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Health & Nutrition

Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.

How Kasuri Methi in Cooking is Useful

Dried fenugreek leaves Kasuri methi an ancient herb that is extensively used in Indian curries and parathas. For its distinctive aroma and flavor, these leaves fascinate taste buds and thus find their place in most dishes.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Uses and Benefits – NutriKorner

Himalayan pink salt is also known as the purest salt on earth. Mind from the Punjab region of Pakistan, Himalayan pink salt gets its color due to mineral impurities and thus most people, in colloquial language, call it pink salt as well.

Speed up Your Weight Loss With These Food Items

When your ultimate goal is to shed those extra kilos, you need to be very careful with your diet plan. You have to make your choices wisely. Not just the nutritional value, you have to keep an eye on the portion size as well. You must find out enough options to switch between, otherwise, you may get bored and face diff

Healthy eating is a must for breastfeeding mothers: Here’s why

Motherhood is an enriching experience for many women, but it also puts significant demands on women’s bodies. While we now recognise the need for women to eat healthily during pregnancy, it’s just as vital to pay attention to a woman’s dietafter delivery - during breastfeeding. Women should also ensure that they do not skimp on calories, go on any sort of a restrictive diet, or try to lose weight while breastfeeding.

Methi Leaves: A superfood during pregnancy

Benefits of Methi Leaves-Kasuri Methi is a rich source of fibre, iron and protein. It can be an excellent addition to your pregnancy diet.Try Tata Sampann Kasuri Methi, sourced from Nagaur, which is considered to be home to superior Kasuri Methi. These are handpicked and contain fewer stems and twigs, ensuring you get only the best for you and your family.

Hypertension: What you need to know as you age

There is something called stress-related hypertension as stress has a direct connect with high BP. Our body produces a surge of hormones when we are in a stressful situation, which temporarily increase our blood pressure by causing the heart to beat faster and the blood vessels to narrow. Hypertension is best prevented, and can actually be done with a few careful changes in our lifestyle and eating habits.

A colourful plate makes a healthy meal

The world over, India is known as a land of colour. But that doesn’t just apply to our clothes and festivals, it’s just as important for our food. Adding more colour to your plate is one simple and straightforward way to make your diet healthier and more nutritious.

What are the good sources of iron?

Iron is one of the most abundant elements in earth’s crust. Iron is an essential mineral your body needs to function well. It has the legacy as a constituent of hemoglobin and is virtually utilized by all living cells. Thus, it is vitally important to consume adequate amounts of it in your daily diet. The symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, sensitivity to cold, shortness of breath and irritability. These can easily disrupt everyday routine; hence it is important to have enough iron in your diet.

Digestive Drinks Made With Black Salt

The black salt is a stronghold in Asian cuisine and a rock-star of Ayurvedic medicine. Its flavour is big, bold and vibrant and is perfect for seafood, chaat, raitas, salads, French fries, chicken, meat, potatoes, and paneer! Kala namak is a mineral compound packed with sulphur content and is mined. It consists of sodium chloride, the same that’s present in the common salt. While the table salt is 100 % sodium chloride, kala namak’s sodium chloride content is a slightly less, approximately 98%. 

Poha By Region: Different Indian Poha Recipes

Using poha in your poha recipes makes for one of the most wholesome and most versatile dishes! Technically, poha is rice that’s been parboiled, flattened and dried. Poha is packed with complex carbohydrates, proffers healthy fats, and has liberal amounts of protein making it a very healthy food. Dishes made using poha are exceedingly tasty and you can get truly creative with this cereal.

Coriander is one of the quintessential herbs that is extensively used to flavor several dishes. Be it in the form of herb or spice, its usage is inevitable in Indian kitchens. Other than adding flavor and aroma to dishes, coriander has several health benefits to offer. In this write-up, we will take a look at the extraordinary benefits of coriander.

Easy-to-make Chaat Masala Recipe | Chaat Masala Ingredients

Chaat masala is a highly versatile spice that instantly makes a boring snack or food tasty and interesting. It is one of the quintessential spices that finds a special place in Indian kitchens. Extensively used to sprinkle over homemade chaat, snacks, fries, masala toast sandwich, and fruit salads, it can practically come handy to make any dish interesting. Chaat masala is made from a variety of Indian spices and known for adding a tangy and spicy flavour to the food.

