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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 14, 2020
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5 tips to help select your major – Achieve your higher educational dreams

Choosing a major is one of the most dreaded decisions that a student has to take in their life. They sometimes get pressurized by parents, and from the other side, by their colleges. It often becomes a struggle for the student and that's why they need a proper guide to do this selection.


Know your interests, follow your passion

Don't let anyone's comments or judgments mislead you. First, identify what your interests are, and then, choose a major that you are interested in. You are going to invest 4 or more years of your life for what you select, and this is why it has to be a wise choice. Doing a major is not only about doing assignments, completing them, and submitting, it is so much more. And, even if someone says that this particular field will not make money for you, follow your passions because money is not everything in life.


Let an advisor help you

Choosing a field that fits your career goals is an important decision in your life. You may be having several options now, and you will need expert assistance in narrowing down your choices and ultimately selecting the best. This is why there are professional academic advisors out there to help you out. They have the relevant knowledge and expertise. So, they'll be able to guide you towards the correct choice for sure. They have done it over the years for others, and they'll do it for you as well.


Network with people who work in similar fields

If you are someone planning to major in cosmetic sciences, know some professionals who are currently working in the industry and get to know about how things are going on. Know about the average salary rates, entrepreneurship opportunities, and carrier advancements, and then go for your decision. If you select such a special area, there are institutions like CINEC in Sri Lanka to serve you with the best. Reputed degree programs offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences will help you achieve your dreams.


Finish your general education classes first

This is a useful tip. Even before knowing science, how can you expect yourself to like or dislike the subject? This is the same with commerce, advanced mathematics, or any other field. This is why you need to finish your general education classes first and decide on what to major in based on your identified skills and interests.


Change your major if that's doesn't sound interesting to you

Yes, most of the degree programs have been designed to fit 4 years, but what's so wrong with taking an extended time? If you want to change what you major in, just do it, even having spent one whole year. People and society will say different things, but do what makes you happier. After all, you need to be happy in your life rather than being stuck in the wrong carrier. Graduate with a degree that can make you happy!

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