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Updated by Top Developers on Oct 20, 2021
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Mobile App Development - Latest Trends and Updates

Know everything about the latest trends and news of Mobile App Development and its process.

Top 10 Trending App Ideas That Can Get You The Highest Return On Investment In 2021

List of most Innovative mobile app ideas that will make money and help aspiring startups entrepreneurs to get the high return on investment (ROI).

Top 10 mobile app business ideas that would work for enterprises in 2021 -

Here are the top mobile app business ideas for enterprises that are both unique and trending, and can provide better returns on investment to entrepreneurs.

OTT video streaming apps - The future and cost to develop one -

OTT video streaming apps are the latest trends in the entertainment industry. Here’s a quick guide on OTT video streaming app development to help you get started.

5 Strategies to save on Android App Development costs -

For every app idea, you need to develop strategies that save android app development cost and works towards making the Android app more focused on user experience and profit generation.

Complete Guide to Custom Healthcare App Development |

A complete guide to healthcare app development with steps to develop the best medical apps. Here’s how to ace your healthcare business using mobile technology.

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How would mobile app development outsourcing change in 2021?

A complete guide to help your business understand Outsource mobile app development in 2021.

Mobile Website Vs Mobile App- What is the best option for your business? -

This article for those entrepreneurs who are confused between a mobile website and an app and here we explain for them the major difference between a mobile app and a mobile website that remove the confusion.

Top Reasons why Businesses ought to invest in On-Demand Delivery App |

Do you know why invest in the on-demand delivery app development? Here we described a perfect business model for startups and entrepreneurs why and how to build an on-demand delivery app. Read it...

Security issues in enterprise mobility development and how to overcome it |

Enterprise mobility is responsible for improving flexibility in the workplace. But, enterprises face security issues during the implementation of enterprise app development. So, What are solutions for security issues?

What features consumers desire in your E-Wallet Application? -

The must-have features in an E-Wallet App that can help users to make online payments easy and be used for much more than just payments, making it the best digital wallet.

The slip-ups (Gaps) that developers should avoid while crafting the next revolutionary app |

It’s a matter of fact that a killer idea is essential to success. When we look at the success story of Uber, Airbnb, Postmates, Angry Bird, and Pokemon Go’, they all have one thing in common, that’s they looked at the market conducted the research and identified the gaps waiting for the best product to fill it.

But, it’s not enough to triumph the app market that’s plagued with millions of the apps. Just the unique app idea does not bring enormous popularity, and profit to them now and in the years to come, and even in the uncertain economic times. The best strategy in place, distinctive branding, brilliant coding, breathtaking UI & UX design and a clear focus on the target user base are the ‘must haves’ which pave the way for achieving the desired visions and planned goals.

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How to know When to Redesign your Mobile App?

Mobile app redesign should be analyzed on why and what factors, so as to learn about various aspects like the latest design trends, attracting a targeted audience, increasing conversion and others that are focused on improving ROI.

Native Apps vs Progressive Web Apps: What is Better for You? -

The choice between Progressive Web Apps and Native Apps can be difficult, so we will help you make a decision by discussing the advantages of both PWAs and native apps with clear and easy to understand explanations.

Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps, Tips to choose the best for your app |

Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps, if you are in a dilemma of selecting the better one for your requirements these pointers will help make an informed decision.

Is Your Business Ready for a Custom Mobile Application? -

Before developing & launching your custom mobile app, you must thoroughly research your competition and know about the targeted audience, along with some KPIs & ROI to be successful.

How to build a money-making mobile app | by

Everybody wants to build an app, as mobile app development is the best way to develop your business in the digital age. With so much money on the table, mobile app development has prompted a technological gold-rush with everybody wanting some piece of the action.
Here are some of the basic things that you need to consider in your mobile app.

Proven tips to Improve Mobile App Performance and Reduce Latency -

Mobile apps are essential than they have ever been. It becomes even more crucial to keep a note and increase their performance and reduce or nullify the latency. Mobile app development companies and app developers have to understand that they can no longer treat app performance and latency as mutually exclusive problems. They no longer stand as two separate phenomena, as mobile applications are moving towards complexity and expansion in infrastructure.

Thus keeping in mind and considering app performance and latency as the same, we are giving some tried, tested, and proven methods that are needed to take your mobile app to the next level.

