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Amazon Web Services Training in Bangalore

Intellipaat offers AWS training in Bangalore that is in line with clearing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. You will have in-depth experience in working on various aspects of AWS S3, EC2, Redshift, Lambda and CloudTrail through hands-on projects and case studies in this AWS course. Get the best AWS course in Bangalore from top AWS Certified mentors.


What is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform to provide secure cloud services, database storage, offerings to compute power, content delivery, and other services to help business level and develop

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Why do we make subnets?

Why do we make subnets?

Creating subnets means dividing a large network into smaller ones. These subnets can be created for several reasons. For example, creating and using subnets can help reduce congestion by making sure that the traffic destined for a subnet stays in that subnet. This helps in efficiently routing the traffic coming to the network that reduces the network’s load. Learn more about AWS from this AWS Course in Bangalore to get ahead in your career!

AWS Certification | AWS Training | Intellipaat

🔥Intellipaat AWS certification course: this aws training video you will learn what is aws, how and why aws was introduced, ...


What is the importance of buffer in Amazon Web Services?

An Elastic Load Balancer ensures that the incoming traffic is distributed optimally across various AWS instances. A buffer will synchronize different components and makes the arrangement additionally elastic to a burst of load or traffic. The components are prone to work in an unstable way of receiving and processing requests. The buffer creates an equilibrium linking various apparatus and crafts them work at an identical rate to supply more rapid services.


Is there a way to upload a file that is greater than 100 megabytes in Amazon S3?

Yes, it is possible by using multipart upload utility from AWS. With multipart upload utility, larger files can be uploaded in multiple parts that are uploaded independently. You can also decrease upload time by uploading these parts in parallel. After the upload is done, the parts will be merged into a single object or file to create the original file from which the parts were created.

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Which of the following Amazon Services would you choose if you want complex querying capabilities but not a whole dat...

Amazon RDS


What would I have to do if I want to access Amazon Simple Storage buckets and use the information for access audits?

AWS CloudTrail can be used in this case as it is designed for logging and tracking API calls, and it has also been made available for storage solutions.

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