identify your passion and area of interest. Showing interest in several areas will only confuse the reviewer of your application.
Analyse your strengths
Hopefully, you have an overview on what to do before choosing a graduate course, but now it's time for a reality check. Many students do not carry out necessary self-assessment before going for a course, and even if they manage to get the admission, they will suffer throughout the course.
Analysing your key strengths as a student and checking if they align with your chosen course. For example, choosing to engineer just because it fascinates you is a bad idea if you do not like mathematics. Similarly, choosing an artistic course with little creativity is also not the right choice.
So, it better to be fair with yourself and assess your critical strengths before locking on to the course as your prospect will depend on the decision. It is also important to note here that many courses require students to complete extensive research in their dissertation module which may include lab-based primary research. Therefore, it is important that you review the entire program of the course you are interested in and carefully analyse it before making your final decision
Career Prospects
The traditional trend is shifting. Now many global giants that offer great career opportunities do not require formal education or a degree. Companies like Google and Microsoft have removed the condition of a graduate certificate from their job application requirements, but they instead focus on the person's skill set.
So if you want to build a career in coding or software development, it's better to polish your skills. However, the demand for formal education is still on the rise. If you are choosing an undergraduate course, then it is essential to assess the market value of the degree that you will earn.
Also, keep the following factors in recommendations before going for a certain degree.
• Many high paying jobs do not require a formal degree.
• Some fields require a specific degree. For example, a chemical plant might need a degree in chemical or instrumentation engineering.
• Hospital jobs will require degrees in medicine, nursing and physiotherapy jobs.
Graduate Opportunities
If you have made up your decision that you have to get a job after degree completion, it is essential to know the employability of specific courses. Some courses have great employability, while others have high paying jobs. Universities post their graduate employability data on their websites.
But keep in mind if you choose a course due to its employability, you might end up not enjoying the course.
Research Prospect of the course
If you want to add value to the world and be passionate about the research work, it's better to be prepared and choose an undergrad or graduate course that offers excellent research options. Once you have selected a subject, universities and country you want to study in, it’s time to narrow down the courses with the best research opportunities.
Take some time and create a list of courses being on the offer and choose a course wisely. Research opportunities make a person master in studying and add value to the world by creating something new.
Course and universities requirement
One can put this section at the top of the checklist, but we have intentionally lest it for the last so that you can have a clear picture of your goals before worrying about the details of admission.
Many universities have strict standards for the acceptance of admission applications. These requirements include:
• Grades
• Personal Statement
• Letter of motivation
• Aptitude test
• Language Proficiency (English proficiency for most international courses)
• Fitness to practice test
• Criminal record
These requirements differ from course to course and university to university. For good universities and competitive courses, a student will have to invest a lot of effort and prepare him/herself for the tough competition. Nothing worthy comes easy in life. So, prepare the best you can to step into your dream career.
University and department ranking
Finally, checking the university ranking is essential if you have secured the admission in a particular course. There are two kinds of rankings.
1. Departmental/ Course Ranking
2. University Ranking
University and department rankings are readily available on the internet and can be found by a simple Google search. Times Higher education ranking and QS rankings are globally acknowledged companies who rank universities and departments.
Do not limit your options to a single course; you can always change your mind and make a great choice if you consider your options carefully. Creating a list of available courses in your area of interest will help you weigh your option and make the best choice for your future. By completing this checklist, you will get a clear view of what you want to achieve, and the best course to help you achieve your goals.
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International Students and The Academic Issues

