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A list dedicated Business and Finance software development

How to Apply Robotic Process Automation in Finance in 2020?

In this article you’ll find out about the benefits of RPA in the finance industry, the best RPA finance use cases, and learn how to integrate RPA in your business.

How to Improve the Workflow and Increase Revenue of your company with Enterprise Applications - NogenTech-Blog for On...

Big enterprises always seek for opportunities to automate routine processes and repetitive tasks. Automation of processes leads to less time spent by

Finternet Of Things: Strong Reasons Why IoT Can Revolutionize Financial Sector

IoT in financial industry can improve all processes related to financial activities in your business. That is why the Internet of Things is considered to be one of the best technological trends. IoT and financial services can bring a profit to you.

The Full Guide to Warehouse Automation: Its Foundations, Means, and Success Stories

Warehouse automation software to the rescue! Learn how retail giants like Amazon and Nike optimize their warehouses and find out what options you have.

The Basics of Data Security and Safe Authentication - Pinngle blog

Security becomes more important everyday. In this article, we discussed the basic methods of data protection along with secure authorization approaches.

How to Create a Startup Business Plan and Not Fail | Monterey Premier

To create a successful startup company, you need to have a brilliant idea, along with a detailed business plan. You need to map out how your startup will develop. The business plan can help you analyze possible pitfalls and avoid pitfalls.

Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing: Considering Their Pros and Cons

Staff augmentation vs. outsourcing: what to choose? In this guide, we talk about the differences between these models and weigh their benefits and drawbacks.

Startup business plan: a guide to building it efficiently - The Aspiring Gentleman

Startup business plan is a very important thing you should plan and implement in a startup. this will help to lead the business to sucess

Understanding Mobile App Development Cost in 2021 [Full Guide]

A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Development Costs, A complex mobile app may cost from $70,000 to $100,000, how much it costs to create an app a basic application will cost around $25,000. Read more.

Quality Standards We Follow at Cleveroad to Build Top-notch Products | Cleveroad in Los Angeles, CA 90025

The software becomes more and more complicated over years, so the great efforts and resources are required to monitor its quality. We won’t be measuring these resources in dollars here since it is a topic for another article related to “How much does it cost to make an app”. So, let’s just get to the point.

The thing is that modern web and mobile solutions would be buggy and insecure without comprehensive quality control. Before we telling you more about the way we stick to quality standards at our company, let’s look through bugs classification just to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

IT Managed Services for Business: Types, Benefits, and Preparational Steps Explained

In this post, you’re going to learn about managed IT services. We’ll make an in-depth analysis of its concept, types, and pros and cons.

VR app development cost: steps to undertake to create a good app

Virtual reality is a technology that is not a something innovative already. Many people already experienced VR apps and games, so they know what it is. In addition, this type of business gains popularity and many entrepreneurs want to know how much it costs to create VR app. Let’s find out the full list of steps and the amount of money you may spend for the development.

8 Innovative FinTech Startups of 2017 That Will Shape The Industry

FinovateSpring 2017 conference brought about 60 startups related to financial and banking spheres. Based on the projects presented there, we could say that the scope of technologies they are built on is quite typical — machine learning, VR, chatbots and so on. Cost of outsourcing app development varies, so practically anyone can build a FinTech startup for affordable price and using modern technologies.

Generally, the projects from FinovateSpring can be divided into three categories:

  • Startups that collect analytical data in social media
  • Startups that recognize speech and written texts
  • Startups aimed at financial consulting

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Developing an app like Acorns: what do you need to consider?

IT-technologies have penetrated to all spheres of our life, including banking and investment sectors. Today, investment is not a complicated activity, requiring special knowledge and experience as it used to be several decades ago. Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, stock trading and investment are available to anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet. Needless to say that mobile apps for investing are booming in popularity. This is especially true for apps designed for micro-investing. Specialists single out the following reasons for their popularity:

  • Most people don’t have large sums of spare money for investing.

  • Despite a solid level of transactions protection, online investing is still not a completely risk-free activity.

Creating investment apps like acorns, one should consider these two factors and focus on micro-investing in order to attract as many users as possible.

Mobile-only Banking Steadily Gains Momentum Among the Connected

Has it ever happened to you that you were out of cash and the only thing you had was a cell phone? Well, I have recently found myself in such situation. And I have paid for some services with my banking app. And at that moment I appreciated mobile banking to the fullest.

Many of us hate going to a bank to pay bills, right? Lately, online banking picks up steam because you can do payments 24/7, without queues and slow managers. So what is mobile banking, how to benefit from banking app development and what influences the cost for an app? We are going to tell you now!

Benefits of B2B CRM for Your Business - Tweak Your Biz

Let's figure out the role of B2B CRM, its benefits to operations, sales and marketing analytics, and the top use cases of CRM for B2B.

3 Areas Where Every Small Business Should Automate |

Whether you are a wannabe entrepreneur launching a new side hustle or the owner of a growing business, discover how automation can help your company scale.

5 Methods How Artificial Intelligence May Drastically Change Logistics | RoboticsTomorrow

AI is everywhere. Today it helps you find something faster using your smartphone and voice assistant. Besides that, many other sectors use AI and machine learning to improve their working processes and make them smarter.

IoT Trends and Business Ideas in 2019: How They Revolutionize Different Industries

IoT devices process a vast amount of data, and this data can be not only collected but also used for further improvement.

Explaining the Concept of AWS and Revealing Its Benefits for Business

In this post, you’ll figure out what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is, how it can be applied to businesses, and how you can benefit from it.

17 Best Real Estate APIs and Other Tools to Help You Build Great Products

Real estate APIs are able to simplify the lives of software developers involved in this sphere. We've collected best real estate data APIs in one article and explained how to deal with MLSs both using real estate listings APIs and without them.

How to Make an App for Ecommerce: Tips, Trends, and Price | Website Design, Digital Marketing & Social Media articles...

Let’s discuss the advantages of creating mobile e-commerce apps along with the latest development trends. Also, we’ll various design tips to increase conversion rates.

AI in Logistics: Use Cases and Promising AI Startups

Wondering about AI use cases in logistics? Discover five examples of AI usage in logistics and take a closer look at six promising AI startups.

Know About Financial Cloud-Based Software | My Virtual Journey

Cloud technologies are a great way to optimize workflows in the financial industry to meet the company's functional requirements by automating workflows

Planning Mobile App Budget: 8 Steps To Success | StartUs Magazine

Struggling with your app budget? Check out our tips that will help you plan your project budget in 8 fast and easy steps – with no slippages.