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3 Short Akbar and Birbal Stories

Akbar and Birbal story - there may not be any surprise that no one who might have not heard this term be there! These Akbar Birbal stories are so famous that they do not make us think they are the stories of a king or a minister. They seem like they are of two friends’ stories and are happening right now in our home and village.


Do not show me your face

Do not show me your face

Once King Akbar got angry with Birbal. He ordered Birbal not to show his face at all. Then Birbal agreed to his order and left the palace. After a week one man entered the palace by covering his face. Everyone in the court and palace was surprised to see that man wearing the pot on his head with two holes at eyes.

That man with the pot head entered the court and wished King Akbar, “Maharajah, Very Good Morning to you. May God shower his blessings on you always!”

King was surprised and asked, “ Who are you?” Then Birbal replied, “Dear King it is me, Birbal. As you asked not to show my face, I wore this pot and presented myself before you.”
The whole court burst into laughter along with the king.


Milk and water

Once King Akbar ordered his people to bring a glass of fresh milk and pour it into the huge pot in the royal palace. The message reached everyone in the kingdom. Each one thought, “ maybe my neighbour will bring milk, why should i take milk, let me take water and pour, who will notice it!” Thinking so, everyone brought a glass of water and emptied it into the vessel.

When in the evening, the king and Birbal looked into the vessel, it was full of water. It was then they realized that all people need more fear to listen to their orders.


How many crows?

How many crows?

On one evening, King Akbar and Birbal were taking a stroll in the garden. The weather was awesome and the sun was setting. Many birds were flying back to their nests. Seeing this, the king got a doubt. He asked Birbal, “How many crows are there in our kingdom Birbal?” For this Birbal took a minute and answered, “ In total 576789 Jahapanah!”

Akbar asked, “How are you sure? What if there's more or less than this?”
Birbal replied, “ Yes Jahapanah, I am sure. You may even order them to count our soldiers. If the count is more than what I said, then it means the relatives of crows from other towns have come to our kingdom to visit them. If the count is less, then our crows might have gone to their relatives in far away places!”

With this answer, the King was pleasantly surprised and burst into laughter.



Akbar and Birbal stories are simple and catchy stories. Children will love to listen to them at any time. If you are looking for bedtime stories for your children, Akbar Birbal stories are a great choice. They have fun, and laughter, apart from morals. Thus, Akbar Birbal stories are one of their kind in the genre of moral stories for children. We hope you loved our collection of short Akbar Birbal stories. Please let us know through comments.

Akbar and Birbal Stories in English for Kids - Indo Moral Tales

Akbar and Birbal stories are evergreen genres in moral stories for children. The wit and presence of mind of Birbal is something that we all are great fans


Akbar and Birbal Stories

If you are on a hunt for moral stories for your kids, Akbar Birbal stories should be on your list. Because the stories are easy to narrate. They have in-depth meaning that helps teach children the wit and presence of mind they need to win over many incidents in life.