International Students and The Academic Issues

Academic research and writing assistance have consistently played a focal part in advocating quality education for all, especially for intentional students. Often is the case that the students join international courses and travel to foreign lands for higher education, however, the moment they start the learning process, they realize that they have an unfair competitive disadvantage, as all the academic content they are exposed to is not in their native language.
How does it affect the students?
This particular aspect can have a significant impact on the personality of such students. They often find themselves not been able to fully participate in the social gatherings and academic discussions. And this very fact can lead students to develop a lack of self-confidence which can heavily influence the lives of many.
Thereby, various academic support systems and organisations have been developed in the last many years that support students in this regards. Premier Dissertations is just one example of the many such teams. The students who require academic assistance, such as in their standard assessments, dissertations and academic writing etc, are provided with an opportunity to express themselves and get assistance from expert academic advisers and staff members. The students are then instructed on how to manage their academic load and are supported throughout the course of the academic module for which they have request help with.
Many students even struggle with the structuring of the academic content they are required to draft, and for some, there are issues of finding the right academic sources. Some students find it difficult on how to avoid the issues of plagiarism, and some students want help with editing and improvement of the work they have already completed.
The solution
International students who need help with essay writing services in a formal academic manner are supported by researchers and academic helpers who have a good experience in these fields. These organization support students from the very beginning to the completion of their academic modules. This process ensures that the learning process of the students remains continues and their ability to work by themselves is flourished in due course.
It is also important to understand here that many international students who require help with their studies are often neglected by the ‘structured help systems’ that is provided by the universities. Often students do not want to share the fact that they are in need of help, as it can be looked upon as some kind of ‘lack’ OR an ‘inability’ by their fellow students. Thereby they prefer to get online-help and try to get the support they need in complete privacy.
The academic assistance providers understand these facts, and thereby they ensure the provision of complete data protection to students they work with. None of the content, details and instructions is shared with any 3rd party, and thereby complete privacy is ensured so that students can feel at ease while working with their academic assistance providers.
Therefore it can be argued here that although some companies and students may not be fully obliging to fair use of the academic assistance that is being provided, however, there is a definite need of this service, particularly for international students.
More work needs to be done to ensure that a fair system is provided to all international students who come to study, particularly when it comes to developing the skill of writing in a formal academic manner.
An article published by Premier Dissertations.

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Why Choosing a well-known and interesting Marketing dissertation topic is important?

Why Choosing a well-known and interesting Marketing dissertation topic is important?

Choosing a dissertation Topic Title for your dissertation is one of the most challenging and important aspects of the dissertation module. This is a fact; a good dissertation topic is directly related to a good dissertation paper, therefore, it is important to remain fully attentive and aware of the pros and cons of any topic title you intend to choose.

The best way to proceed is to choose a proposal title with which you're already knowledgeable. It can become unnecessarily difficult to draft a quality dissertation topic on a completely foreign topic.

One helpful advice is to conduct research on a dissertation topic which will prove helpful in your future career. This can make sure that you remain curious about the subject, and it is also going to also assist you to gain employment once you have completed your final degree. For instance, if you are a marketing student, you can explore 100s of ideas on marketing dissertation topics online.

Another element of selecting a well-known dissertation topic is to select and interesting that poses good research questions, which must be answered during a number of ways. Many students choose a dissertation topic title that's merely descriptive and do not provide any interesting insight. Unfortunately, this may not merit a 1st grade or even a passing grade, so you must try to include both positive and negative arguments within your dissertation paper. Once you have presented both sides of the arguments, both the pros and cons on the subject under the study, you can prefer to adopt one side of the argument within the conclusion of the final paper.

Besides, while completing the research and the writing process, as per the requirement of your dissertation module, try to answer all the research questions you have drafted in your dissertation proposal. If there are insufficient data resources available or the research question is just too difficult, there is a likelihood that you will fail to accomplish this task. In our experience, this is often the principal explanation/reason for failing a dissertation module, and often students find themselves in such a troubling situation.

Just make certain that sufficient references resources, books, case studies and literature sources exist for the particular dissertation topic title you have selected. There's no point choosing a dissertation title, whether it related to social media dissertation topics or topics on any other marketing subject, that is not well-know in the existing academic literature or of it is merely based on a review of general literature.

Therefore, before you start the dissertation module, always select a topic that is well-known and interesting. This will ensure that you get the desired results in the final dissertation module.

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Best Marketing Techniques for 2021

In the new era of marketing and technology, most businesses use different ideas for the marketing and advertisement of the business. That includes the use of social media and old age marketing like newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, and other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But with the increasing rate of businesses and the need for their promotion various versatile marketing ideas are being invented.
For the business major students, social media dissertation topics and marketing dissertation topics become more exciting as it lets them cover and discover effective ways of promoting and growing for start-ups and businesses that need to utilized social media marketing. The new ideas discovered by the young minds revolutionize the world of entrepreneurs and business.
So, it is essential to have the best ideas for the social media dissertation to fulfill the required needs of the upcoming challenges in the field of marketing. The impacts of social media are quite efficient for marketing and advertisement purposes, it provides huge help and convenience once the skill is acquired.
The topics that are best in the interest of marketing majors are new trends and media in marketing, global marketing, market research, and advertisement and market branding, etc.


