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Stand-up comedian on a sometimes keto weight loss Journey that also loves True Crime, History, and Cult Studies!! love people and hope to make some new friends here please feel free to like comment and subscribe. Join me as we geek out together.


Tati Westbrook Lawsuit And Tati vs WOACB vs The World-What Is It All About? Tracy Barkley

Tracy Barkley begins the video describing that she is feeling a bit relaxed this week reading some of her favorite novels. In this video, she is going to talk about case she has been following from some time. Tracy says that she first came across the Tati Westbrook lawsuit on Youtube. She explains why Tati Westbrook was sued. There were subsequent lawsuits filed namely Without a Crystal Ball lawsuit. It’s actually a legal case involving at least three lawsuits. There are several true crimers like Stephenie Harlow and Bailey Syrian doing the same.

Is Chad Daybell's The Celestial City Worth Reading? I Read It So You Don't Have to Part 1

Go through this video where Tracy Barkley describes her viewpoints about Chad Daybell’s The Celestial city. Are there any glaring plot holes in the book? And what is that makes the plot a slightly unbelievable one. Watch this video to get all the fun details.

Should You Read Chad Daybell's The Celestial City, Part 2?-Tracy Barkley

At the start of the video, Tracy says that apart from discussing Chad Daybell’ book, she is going to keep her an authentic true crime channel. In the coming ...

Is Chad Daybell's Rise of Zion Worth Reading? Find Out From Tracy-Part-1

The Rise of the Zion By Chad Daybell is around 200 pages and is divided into 27 chapters. It is not done on Audible but is present on Kindle. It is fiction-based on times’ predictions in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Mormon. He gives a shout out to the LDS President Thomas Munson, expressing how much he likes him and as a president and a prophet.

Stay tuned with Tracy Barkley’s Keto and Krime and find out about the intriguing ways in which the book The Rise of The Zion will give a good dose of entertainment on careful analysis.

Why You Should Avoid Writings On Chad Daybell’s Motivational Books And The Mormon Faith

Get a thorough insight and strong punch of entertainment watching Trcay’s intriguing review of Chad Daybell’s Motivational Books And The Mormon Faith. perhaps, you may find some glaring gaps in the written description. Subscribe to Tracy’s Channel Keto and Krime and never miss a video.

Listen To The Real Time Exploration of Bell Witch Cave by Tracy Barkley-Real Ghost Story

Watch this gripping video with real tie eerie experiences of Tracy Barkley, standup comedian and story teller. Tracy has been exploring Adams Tennessee Woods of the Bell Witch Legend fame. Ever since Tracy went into deeper research on the subject, she has been hearing and feeling hair raising weird phenomenon around her. One friend of hers tells her that she may needs exorcism now! Watch this video to learn more. Warning-Not for the lily livered!

Dr. Malachi Love Robinson Case-Florida Teenager Impersonating as a doctor!-Tracy Barkley

Are you keen to learn about the Dr. Malachi Love Robinson case? Watch this insightful video that carries insights and facts by Tracy Barkley about how this teenager from Florida managed to dupe everyone poig as a medical professional for years. Find out how he was caught and the implications now!

An account of Top 5 Hitchcock favorites Part 2- Tracy and Jim

Listen to this video of _Keto and Krime _and learn about the different movie choices by Alfred Hitchcok. The actor is known as the King of Suspense and it is not for no reason. Watch this intriguing video to get an interesting account of Alfred’s most engaging movies by Tracy Barkley and Jim Hall of the Atheist Edge. The video is a continuation of the personal account of top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Presents movies by Tracy and Jim.

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander Case-Travis’ background- Part 1

Are you looking for Travis Alexander's story? Watch this video to get a very true to life account of Travis Alexander’s life background and the things that pushed him into the getting into a relationship and situation that lead to his gruesome murder. Learn more about Travis Alexander’s complete history in this descriptive account of Travis’s family.
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Alex Jones and American Conspiracy Theory- Analysis Part 1

Subscribe to Tracy’s channel, Keto and Krime and get updated on all the latest videos for insight into Alex Jones and American Conspiracy Theory which. You will come to know more about the mind-messing book by Gary Allen–None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Watch this video for comprehensive information by Tracy Barkley, your favorite Youtuber and podcaster!

