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5 Alternative Museums in Bangkok – Museums that are never boring

Thanks to the diverse attractions including temples and markets, Bangkok is forever an interesting destination. But is it just about these attractions? No- check out this list of interesting museums that this city has. Visit at least a few of them when you are there.


Bangkok Dolls House and Museum

Doesn't this name itself sound interesting? Owned by the world-famous artisan Tongkown Chandavimol, this wonderful dollhouse and the museum was constructed in 1957. Dolls made by her are popular around the world for the attention she has given to even the tiniest detail of them. Her dolls are charming and very different from the regular western dolls you come across nowadays. These dolls sometimes represent classical Thai Dancers and figures that belong to its proud history.


Erawan Museum

If you are on a family tour with your kids, take them to the Erawan Museum to educate them about the people in the past. This museum gives its guests a hint that people in Asia and of course in Thailand were spiritually developed in the past and many of its arts and sculptures provide proof for the same. The most popular artefact here is the massive elephant statue which weighs more than 150 tons.


Condom Museum

Quite strange, but in Bangkok, you actually find a museum reserved for condoms! Thailand is a country that looks down upon the usage of condoms for sexual protection, and the purpose of building such a museum is to raise awareness about the same while familiarizing the concept among the people. Some of the condoms you find here are very modern, while some belong to decades back.


Muang Boran

If you think visiting all the historical sites in Thailand in one go is an impossible task, here's a solution for you. Head to Muang Boran as the best historical sites are here altogether. This open-air museum has replicas of the greatest Thai architectural efforts of all time, and in this collection, they have included Thai temples, palaces, and ancient cities. It's a huge museum and you may spend all your day here.


Siriraj Medical Museum

Siriraj Hospital is known as the first Royal Hospital in Siam. It was also well-known for practising Thai traditional medicine in that era. The hospital has used a holistic approach to heal those who are ill. Today, there is a campus with the same name and it houses 6 different medical museums serving different purposes. If you are faint-hearted, do not visit these museums because they exhibit human organs infected by rare diseases and even the bodies that were used for critical murder investigations in the past.


Staying in Bangkok

Before visiting any of these interesting museums, make sure you choose a great place to spend your days in Bangkok. Properties such as Chatrium Hotels & Residences operate about 5 different hotels in Bangkok Thailand and they will make your stay a blissful one with all their amenities and modern luxuries. Getting around in Bangkok will be easier if you select a venue that has a convenient location.