A brief guide on International Business Management

A brief guide on International Business Management

The international business management course’s awareness is rising day by day due to the modern age of emerging technology and start-ups with a vast range of ideas. Business management skill is important for entrepreneurs as it allows the person to organize, analyze, planning, and administration of businesses and their projects.
Emerging corporate responsibilities need a vast knowledge of how businesses at the international or national level work. There are a variety of international business dissertation topics and business management dissertation topics that can help in search of new schemes and proposals.
A list of topics that can be worked on is exploring the economics of globalization, analysis of trade and strategic challenges at world trade organizations, exploration of policy challenges from financial integration and international trade, a systematic review of international entrepreneurship issues, etc.
For the business management dissertation following topics are good to research. Distinguishing leadership to achieve effective corporate strategies from management, an examination of the nature and origin of management strategies influencing customers to communicate through networking, analysis of success factors in project management, the examination of organizational cultural impacts on the decision of leadership for organizational reinvention: Nokia’s Case, etc.


Essentials of HR Management

Essentials of HR Management

The fundamental resource of building or promoting any business is Human Resource Management. The HR department of the industry includes the process of hiring, organizing, and focusing on the policies and management of the organization. Every aspiring and successful organization has a proper team of HR who has great management and administrative skills.
Business management students need to work on the hr dissertation topics to enhance their management skills for distinct knowledge throughout graduation. Economical crisis for the HR Managers due to Covid-19, How changing the HRM practices at Aviva impacts on digitalization, how artificial intelligence impacts in the enhancement of human resource practices, Role of HR department in planning successful and productive strategic alliance, etc are some examples that can be used as human resource management dissertation topics.
All organizations aim towards the improvement of performance and productivity. Human Resource Management develops and manages elements of learning, training, development, and managing of activities of employees. Educational purposes focus on jobs that can be carried out in the future. HR practices have limited material or literature to support the content in the theoretical frame so the students covering dissertations in human resource management have to struggle a bit in the data collection.


How to Conduct Research on any Topic - Pointers for Academic Students

How to Conduct Research on any Topic - Pointers for Academic Students

Every academic student faces challenges and difficulties while they are searching for a quality research topic. Before we proceed, the first thing we need to understand is what research? Whether you are an international student or not, researching a master's or PhD dissertation topic is one of the most important aspects of your academic career.
Researching the topic, especially for beginners, is an important and difficult skill. At the start of the research, the most time-consuming thing is to find the best-suited research sites to gather information.
The following steps can assist you in finding the best research topic for your academic module;

Select a goof subject of the topic
The first and most crucial thing of any research is finalizing your topic subject. It is the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of this process. This is because if we are thinking about conducting research in the laboratory on a specific topic, then we have to shortlist the subjects according to our interest and sources. You should select a topic that enhances knowledge and open gateways for the new research.
The subject should be relevant to your degree title. While selecting a topic, keep in mind that you should be able to easily gather information about the topic. Identify keywords and use them for research on the topic. If still there is a difficulty in selecting a topic then coordinate with your supervisor.

Search for relevant information
After selecting a topic, the next step is to search for the topic and gather the information that is related to our topic. You can use different search engines on the internet, review books and use lecture notes to locate information about your topic. Then you can find out whether there is enough information available about your topic or not and from which sources we can easily find the information we need in order to successfully complete the it dissertation topic paper.

Analyze your information
Evaluation and analyzing the information is also a very important step. After collecting information, the direction of your research needs to be well defined. You will also be required to collect that information through different methods. For example, if there is a research article related to your topic, print or download that article and save it to a folder so you can use while you are working on the paper. If there is a book then note the author's name, and for research, articles write down the citation-related information.
Collect the databases and use best-suited formats. Use your keywords on internet search engines. In this way, you can locate material related to your topic.

Write and organize information
First of all, carefully review all the information that is collected. Then write down the points which are related to your research topic. Make a rough sketch of your topic and headings. Then write all the information which is related to all the headings. After making a rough draft, it will help you to get more ideas about your topic. This information will be very useful while creating a bibliography.
The very important thing while drafting a research-based article or a paper is to note down the source of the information such as citation and the title of the article.
Then organize your collected information and give the final shape to your research articles. Read your article a few times, it will highlight your mistakes. Then you can submit your article to your instructor or supervisor.

