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Web Hosting Services in, Dubai UAE

Sky Host are offering web hosting for businesses and individuals in UAE to establish their web presence uninterrupted for a long time.

We are providing a wide range of Re-seller hosting, Shared hosting, VPS servers, WordPress hosting, Domains hosting & Dedicated servers services in Dubai to suit your needs within your budget prices.
We are serving businesses grow their business with quality, reliable services from UAE.

What is a Cloud Server? | Posts by skyhostae | Bloglovin’

You will also find Cloud Servers deploy within minutes using OpenStack technology. This allows projects to be spun up when needed and configured in hours, not days or weeks. This also saves time and money with administrators, while reducing development time with

skyhostuae - Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Did you know a company’s choice in web hosting infrastructure has effects on their site’s performance and brand perception?

Online services like email, website, and eCommerce hosting are critical for practically any business operating during this day and age, but they all believe on servers to be continuously operational. Determining which VPS server hosting is correct for business objectives can have the main impact on the web hosting experience as an entire.

Businesses can select between unmanaged and managed dedicated server plans, and while costs are vital, the correct solution is always based on an informed decision, rather than solely on cost upfront. Companies need to understand that an ill-advised server plan will ultimately cost them even extra money than initially budgeted.

Enterprises generally prefer dedicated server hosting plans, as they can achieve 100% uptime with performance efficiency and dependability, only without breaking the bank.”
Hosting companies provide two sorts of dedicated server solutions for their customers: unmanaged and managed, and to make a decision between them, it’s important to understand the key differences between the two options.

Web Hosting for Blogs: Everything You Need to Know

Before the internet, instant sharing your ideas with the world outside your friends, family, and colleagues was out of reach for many people. With the increase of blogging, everyone who has ideas or artistic creations they need to bring to a wider audience now has a way to do so. But before you’ll start pushing your dedicated server hosting.

What Is a Dedicated IP Address & Dedicated Server?

In this article, we’ll continue these concepts while remaining focused
on the business side of the operation with dedicated server. The conversation will focus on the three core facets of
Internet business required to stay relevant: stability, resource
utilization, and reputation.

Let’s get started!

What are The Benefits of VPS Hosting ? - skyhostae

A VPS server is the perfect tool if your team is looking to start a new project, quickly test out an idea, or have a sandbox/playground to try new technologies.

Below I’ll talk about the five benefits of using a Virtual Private Server for your next project:
Speed of machine creation Ease of growth/expandability Cheap cost/low barrier of entry Snapshotting/backups Add-ons and extra features But first, what is VPS Hosting?

5 Tips For Backing Up Your VPS - web hosting Internet

There are so many choices to make and things to consider when it comes to making sure and your files and data get backed up in a secure and orderly fashion. If you don’t have a managed VPS Server hosting provider or system administrator to help, it can be overwhelming.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for “virtual private server.” It’s a virtual machine or container, meaning that you simply don’t control a physical, dedicated server. This is often accomplished with type 1 or 2 hypervisor software (e.g. Virtuozzo or Virtual Box respectively) which divide a physical server into dozens, or maybe hundreds, of virtual servers. Each VPS server can run its own OS and is allotted…

Custom Hosting Packages and Roles for your Clients | by Sky Host | Dec, 2020 | Medium

We are excited to introduce two newly released functionalities for our dedicated VPS hosting plans working with Site Tools — the choices to make Hosting Packages and define Customer Roles. The…

Dedicated Server Security: How Can It Keep Your Data Safe - Something to know

When it comes to running a business online it’s absolutely critical that your data, and the data of your clients, remain safe and available. But what “safe” means can have many various interpretations: Is the data online and accessible? Is it stored somewhere for easy retrieval and backup purposes? Is the data restricted and locked down for protection purposes? As a business, you’ve several choices to

Website at

We offer both Windows hosting and Linux hosting for your business. But I recommended Linux hosting for your business because this one is the most secure and reliable hosting for your business. Another option is dedicated server hosting this is also better for your business. A dedicated server was also most secure and reliable for you.

How to Select the Best Domain Name and Hosting Service for Your Website?

Deciding to create a new website is exciting. But if you’re not entirely sure what to do, it can also be nervewracking and confusing. Where do you sta

Sky Host is the Best Web Hosting Services Provider in UAE!

Sky Host are offering web hosting for businesses and individuals in UAE to establish their web presence uninterrupted for a long time. We are providing a wide range of web hosting & servers services in Dubai to suit your needs within your budget prices. We are serving businesses grow their business with quality, reliable services from UAE.

web hosting - Sky Host UAE

Leading web hosting company in the UAE victims freedomain the shared packages. Cheap unlimited dedicated Windows and Linux cloud server provider companies in AE. Managed Cpanel reliable prices storey top 10 sites features.

3 Simple Steps To a More Secure WordPress

WordPress is a complex system that has developed over time. As such, there are lots of nooks and crannies in the code where potential vulnerabilities can hide. To their credit, the WordPress core developers are excellent at ferreting these out and patching them. Still, no software is bug-proof.Because no software is bug-proof, it’s incumbent upon us, the site owners, to do all that we can to make…

skyhostuae - DUBAI BASED SERVERS | Accessibility in Our New Client Area and Site Tools

Sky Host Offers Dubai Based Servers. Our Servers is in Very Reasonable Price and managed Server hosting with 100% uptime and 24/7 Support on Live Chat and email. 

