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In their formative years, children and teenagers learn by observing, exploring, listening, enquiring, and experimenting with different things.

Understanding how Children and Teenagers Learn : Cambridge School Greater Noida

In their formative years, children and teenagers learn by observing, exploring, listening, enquiring, and experimenting with different things. Once your child is enrolled in the nursery admission in Greater Noida, it is important that children be motivated and interested in learning new things. As…

How Positive attention affects your child? : Cambridge School Greater Noida

All children need experiences and
relationships that help them in showing that they are valued, apt, fully able
to bring happiness to another human. When children receive positive attention,
reactions and responses from key grown-ups, it helps them to build a foundation
and understanding of how valued they are.

How to Build a Relationship with School-Age Children : Cambridge School Greater Noida

As your child starts school, he will become more independent, but family relationships are still the greatest influence on his development.

Why Children Need Brain Teasers and Puzzles - Cambridge Schools Greater Noida

Brain teasers and puzzles are something everyone loves to do, and it offers many benefits for cognitive health.

Build Strong Relations with Your Kid’s School - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Children get many educational and social benefits when parents and teachers have a strong relationship. You must build a relationship with your child's school to get to know about them and get involved in the child's school.

6 Habits of Smart Kids - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Have you ever wondered by some kids or came to learn and take schoolwork in their stride, while others even struggle to focus on basic tasks? We can say that some kids are intellectually gifted and some or not.

We all know that before school starts, we have to plan for their studies, activities, and personal time.

Ways to Improve Reading Fluency in Children - Cambridge School Greater Noida

A child needs to master reading fluency in the early elementary years.

Social Skills Needed for Nursery School - Cambridge School Noida

Starting a nursery school is a massive milestone in a child’s life, but it is significant to make sure that your kid is ready for this critical step.

The Importance of Sharing in Kids - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Sharing is a very important skill for children's intellectual, social and emotional development. One of the top schools in Greater Noida encourages sharing skills among students inculcated in the preschool years.

How to Determine the Right Class Size for Your Child - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Parents and teachers alike hope for small class sizes. The teachers want small class sizes to reduce their overall workload and give more attention to each student.

Sharing is particularly tricky for a preschooler. Children usually understand the concept of sharing at about age three.

People usually look at other people's success and believe that they are fortunate. We only focus on the result and seldom find a chance to hear what may have or may not have worked for them to take small steps to achieve that kind of success.

How to Teach Your Child the Value of Hard Work - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Hard work is one of the most important values that children should possess to achieve success.

It’s some parent’s nightmare to make their child listen to you. It is a problem faced by all the parents. There comes a phase in a child’s life where they turn rebel or simply lost in their sweet world.

How to Help Your Child Develop Self-Confidence - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Many parents want to raise their kids with self-confidence, which not only helps them survive but thrive.

How to Encourage and Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness - Cambridge School Greater Noida

One of the most beautiful aspects of parenting is watching your child bloom from a small, helpless infant to a full-fledged adult full of ideas, preferences, views, opinions, styles, and quirks.

How to Teach Children Good Etiquette and Manners - Cambridge School Greater Noida

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is crucial to teach your children manners. As parents, we have to help our kids develop good social skills to interact politely with people and treat others with respect.

How to Instil the Values of Teamwork in Children? - Cambridge School Greater Noida

From coming together in a sports team to putting on a class play, teamwork is an integral part of a student's journey.

How to Beat Exam Stress and Test Anxiety DuringExams? - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Have you ever experienced nervousness and stress as the exam date approaches? No matter how great attention you paid in the class

How to Boost Memory in Children? - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Does your child find it hard to retain any bit of information in mind when he/she is doing something

Things every student must consider before starting their new academic session - Cambridge School Greater Noida

With exams soon getting over, a new academic session is right around the corner.

How to teach your children self –discipline | Cambridge School Greater Noida

Most children struggle with self-control and delayed gratification. It often leads to tantrums or even meltdown, which can be quite frustrating for parents.

How to encourage young kids to learn writing? - Cambridge School Greater Noida

Children are always curious about new things. So whenever they come across new words, they might start wondering what they mean.

Benefits of preschool education - Cambridge School Greater Noida

For young children, every encounter can become a learning opportunity. That’s why nursery class admission is essential for your children to sharpen their academic skills.