There are two benefits of citation, first is to refer to the work of the author from which you collected information, and the second is to use it as a reference for the readers. It is also used for creating a bibliography. Plagiarism is avoided by properly referencing the research articles you have reviewed. If you fail to cite the source of your reference then it can cause plagiarism issues. You can also choose to consult with academic advisers such as Premier Dissrtetaions if you need assistance with sorting out plagiarism.
Proofreading is another an important and final step. Proofread your paper to remove the errors related to grammar and punctuation.


Managing Academic Stress – Dissertation Pointers for Students

Managing Academic Stress – Dissertation Pointers for Students

Are you a researcher struggling to cope up with the stress of doing a dissertation? If yes, this guide is for you!
The doctoral thesis generally termed the dissertation is the most important phase in the academic career of a scholar. It is analogous to the final push for the summit. Doctoral Aspirants are exceptionally enthusiastic at the start of the doctoral programs but over time, the stress piles up.
The process of research starts with the selection of dissertation topics. To avoid stress in the future, a researcher shall start planning from the beginning. Choose a topic that you connect with, that captivates your imagination and ignites the flame of your curiosity. Choosing a quality research topic can save you from future stress during your doctoral expedition.
Avoid following mistakes for a stress-free journey of research;
• Choosing a topic on others' suggestions.
• Choosing a topic with no scope in the future.
• Choosing a topic that’s either too narrow or too broad.
• Choosing a foundationless and copied topic.
Here are the proven tips to manage stress during the dissertation.
Take a break, rest, and relax
Doctoral runs can cause burn out. The research is generally long, very demanding, and challenging. Many researchers are guilty of neglecting this, if you are indulging yourself in the work way too much, then pal you need to take a break and recharge before going back at it.
Find an outlet for yourself, it can be going out to watch a game of football, watch Netflix or have a happy meal from your favourite fast-food joint.
Exercise is a must
There is a well-known saying that a healthy brain resides in a healthy body. So, it is evident that mental health is dependent on physical health. Amidst a lot of workloads that a PhD demands, do not forget about your physical wellbeing.
Doctoral research demands all of your mental prowess and complete mental insertion. Be mindful of your physical health, if your health deteriorates you cannot perform at your best.
Organize your paperwork, create multiple backups
One of the biggest fears for a researcher including me is losing my data or Latest dissertation Topics near the deadline. Well, it is possible, electronic devices are prone to failure, storage devices can get corrupted and you can lose data in countless ways. So, to avoid this potential stress risk create back-ups. Not one but multiple back-ups so that you always have the satisfaction that your dissertation is safe.
Another stressful event occurs when you need a piece of info, data, or a document but could not find it in time because the information is too cluttered. You can easily avoid cluttering, keep a planner, and organize your research work.
Plan from the first step to the last
The dissertation starts with the topic and ends with the final submission of the printed draft, the path in-between is quite strenuous and treacherous. If you are not planning your dissertation then the magnitude of challenges will become multifold. You can plan your dissertation by seeking assistance from data basis such as Premier Dissertations who provide quality research topics and ideas for international students.
Be confident and ask for help
There will be challenges that you will have to overcome. Sometimes you will be able to solve them yourself but other times you will need help from seniors and professors. To avoid stress, ask for help whenever you feel stuck.
These techniques are very helpful to avoid and manage stress during the dissertation. As a human being, several things can work for you like spending time with the family. So relax, find your outlet and ace your dissertation proposal topics.


How to Enjoy and Love Study Time – Top Tips for Students

How to Enjoy and Love Study Time – Top Tips for Students

Students often find it difficult to love and enjoy their studies, particularly if the subject of their academic program is not challenging. This can cause various issues including losing interest in the academic field, which is, of course, not ideal in any way.

It is thus important to note that there are various ways you can enjoy and love the time you spend on your studies.

When one starts enjoying the activities they perform during the day, they start spending more time on it and slowly they start getting better at it. When we start enjoying what we do, it becomes a kind of feedback loop; the more you enjoy it, the better you get. This is true for all activities including your studies. For example, if you are working on finding the latest dissertation topics, you will see that you start loving to explore new ideas, and you kind of start getting a good feeling about it.

Here are some fundamental principles and tips related to what you can do to turn a rather challenging activity into fun;

1) Make an Honest Decision
Making an honest decision, in any field of your life, is often considered as one of the most important aspects of one's life. If you can be completely honest with yourself, whatever you do in life you will do it with great rigour.
So the first step is to ask yourself how you want to pursue your academic career? Think about its benefits, challenges and implications. Think about how this process would assist in your future career. Look into the relevancy of the time you spend on this influential part of your life. Once you have thoroughly explored the actual reason behind the efforts you are putting in for your studies, you will start seeing that it is one most useful and quality time that you can spend throughout the day.

