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Medical Billing

5 Most Common Errors in Medical Billing and Coding | PrognoCIS EHR

Read the text version of our recent webinar about revenue cycle management with useful tips and the best practices related to medical billing and coding.

How to Optimize Medical Billing Services with Revenue Cycle Management

Take a look at our research study about how to optimize medical billing services with a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

How A Medical Billing Service Could Benefit Your Practice | Prognocis EHR

A medical billing service allows physicians to concentrate on their practice and patient care without worrying about the hassles of billing.

6 Hidden Gems From Medical Billing Experts [Using PrognoCIS]

PrognoCIS practice management software expedites claims processing and statement generation. Read more to see how you could use it for your medical practice and benefit from its intuitive workflow and processing capabilities.

In-house Medical Billing with Outsourced Services - Prognocis EHR

Why an outsourced medical billing service company will help medical practices increase revenue, save time, and decrease the costs associated with billing.

Medical Claims Management Software - What is the Process & Purpose?

There's no question that time and resources are important assets for working medical practitioners and their staff. As a result, it is critical for practices to streamline and simplify their workflows. Simplifying the Claims Processing Process for PrognoCIS has various benefits such as improved sales cycle management (RCM), fewer denials, and better-operating margins.

The ability to process claims quickly is one of the most critical facets of medical billing. Nonetheless, if rapid processing results in repeated denials, it has a negative impact on revenue flow.

PrognoCIS' claims scrubber software, on the other hand, would maximize revenue flow by easily and correctly making squeaky-clean claims.

Medical Billing Electronic Claims Processing & Submission | PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS provides flexibility to suppliers by promoting both Institutional and Professional Claims for electronic claim submission.

PrognoCIS would process and transmit EDI 277 and EDI 999 acknowledgments. The software connects each acknowledgment to its corresponding claim for easy viewing.

PrognoCIS collaborates with a number of other top-rated organizations to increase the medical billing process.

Podiatry Billing Tips to Overcome Medical Billing Challenges | PrognoCIS

Specialty care professionals face different billing difficulties from the average health clinic or doctor. This point is equally true for those working with podiatry. Although prompt payment is essential, medical billing for podiatrists can raise problems and threats for time-consuming billing audits. To make it more difficult, many podiatrists have small-scale practices with few hours dedicated directly to billing.

Charge Entry & Charge Capture in Medical Billing | PrognoCIS

Charge Entry and Charge Capture are extremely integral throughout the process of medical Billing. Without it, things would end up going haywire with common errors leading to uncommon mishaps that result in an increased claim denial rate.