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Ebook Covers by Ebook Launch

The following is a list of Ebook Covers by Ebook Launch. If we did your cover, feel free to add a link to it on our list.

Smashwords - The Survivor Chronicles, Book 2 (Part 1-10) - A book by Erica Stevens

In less then a day everything they've ever known has vanished and the world is in chaos. Uncertain where to turn, and who to trust in this strange new world, they must band together in an attempt to survive.

A Reluctant Hero

Get a free sample or buy A Reluctant Hero by James Sky on the iTunes Store. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Smashwords - Dismal Key - A book by Mitch Doxsee

The Ten Thousand Islands hold many secrets. Sixteen-year old McKlusky and his grandfather know most of them. But when human traffickers use the islands to move girls out of the country, they stumble onto a secret that will leave everyone they love dead.

Smashwords - Rigging A Murder - A book by Janine Marie

What do a stabbing, an attempted commuter-train suicide, and a murder on a boat off the West Coast of Canada have to do with Janeva Jags? And how do they tie together? Janeva, wife of Thomas, mother of 11-year-old Katie, unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in an intriguing mystery.

Out Of Breath

"You see Quincy, I've got big plans. I am going to be a captain of industry and build up an empire. I am going to head up a corporation bigger, more powerful, and more influential than half the countries in the world. I'm going to be the top 1% of the 1%.

Smashwords - Home and Away - A book by Jack Dunn

In 1863, sterling louchs, a student at the pennsylvania agricultural college and benjamin taylor, a runaway slave find their journeys intertwined in the days leading up to the battle of gettysburg. Their shared experiences result in sterling reaching his home and benjamin taking first steps towards freedom and a new life.

Smashwords - Subconscious Solutions - A book by Prerna Sri

Learn how you can use Subconscious Solutions to help you remove emotional and energetic blocks so you can manifest the life you desire. Understand how to identify the underlying blocks that may have existed throughout your life.

Smashwords - The Other Side of Me - A book by YVONNE STEWART

Malcolm Williamson a well known Minister of the church, has everything going for him. He was sauve, handsome and loved by all who comes in contact with him. But years of suppressed abuse from his step-mother and neglect from his father emerged after his father died,he learned his brother and sister is not his blood siblings, and his only daughter belong to another man.

Smashwords - The Dark Forest - A book by Mark Norris

Christian fantasy fun, and dread, move readers in a thrilling page-turning race through The Dark Forest's demonic regions, to the Second Coming of Christ and the Millennium on the other side!

Smashwords - The Misanthrope's Mansion - A book by Emma Saville

Seventeen year old Leah is on a slippery slope. The only person she lives for is her younger brother. She is mad at the world and doesn't want any part of this life in New York City.

Smashwords - Success Is Gained by Faith and Effort -a book by James E. Mutumba

The book is designed to sensitize Christians to the fact that success is an end result.We don't sit down and await its coming, rather we go for it.It is to further make the reader aware that a person has, in most cases,a role to play alongside that of God in bringing about and keeping success in his or her life.

Smashwords - Harry's Reality -a book by Jack Shaw

Think Heinlein and Asimov. Inside Society's clueless. The Outside world's wasted and dangerous. Bios living there -- your worst nightmares - in reality - mere malcontents. Insiders are prisoners in paradise. Then Harry Bolls thought-blinks and sees reality; he commits the capital crime of socializing and the world will be changed forever.


Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Awesome cover!




Solve the brutal lynching of a WWII veteran that took place 50 years ago or risk a terrorist attack on Daytona Beach's bridges and infrastructure - that is the ultimatum that Rick Sands, former prosecutor, faces as he and his law partner, Ty King solve a 5 decade old cold case that officials in Florida would love to remain frozen.