Here are some Methods to increase the Mobile App Performance and make your Mobile App a front runner in its genre.

What does it take to create a dynamic mobile application for your business? -

A good idea would be to create a budget and deadline for the app development and approach teams and individuals on the basis of your final budget and timeline for each stage.
In the world we live in today, smartphones are such a substantial part of life, whether you are commuting to work on the subway, or waiting for a friend in the café. An average adult spends about 300 minutes on mobile devices, which makes the need for mobile applications and platforms a significant need for all businesses. About sixty percent of the online traffic is through smartphones.
Having a mobile app is always essential for a business today. While this got you pumped up,
Here are a few advantages to having a mobile application for your entrepreneurial work.

Multilingual App Development: Casting Light On 'Why' ‘What’ and ‘How’ Factors -

Developing a Multilingual app, for the target audience who are multilinguistic, is essential to create a connection with better user experience where communication is the key and integrating local languages provides a wider acceptance.
Let us check the impact of creating a multilingual app and more.

6 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile App -

Want to build a dedicated and loyal following for your brand? These 6 tactics show how you can build customer loyalty for your business using mobile apps.As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to retain your customers and make your brand stand out among the competitors. So apart from providing a good service, you must invest yourself in looking for ways that can help with engaging your customers while boosting return on investment and implementing them like building a mobile app and providing related options.
Here are Key Aspects in a Mobile App to improve Customer Loyalty.

How to improve Mobile App Customer Experience like a Pro? -

Customer experience is an important factor that matters and the major difference between a mobile app that is doing good in the market and another one with very few users. The secret lies in strategizing a wonderful experience, as an app user and again delivering topnotch service.
Here are the key factors that enable advancing the mobile experiences in the present and the years to come:

5 Steps To Craft A Business Plan For Your App Idea -

Business app plan is necessary to make your mobile app successful. Follow this step-by-step guide for achieving great business ROI with your app idea.

The story says one thing in the essence, that’s no planning means uncertainty, which means playing a guessing game that puts your success at the stake. Building an app idea also illustrates about the same journey where creating a business plan is the cardinal aspect of the mobile app development, that’s often ignored and consequently, the business revenue cannot be gained as expected.

The business plan with the right combination of tactics and practices validates the app idea and guarantees boosting the app development process. This will remain aligned with the core app idea and gives a preview of the revenue model.

It’s only conceivable when the business plan answers the critical questions not blindly as they are imperative for app’s sustenance and success in the cutting-edge competition. It appears extremely taxing. Isn’t it? At this juncture, we have eased your work by illustrating the points that a good business plan should talk about. Let’s dive-in to create such a template for your app idea:

The Importance of APIs in the Mobile App Era -

Mixed reality concept with AR and VR technology is transforming the education system by employing new ways of making interactive teaching and learning experience an engaging and fun-filled one, with more comprehensive and skilled understanding.
Have you ever thought how a transportation app like- Uber or Lyft lets you track the real-time location of the drivers coming to pick up you on the Google Map, enable you to make payment in no time with PayPal, make chatting possible while riding, or allow you to share the ride with your friend on Facebook, all using the same app.
Certainly, Google Map, PayPal, and Facebook in the above example are the products of leading tech giants, so how the apps that we use daily, are able to offer these services? The top players actually provide the web services and using the API, the developers can incorporate the same services on the mobile app.
Let's take a look at What is an API (Application Programming Interface)?

Mobile Apps rejuvenating Small and Medium Enterprises -

Mobile apps have been highly instrumental in the effective processing of the small and medium enterprises making them sustain themselves in the market.
Mobile apps are no longer considered just as a method of branding for the SMEs. by becoming the mainstays for the newbie to withstand the grueling new age competition and compete with the tech biggies. Mobile technology has been the main rescue for the small and medium enterprises with its effective strategies and the capability of providing greater opportunities. It has made the businesses to streamline their product or app development process and allowed even the non-coders to create fully functioning apps and reduce their cost of development.

For the small and medium enterprises, the foremost criterion is to get in touch with their customers and for this, they needed a mandatory website. But, with the emergence of mobile apps, the businesses can be more appealing to their targeted customers as mobile apps are easy to access and also provide a more personalized experience as compared to a website.

Therefore, let us go down deep to know the manner in which mobile apps are rejuvenating small and medium enterprises.