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St. Louis Divorce & Family Law Blog

St. Louis Family Law – Seeking a Modification of Judgment

St. Louis Family Law Attorney Call (314) 801-8488 :: Something like losing a job or taking a new position that earns a significantly lower income may result in lower maintenance fees.

How Do the Courts Determine Paternity?

St. Louis Paternity Lawyer Call (314) 801-8488 :: A paternity test can be ordered by the court and provide concrete evidence of the biological father.

My Ex is Ignoring COVID Guidelines and Endangering Our Kids

St. Louis Family Law Attorney Call (314) 801-8488 :: If you are worried that your ex-spouse is putting your children at risk by not respecting pandemic guidelines, what can you do?

Can a Non-Family Member Get Custody of My Child?

St. Louis Family Attorney Call (314) 801-8488 :: If you are preparing for a custody battle and you worry that a non-family member can get custody of your child, you need to realize that it is unlikely but not impossible for that to happen.

How to Divide a Family Business without Affecting Your Company

Dividing a Business in a Divorce Call (314) 801-8488 :: The court needs to determine if your family business is indeed marital property and how much of it can be divided between spouses.

Divorce: Why Compromise is Important

St. Louis Child Custody Lawyer Call (314) 801-8488 :: A trusted St. Louis family law attorney can advise you on how best to approach your custody dispute.

St. Louis Divorce Attorney: Military Deployment and Divorce

Military Deployment and Divorce Call (314) 801-8488 :: If you are a veteran involved in divorce or custody proceedings or a spouse to a veteran, be sure to contact a St. Louis divorce attorney to understand your rights.

Can the Length of Your Marriage Impact Your Divorce Outcome?

Speak to an Experienced Divorce Attorney Call (314) 801-8488 - Did you know that Missouri courts sometimes consider the length of the marriage when deciding divorce cases?

Back to School Co-Parenting Tips

St. Louis Family Law Call (314) 801-8488 -

What Happens if My Ex-Spouse is in Contempt of Court?

Is Your Ex in Contempt of Court? Call (314) 801-8488 - If you feel that your ex is intentionally violating a court order and need help with proceeding, we can help!

Paternity Law and Your Rights – Reasons to Seek a Paternity Lawyer

St. Louis Paternity Lawyer Call (314) 801-8488 - There are several misconceptions concerning the father's rights, which often leads to requiring the assistance of a paternity lawyer.

Dividing Marital Debt After Divorce – What You Should Know

Division of Property or Debt in Your Divorce Call (314) 801-8488 - If you have any marital debt, it's generally up to you, your soon-to-be-ex, and your divorce attorney to develop a debt-division formula.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement and What Does It Protect? | Posts by David Betz | Bloglovin’

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement and What Does It Protect?, a post from the blog Posts by David Betz, written by David Betz on Bloglovin’

Do I Need a Lawyer to Change My Name in Missouri?

Name Change Lawyer in MO - Call (314) 801-8488 :: From start to finish, your name change attorney will provide you with all the necessary help and information you need to change your name successfully.

FAQs About Missouri’s No-Fault Divorce System

Divorce Attorney St. Louis Call (314) 801-8488 :: Filing for divorce isn’t as easy as most people think. Even though Missouri is a no-fault state, the divorce process can still be complicated and overwhelming.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Missouri?

St. Louis Divorce Attorney Call (314) 801-8488 :: Many factors determine the amount of time it takes to finalize your divorce, including whether it's contested or uncontested.

How Can I Legally Change My Name – Could My Name Change Be Denied?

Need to Legally Change Your Name? Call (314) 801-8488 :: Allow our team of professional name change attorneys to assist you with your petition to ensure that there are no unforeseen hurdles during the process.

Parental Alienation: Everything You Need to Know

Proving Parental Alienation - St. Louis Family Law Attorneys Call (314) 801-8488 :: Those who use parental alienation claim they use it to protect the child, but that's not true. Generally, the conduct is motivated by a parent's desire to win full custody.

Divorce Advice: Signs It’s Time to Get a Divorce

St. Louis Divorce Lawyer Call (314) 801-8488 :: If you have gone through any of these instances, you might want to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney.

5 Stages of Divorce – Understanding the Emotional Process

Understanding the Emotional Process of Divorce - Contact The Betz Law Firm at (314) 801-8488 :: If you are going through a divorce, it is helpful to know what to expect to navigate the complexities of your emotions successfully

How to Move On Financially After Your Divorce

St. Louis Divorce Lawyer Call (314) 801-8488 - It is essential to protect yourself emotionally and financially. Here are some suggestions for moving forward financially after your divorce.

When You Divorce, Who Gets the House?

Who Gets the House in Your Divorce? Call (314) 801-8488 :: Your home may be important to both of you personally and can make property division negotiations complicated and emotional.

I Want to Get Remarried – Can I Relocate With My Kids?

Relocating With Your Children After Divorce Call (314) 801-8488 :: Difficulties arise when the custodial parent wants to move and the visitation commute would be challenging for the noncustodial parent.

Scared to Get a Divorce – What Should I Do?

Scared to Get a Divorce - Contact The Betz Law Firm (314) 801-8488 :: If you want to figure out how to handle your fear of divorce or if you are afraid to break the news to your spouse, The Betz Law Firm can help.