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Always Trendin - Clothing Manufacturer

Wanting to start a Clothing Line? Here are some things to help you get started.

If you want to makes those dreams a reality, check out to see if they offer a service you 're after!


Fabric Dyeing Services – Always Trendin

The fabric dyeing industry continues to make strides in developing technologies that make the processes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Dyeing the yarn or fabric is more saturating and permanent then painting and last through many wearing and washings.

How To Find Clothing Manufacturers – Always Trendin

The world of fashion is always in motion, constantly evolving. In terms of building a clothing line, looking for a clothing manufacturer is the most important of the initial steps. This article sets down a guide to see if a clothing manufacturer is needed for your clothing business.

Exploring Unique Fabrics – Always Trendin

The world of fabric is constantly growing. From natural fibers to lab-made synthetic ones; new choices spring up each day. Therefore, deciding on which fabric to create your products from or stock your wardrobe with, isn’t exactly the simplest task.

Screen Printing – Always Trendin

Screen printing is the method of putting ink through a screen to create the desired printed design. It’s a common method used in different companies, in case you haven’t come across the term before, you have used or worn a screen-printed product without your knowledge.

5 Things We Can Learn from Gymshark – Always Trendin

Gymshark was founded in 2012 and since then has become one of the biggest activewear brands. This innovative company has had exponential growth, due to all the hard work they’ve endured to earn their way into the highly regarded brand we see today.

How To Create Your Own Custom Clothing Label – Always Trendin

If you are considering creating your own clothing brand, there are a variety of different elements you’ll have to consider. As well as the actual garments themselves, you need to consider some of the smaller details, such as the labels you’ll be putting on them.

Starting a Clothing Label – Always Trendin

If you are thinking of starting your own clothing brand, you may already be aware that there are so many things you’ve got to think of, and it requires lots of hard work,. Luckily, however, there are ways you can set yourself up for success while keeping your business effective and manageable.

Ethical Manufacturing – Always Trendin

The rise in ethical clothing manufacturing while increasing each day, is still relatively uncharted area. ‘Ethical and Sustainable Production’ is not just a tagline for advertisement but an ongoing and pressing need.

Athleisure Trend – Always Trendin

Athleisure provides a unique comfort and expression like no other fashion movement, creating the perfect fusion between two things which we love. The versatility is something that us humans, with our forever manic and changing lives, crave. There's a reason athleisure is trending.

Eco Fabrics – Always Trendin

Have you ever wondered about where your clothes and their materials come from, or the manufacturing techniques involved in producing them? If you want to find out more about today’s trend of eco fabrics and their relevance to the planet, read on.