2) Think Positive in terms of Expected Results
When you are studying, you might tend to think about the results of your submissions. For example, you have just been handed over the final thesis module handbook and now you are thinking about the dissertation proposal topics you need to share. This analysis can make you anxious, which means you would, of course, start feeling pessimistic while you are studying.
It is important to note that your thoughts can have a significant impact on the whole nervous system. If you can feel confident, that is to say, that when you feel optimistic about the work that you are doing, you start feeling good and thus start enjoying the process.

3) Balance Your Studies with Optimal Rest
This is one of the most important pointer if you want to add to enjoy your study time. If you are studying 24/7 and are expecting to enjoy it, we have news for you – you cant!
This is because your body needs optimal rest and a balance between work and rest. Often students work so hard and they start feeling tired, which, of course, impacts their final results. You can only perform the best if you have the energy and the freshness to complete a course/module in the best way.
Therefore, always think about how you need to manage your study time with leisure and rest. This would allow you to have a 100% focus on whatever you are working on. This is to say that when you are studying, whether it is related to a dissertation topic or an exam, you will simply be able to study with all your energy, attention and focus. And when you are done with it, you would be able to enjoy your rest and leisure time with the same energy. Student need to focus on full study and achieve your goals.
We hope these pointers will help you enjoy the time you spend in your studies. Life is full of activities and we can only live a good life if we can enjoy each moment of it, including the time we spend on our studies.
4) Studying in best Environments
You additionally may sense you want to locate someplace to take a look at wherein you won’t be interrupted. This, too, relies upon in your getting to know style. For instance, track might also additionally beautify centered take a look at for auditory newcomers whilst it can distract from it for others.
These equal auditory newcomers might also additionally effortlessly be distracted via way of means of a tv withinside the historical past whilst others might also additionally surely music it Some college students might also additionally discover a busy espresso store is a super take a look at spot for his or her personality.
If this seems like you, take a look at out our cool wet cafe , which replicates the ambient historical past noise of a mellow espresso store. Of course, others might also additionally opt to lock themselves away in a very quiet environment, freed from any distractions. Bottom line: go together with what works for you!


Research Tips – How to find the latest dissertation topics?

Research Tips – How to find the latest dissertation topics?

Students often find it difficult to perform well during the challenging times of their studies. This is particularly true for senior students who are in their final years of studies.

For instance, when students are required to start the dissertation research module, they are expected to start the process on their own and begin looking for the latest dissertation topics that can be used in the dissertation module. This is because, as a senior student, they are expected to take an initiative on their own and take the lead in managing a complete task.

This signifies the fact that as modules of academic programs become more and more challenging, it adds a significant amount of academic pressure to students which eventually can result in a lack of performance.

Therefore, the best way to proceed would be, in that case, to look for the latest dissertation topics and list down the titles that you find interesting. These topic titles can include a range of research ideas that are relatable to the requirement of the modern age.

As a student, when you approach the final years of your studies, it important to consider the fact that you may be required to focus on the studies more to score well in the most important modules of your academic career.
This means that when you give a 100% focus towards your research module, you would be able to start the process by proposing the latest dissertation topics under your academic interest to your supervisor and attain their feedback.
And once the supervisor approves the latest dissertation topics you proposed, you would be able to start the drafting process and submit the 1st half of the research paper for review and feedback. This process would assist you in getting the best result in your research module.


How to Become a Confident Student – Top 10 Tips

How to Become a Confident Student – Top 10 Tips

Follow these top 10 student tips to gain the word confidence in your studies.

  1. Know thy-self
    This is one of the most important characters in one’s life. Know yourself, know your potential and trust it. You don’t always need to follow the trends and do what others expect from you. Simply follow your “being” and allow it to lead you towards the fulfilment of your goals.
    When you start to trust your being, you start opening up, you get unlocked, and thus you become unstoppable.

  2. Observe your thoughts
    One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself is: are you your thoughts? Logically speaking, you can’t be your thoughts as they come and go in your mind. Thus, when you get too much involved with the inner-critic, with self-consciousness, with self-talk, then you kind of lose the very essence of your true being.
    Thus, watch your thoughts and be kind to yourself. Know that you are much more than the conditioned patterns that manifest themselves in the form of thought. There is no need to be overly concerned about any requirement, such as finding the latest dissertation topics that you need to submit. This would liberate you and you feel that the whole world is yours.