American Tragedy-Sequence of Events at Ruby Ridge

Watch this video by Tracy Barkley and get an insight into the Ruby Ridge shoutout case involving a standoff between the US Government and a family of 7 people at Ruby Ridge, ID in 1992. As things got clear, three people were dead, and trust in law enforcement was eroded. Watch this video to find out more! You can choose to join the patrons of Tracy's channel, get early access to Tracy's material, and get some free merch. Tracy will also be begging with her weekly hangouts with the Begging of the New Year. Subscribe, like, comment, and share her videos if you have not done that as yet, as some unsubscribing shenanigans are going on.

Tracy’s Journey from Pentecostalism to Atheism

Watch this video to learn more about Tracy’s journey into Atheism from being a radical Pentecostal. Subscribe to Tracy’s channel Keto and Krime. Like, comment and share Tracy’s video that is especially loaded on popular demand. Stay updated about the latest videos by Tracy on her channel.

An Account Nashville Car Bomb,"Intentional" Act Explosion-Tracy Barkley

Watch this video of Keto and Krime by Tracy Barkley and get an account of the Nashville car bomb explosion on the Christmas Day of 2020. You will learn about all that is known. Tracy has strong connections with the city and she really feels for the explosion that affected the pace and expresses hope that the city is going to bounce back.

Nashville Bombing Suspect Identified-Latest Information!

Learn about the details of the suspect of the Nashville car bomb explosion watching this video with a factual description By Tracy Barkley. Tracy offers authentic and well-researched information about the true crime case as usual in her account of the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville this year.

What Is known So Far About the RV Explosion in Downtown Nashville?

A parked camper van parked in an area of Nashville exploded in the US city of Nashville, leading to the injuring of three people. It also knocked out communication across the state. As per US media, human remains were found at the site.

To learn more and get complete details, watch the video by Tracy Barkley on her YouTube channel-Keto & Krime.

Learn all about Chad Daybell Julie Rowe Book- Review by Tracy Barkley

Watch this video by Tracy Barkley to learn about Chad Daybell’s Julie Rowe Book. This book gives an account of the near death experience of Julie. See how Tracy analyzes it with a neutral viewpoint on traditional religious belief systems. Stay subscribed to Tracy,s channel; Keto and Krime and never miss an any of her upcoming videos on true crime, mystery history and more!

Why You Shouldn’t Read Chad Daybells’s Keys of the Kingdom!-Part 1

Like other Chad Daybells’ books in the apocalyptic series, Keys to Kingdom is no different in being hard to digest, having a couple of plot holes and is based on LDS end of time prophecies. Watch this interesting and comprehensive review by Tracy Barkley and get an insight into why need not read to book by Daybell.

Keto Grocery Haul- Shop for Keto on a Budget!

In this video, I am going to film a keto grocery haul for you today. It can help you buy the best keto grocery, which is excellent even if you are low on bud...

Watts Family Murder: Greatest Tragedy of All Time-Part 2

This video is a continuation of my previous video about the Watts Family Tragedy. It contains the 4th and 5th sub-parts I discussed earlier.

QAnon Conspiracy Theory Explained: Part 1

What is QAnon and who are its members and its believers. Where did it start and where are its origins, let's find out!It is weird but one of the most absurd .

The Ripper Netflix Documentary: Go through the Unbiased Review

Today, I present you with The Ripper Review. The Ripper was released on December 16th, 2020. It’s a four-part limited series known as a mini-series. It details the Yorkshire Ripper Murders, basically, 13 women, the majority of being sex workers that took place between 1975 and 1980 in the Yorkshire Manchester area of the United Kingdom.

Who is Jason Mow | The Daybell Cult Member

Today, we are delving into the world of Chad Daybell. We might also dive into the world of Jason Mow. There’s no proper information related to Jason Mow, so I had to depend on articles, police reports, sleuthing on my own to bring this together.

A Deep Dive into The World of Quiverfull Christians Colleges

Today, we will be delving into the colleges cited by many of the Quiverfull and fundamentalist movements. In this video, I am going to cover three of the main Quiverfull Christian colleges.

Who is Brandon Boudreaux? An In-Depth Analysis About JJ & Tylee Case

More info on the JJ & Tylee case as this web spins wide. Yet again, in this video, we will discuss the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell case. Before proceeding further, I would like to clarify that I think Brandon Boudreaux is a victim. Check out the video link to watch iut the full story line.

Let's Meet the LDS aka Mormons - Who Are They?

LDS Church or Mormons Church, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, considers itself as the original church founded by Jesus Christ. Majority of the world considers this religion as a cult but it is assumed that it is just another mainstream Abrahamic religion. To know more about it, visit the channel, Keto & Krime.