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Updated by Lisette Perez on Dec 01, 2020
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Top Ten Technology List

Below is my list of amazing technology, which I have explored in my EDU 228 class, thanks to my peers. I will incorporate a number of these innovative ways in my future classroom.

BrainPop| Informational Videos

BrainPop is a video lesson presented by a robot named Moby and his friend. These videos cover various subjects. A question is shown in the beginning. Throughout the video, they answer it with examples so that the children have a further understanding. Brainpop provides throughout the video, they further discuss the topic so that the children better understand. This program also offers worksheets and quizzes so that the teacher knows that they did pay attention and learned about the issue. Since this program involves activities, it shows critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Brainpop is teacher and student-centered because the educator can play a knowledgeable video while plans for future activities. But the students will enjoy watching Moby and answer questions. A benefit is that the video comes with work. A barrier is the cost of this program's subscription for the county.


Kahoot!| Interactive Game

Kahoot!| Interactive Game

Kahoot offers a chance to ask questions in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can create a set of Kahoot questions or use existing problems in the platform. The educator can offer insightful memories of the lesson since Kahoot questions time from 20- 30 seconds. The program involves students to think critically and choose a response quickly. Teachers can allow students to play in group mode, enabling them to communicate on the best answer choices to select. Collaboration also occurs in the student's mindset because they try to eliminate questions they know don't correspond to the lesson and answer promptly. Or the educator can choose single-mode, which measures individual performance. Critical thinking is essential because the teacher may take the Kahoot score and replace it with the lowest quiz grade. The ISTE is for both teacher and student. Teachers can use this learning-based platform to create a quiz into a fun learning lesson game. The educator can also use this method as a study guide instead of a traditional review worksheet. Kahoot has other topics programmed into the website, in which the instructor can pull up non-educational games after an exam to ease the classroom tension. Kahoot provides students with a way to explore and create their own educational game for group projects by integrating technology as an option to enhance acknowledgment. The student can organize their questions for the topic and put them into problem-solving predicaments using computer skills such as typing. However, there is a barrier to the use of this game-based learning program. Students may not answer the question under the specific time given, making them feel the time is going fast before mentally processing the query. Educators could provide short inquiries and save the long paragraph questions for the actual test. Also, students lose the motivation to continue because every time the item's answered, the bord appears to say who is in the lead and whether they have a streak of correct answers. Instructors could quickly cover up who is at the top to avoid converting the review game into the winner and loser side. We don't want to create an inequity classroom in an educational setting because students will feel lost. Teachers or students can create a Kahoot as a study guide for quizzes or tests. Students synthesize an overview of what will be on the test and what they need to re-learn. Teachers use comprehension to understand the accuracy of the student's answers in a timely matter. Kahoot is one-way out of many to incorporate to improve children's learning. Professors could use other learning methods like class jeopardy, Quizlet live, etc.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to connect by sharing what is going on in the class through photos, videos, and messages. It's kind of like a social media page. I want to use this platform as a behavior management system to monitor lousy behavior and notify parents immediately. I can also record my lecture for absent students to save classroom time. This platform beneficial. A barrier would be the negative of coins added pure ClassDojo ClassDojo uses collaboration by working together and being respectful communication involving teacher-parent, and student. Lastly, this platform involves critical thinking because the teacher can put up information on videos in messages that, when I went over and ClassDojo, redefine the way teachers communicate with the Guardians.



Mursion is a simulation platform. It helps teachers prepare to teach in a classroom setting. The avatars range from elementary to high school students. The future educator is able to begin, pause, and end the classroom. They also receive instant feedback rather than waiting at the end of the day. This platform help students in high school and college to get them ready to teach version uses communication collaboration and critical thinking. The educator talks to an avatar if the Avatar doesn't know then know the answer collaboration takes place to help guide the child critical thinking is used on how the Educators going to present information the samr level would be a substitution from having the 101 experience and not be able to control the class A Bear is it like a personal experience


Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a web-based platform and can be used as an alternative to a physical classroom setting. It has tools, and Educators can create organized lessons I could use Google Classroom to help my students be engaged when they're absent to know what the class went over. A benefit of using Google Classroom is that it is online, and the teacher doesn't need to print material. A barrier would be how to navigate it, like uploading content; this is both teachers and student-centered. The teacher is the Creator, and the student gains knowledge virtually. Google Classroom as a substitute for an actual class best platform addresses creativity and critical thinking.