  3. Drop Comparison – you are unique
    Is there another you in the world, or has there been another you? No, of course. You, with all your attributes, skills, patterns and logics etc. make up yourself. And there is no one like you, and there will never be anyone like you.
    Therefore, there is no need to compare yourself with any other. Always know that any comparison that you make, or anyone else makes, is just a judgment on their part. Therefore, love yourself and this universe. It is beautiful.

  4. Love what you do
    Life is nothing more than the time you spend each moment. So, whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you study, enjoy at the moment as it will never flow backwards. Life continues, and the only way to fully live it is here and now.
    For instance, if you are looking for dissertation proposal topics which you need to share, follow the titles that you love. This would significantly impact your final degree score.

  5. Nobody's entirely perfect
    Love your imperfections. Accept your tendency to make mistakes. When you can trust yourself completely, with all pros and cons, only then you can start to accept yourself and gain the world of confidence. Thereby, know that no body’s entirely perfect and we all make mistakes. We learn from mistakes and that s how we grow.

  6. Workout and connect with nature
    Working out, exercise and going out to nature are some of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy and balanced life. Our bodies are made to work out, and it is a part of nature that refreshes itself when it is connected with nature. Therefore, always take the time to work out and connect with nature

  7. Pursue your passion
    Passion is described as something that you love, and you follow it and enjoy it. And when you enjoy it, it gives you pleasure and the energy to do it more and more.
    Therefore, when you are following your passion, particularly in your career, you love it and thereby you have the potential to become highly skilled and influential within that niche. Therefore, almost all wise men have suggested following your passion in life. For instance, when you finalize your dissertation topic, follow your interests and passion. It is one of the best academic advice you can get today!

  8. Avoid relationships with negative people
    Negativity is an energy and it can influence your character. You see, when one is always surrounded by negative people, you start catching that vibe and without conscious thought, this attribute starts becoming part of yourself.

  9. Be kind to yourself and with others
    Treat yourself as you would treat others. And treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. We are all one.

  10. Do not be concerned about what people think of you
    What other think of you is none of your concern. You are not what people think of you. Always remember this.


Why finding a good dissertation topic is more important than the dissertation itself?

Why finding a good dissertation topic is more important than the dissertation itself?

Almost all students studying in the UK are required to complete a dissertation module in which they are expected to draft a lengthy research paper within the scope of their degree program. And this research paper can get compromised if one fails to identify quality dissertation topics to choose from.

Therefore, it is advised to create a dissertation topic list before you start the research writing process. This is because the entire research paper is, of course, based on the dissertation topic you finally choose. When one selects a dissertation topic that has sufficient data (literature sources) and it is meaningful, one can be assured that it will get more interesting as the process of research matures.

Many students get stuck in the middle of this important module in case they fail to select an appropriate title from the dissertation topics list. And, at that time, they realize that they are required to change their dissertation topic if they want to score well in this module.

Therefore, it is recommended to all students are starting with their dissertation module to carefully review the dissertation topics and ideas they want to work on, and ideally create a dissertation topics list and share the same with their supervisors. Discuss the details of topic titles, research objective and research scope with your supervisor before finalising the dissertation topics title.

This process would eventually assist you in completing the research paper with ease and enable you to score well in this important module of your academic career.


How to Score 70+ in Your Dissertation Module

Students often find it difficult to draft a 1st standard dissertation or thesis papers simply because the dissertation topic ideas they may have been working on is not academically viable to get a good score. This means either the topic they are working on is too complicated and sufficient data to support the essential academic outcomes is not available or it is too simple that thus it is not enabling the researcher to add significant academic value to the paper.

Thereby, any quality academic paper needs to have a decent topic title as it is the foundation of the paper you are working on. For instance, if you are working on business dissertation topics or any other dissertation topic ideas, it is important to analyze the titles carefully before finally selecting the one you would like to proceed with.

In case you are not sure which topic title to proceed with, it is always a good idea to consult with your supervisor. If you are a business student and looking for business dissertation topics and exploring the options you have for different dissertation topic ideas, you might as well share all your ideas with your supervisor and allow them to assist you in this process.

This is one of the best advice you can get when it comes to maturing the dissertation topic ideas you have for your final paper.