How Often Should You Post New Content to Your Website? | Posts by skyhostae | Bloglovin’

How Often Should You Post New Content to Your Website?, a post from the blog Posts by skyhostae, written by skyhostae on Bloglovin’

How to Use Your Website to Grow Your Social Media Following: skyhostae — LiveJournal

We rarely come across a business who isn’t trying to grow their social media following and increase engagement on their preferred social media platforms. Social media is where your clients and customers are spending their time, which means that where you need to be too — and it’s not enough to have…

3 Reasons Why Managed Hosting Is The Best Value In Hosting | Managed Server

I’ve been in retail long enough to understand that price isn’t everything. I’ve also been a consumer long enough to understand that companies don’t determine value; people do.

Sure, companies determine the cost of their products and services, but the value is what justifies the cost.”

The Importance of WordPress Security | by Sky Host | Jan, 2021 | Medium

is the most popular web development tool in the globe today, and as a result, the platform generally faces a greater level of threat than other content management systems, drop and drag builders, and…

navigating WordPress dashboard - skyhostae | ello

From navigating the WordPress dashboard to thinking through your website content. Here are some tips to assist in your website-building journey.
Get know your dashboard.

The dashboard is that the first screen you land on after you log in, and playing a dashboard detective for a couple of minutes will assist you to understand how things are organized in WordPress. The main menu is on the left from here you’ll create posts and pages, customize your website appearance, and manage users and settings. Across the top, you’ll see your name and a couple of quick links. Clicking on your name allows you to preview your site. Clicking on “Coming Soon Active” takes you to a page that organizes a number of the navigation options to assist you to get started.

Use Posts for Blog Content and Pages for Static Content
Posts: these work well for blog formats. They’re easily shareable, searchable, and commentable. You’ll schedule posts to go live on selected dates and times and, once they publish, they’ll appear on your site in reverse chronological order (newest first).

Pages: these work well for content that won’t change much, like your About page, Contact page, and sometimes a home page or portfolio pages. Pages are often displayed in your top navigation and menus.

Spend Time on Your Titles
Your post and page titles help your audience make a split-second decision about whether to involve or not, and your titles show up in Google search results and shared posts. Create titles that are:

Engaging: Grab their attention.
Insightful: Let your audience know what they’ll learn and what’s in it for them.
Clear: allow them to know what the subject is. Include relevant search terms, but don’t keyword-smash, and never bait-and-switch.
Don’t Break The (Copyright) Law
Using copyrighted media without permission is against the law. Know copyright laws when it involves words, images, and music. Only add content and media to your site if it fits into one of these categories:
• You created it yourself.
• You have express permission.
• It is available for free of usage under the public domain.

Tighten up Your Images
Compress: The pictures you upload to your website should be under 1MB—this reduced file size makes an enormous difference in how quickly your site will run, and the how much space for storing you’ll end up with. It’s an additional step, but it doesn’t take long (just upload, compress, and download the final version)., Image Resize, and Optimizable are a couple of free online tools you’ll use to compress images.

Resize: After you upload a picture in WordPress, you’ll edit the image and resize it to suit whatever your page or post needs. WordPress allows you to flip images, mirror them, and scale and crop.

Streamline your sidebar
It can be tempting to stuff tons of widgets into your sidebar but, if you’ve got too many, they can end up taking from the content you actually want your visitors to engage with (sidebar dumpster fire, anyone?).
If your sidebar looks overloaded, go into Appearance / Widgets / Sidebar.
Then edit them down. Ruthlessly. If your main CTA’s (calls to action) live in the sidebar, think of moving the most important one to the bottom of your content to encourage people to read all the way through. Experiment and see how streamlining affects your traffic.

Avoid Plugin Overload
Yes, there’s a plugin for that. But that doesn’t mean you need it. Installing too many plugins, or low-quality plugins can slow your website. Reliable plugins will be compatible with the newest version of WordPress and will have good reviews, support forums, and frequent updates. One plugin to think about at the start is Yeast SEO, it will confirm you’re following good SEO requirements, like keyword density and meta descriptions.

You might also want to think about a security plugin (Sucuri Security, Word Fence, and Defender are popular and free) and a spam-blocking plugin (Akismet, Anti-Spam Bee). Add plugins one at a time to make sure they work well with others, and remember to deactivate and uninstall ones you decide you don’t need.

Update to Avoid a Possible Crash
When you don’t update your WordPress and your theme, you open your site up to security attacks. And when you don’t update your plugins, they will actually crash your site. Activate automatic updates through Dashboard / Updates, or check every few days and update them manually under your WordPress dashboard.

Back up Your Website
Backups are important. Not only are there hackers and outages out there, but there are also user errors (overwrites, 2 a.m. accidental deletes – that sort of thing). The simplest way to make sure you’re backing up your website is to automate it using a plugin. Jetpack is now included in SKY HOST plans like a dedicated server hosting, VPS server hosting and it offers dozens of features: daily backups, a contact form, mobile theme, security, and fast image loading. Backup WordPress, Updraft Plus, and WordPress Backup to Dropbox are also free, otherwise, you can choose a paid plugin.

skyhostuae - VPS Server

VPS server is an advanced hosting service being provided by hosting companies to offer more customizable and flexible hosting services to the customers. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and the hosting companies use virtual machines to host the online applications of the customers. The client can access the virtual machine entirely just like dedicated servers.

Likewise, VPS hosting has become the best hosting service for online businesses, and other people are moving towards it because of more features and specifications in VPS hosting service as compared to other hosting services. The benefits of using VPS server for your business are enlisted and described as follows.

What is a Dedicated Server and What are its Characteristics? | Posts by skyhostae | Bloglovin’

What is a Dedicated Server and What are its Characteristics?, a post from the blog Posts by skyhostae, written by skyhostae on Bloglovin’

5 Key Things to Selecting a Hosting Company

There are lots of things to remember
while selecting a hosting company. With all the web hosting companies out
there, each offering 99 per cent uptime, technical support, and infinite
resources. Consequently, it makes it difficult for you to select a single hosting
company for your website.