Health Benefits of Having Chyawanprash Daily – NutriKorner

Chyawanprash or chyavanprash has been around for centuries. However, most of us understood its significance in this pandemic when Ministry of AYUSH mentioned it in its Ayurvedic immunity promoting measures. Since then, Chyawanprash is in great demands, more than ever. Fortified with potent herbs, minerals, and spices, chyawanprash is an ancient formulation and product and its usage is documented in various ancient texts like Mahabharata and even Puranas.

Healthy Habits for Women Working from Home | Good Habits for a Healthy Life

Ever since the COVID-19 happened, it changed things a lot. Work from home is one major change that has become part of the new normal and thus has affected the daily lives of the working class, especially women. It cannot be denied that women wear multiple hats when it comes to managing responsibilities as they look after their family and also fulfil professional commitments.

Easy-to-make Pindi Chole Recipe | Pindi Chole Recipe | Kabuli Chana Recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor

In north India, Pindi chole is one of the classic dishes and people can never have enough of it. Unlike regular chole recipe that is usually flavored with chole masala and garam masala, Pindi chole uses the combination of Kabuli chana and chana dal and prior to cooking, it is soaked and flavored using whole spices and tea leaves tied in a cloth.

Kala Chana: Nutrition and Health Benefits | Nutrition in kala chana

Being a rich source of iron, kala chana must be added in the diet plans of people having anaemia. It significantly improves the haemoglobin levels which carries oxygen to other parts of the body. For its iron-rich property, it is also recommended to be added in the diet of lactating and pregnant women in limited quantities.

Chickpeas at Glace: Nutritional Value and Benefits

A type of legume, chickpeas or chana or chole is a popular food item in Indian kitchens. Similar to other legumes, chole is a great source of protein, fibres, and essential vitamins and minerals, making them an important part of most diet plans. Talking about its appearance, regular chickpeas or chole are slightly bigger in size and have a beige color, while they are also available in other colors that include black, green, and red.

Coriander powder: A potent spice with amazing health benefits

Coriander or dhania powder is one of the key spices that is extensively stocked and used in Indian kitchens. Its unique aroma and flavor enhance the taste of a variety of dishes. Across the globe, you may hardly find anyone who does not know what is coriander powder.

Simple Home Remedies to Help a Sore Throat and Cold – NutriKorner

The combination of sore throat and cold can be quite irritating and discomforting as it brings with it pain and itchiness. While throat pain is the main symptom of sore throat and cold, it might get worse when you try to swallow food and liquid. Sometimes, it even creates trouble for you to have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor on time.

Fenugreek leaves or methi leaves add a distinct aroma and flavor to dishes. As we all know that methi is good for health, it is because of its rich nutritional value like vitamin A, C, K, calcium, and vitamin B-complex including riboflavin, pyridoxine, and folate. Besides, methi leaves are a storehouse of powerful antioxidants like diosgenin and trigonelline, which offer several amazing health benefits.

Turmeric Benefits For Skin

Also known as the Golden Spice, the use of turmeric has been around from time immemorial. Besides being one of the primary spices to be used in dishes, turmeric possesses great medicinal properties. Right from boosting the immune system to healing wounds, turmeric also offers various cosmetic benefits.

5 Healthy Sugar Substitutes | Best Sugar Alternative

With increasing researches and health awareness, most people now have learned the fact that added sugar is a controversial ingredient in our modern diet. Be it packaged foods, soft drinks, candies, or dairy desserts, consumption of sugar is linked with many serious health issues that include heart diseases, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and even cancer.

What causes lethargy?

Lethargy is characterized by fatigue, weariness, drowsiness, apathy and lack of energy. There is also reduced motivation and some degree of depression. Lethargy usually is a fairly normal response to over-exertion, insufficient sleep, boredom, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle. The condition tends to resolve with sufficient sleep, adequate rest, eating right and managing your stress well.

Rice and Its different forms: Basmati, Poha & More | Types of rice

A big staple in our kitchens, rice has many types and forms, and it lends itself beautifully to countless recipes! Each kind of rice has its distinct taste, texture, and properties which work wonderfully well with various recipes and cooking methods. Rice is a much-loved ingredient - largely because of its availability, versatility, and capacity to adapt to all flavors and seasonings.

Quick homemade soups for winter days

These fabulous liquid meals warm you up and fill you up; perfect for the cold, wintry days! A bowl of soup helps you easily achieve your target of 6 servings of vegetables a day. It can easily add to your everyday nutritional needs and provide you with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is important to steer clear of canned soups though – they are meager on the vegetables, pack in a ton of sodium and sugar. The healthy soups made using nutritious ingredients make for the perfect guilt-free meal especially in winter.