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Best Schools in Noida

Cambridge School Noida is a senior secondary school it is situated in sector-27, Noida. It was founded by Mr. Alok Chandra Deb and established in 1981. This school is best school in Noida.

Important Facts to Know While Seeking Nursery Admissions -Cambridge School Noida

With nursery admissions
in Noida approaching fast, it is natural for parents of young kids to
feel a little anxious and confused about how to approach. There are many
choices for a nursery school in Noida, but parents have to pick
one, which is the most suitable for their child, making the whole process a
challenging task.

How Does Praise, Encouragement and Rewards Help in the Development of Child? - Cambridge School Noida

Children need praise, encouragement, and at times a reward to increase their motivation to perform certain general day to day tasks. These motivating elements can be used when they are achieving new goals such as learning to walk, eating vegetables or preparing for exams. But this does not mean…

Babies' brain develops through regular use, and at the time of their birth, they are ready to use it. So, to learn, your baby needs a stimulating environment with different ways to play and learn.

Why is school education in child development? - Cambridge School Noida

The children of today will become
the adults of tomorrow. Their growth is parallel to our country's future,
reflected through the quality of the present education system. The best school in Noida stimulates curiosity in the children, which are
impressionable minds, and equip them with the tools to be a better human being.

A guide to strengthening the parent-child bond: camschoolnoida - Cambridge School Noida

Parenting is a long-term job, which does not have any definite time. It starts way before the child is born, and then, it never ends. The parent-child bond is fluid. It changes with time and takes various turns as the child grows. Children and parents both experience a kaleidoscope of emotions…

Christmas is finally here! It is certainly the much-awaited time for most of the children.

We understand it is difficult for kids to feel burned out after months of remote learning. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools have remained closed.

Tips to Develop Good Reading Habits in Children - Cambridge School Noida

Reading is one of the necessary skills children need to learn to be successful. Good reading skills not only benefit students academically, but they are also required for lifelong success.

How to build your child's vocabulary - Cambridge School Noida

 Most parents want their children to have an extensive vocabulary. In the recent survey, it was found that many children are leaving primary school with a vocabulary that is inadequate for their age.

How to Induce in Your Kids the Love for Books - Cambridge School Noida

From the moment you are expecting your first child, you're filled with messages about reading significance.

How to Improve Your Child's Mental Math Skills - Cambridge School Noida

When someone does calculations in their head, it is referred to as mental math.

5 Tips to Start the Preschool Process - Cambridge School Noida

Pre nursery school is a broad term that is used to describe curriculum-based early childhood education.

How to Inspire Kids to Do Their Homework - Cambridge School Noida

When parents start taking an active interest in children's homework, kids become more successful in school because it demonstrates to kids that what they do is important.

As a parent, if you want your child to be successful in academics, then it would not be wise from your side to withhold any critical information about your child.

How to Monitor Your Child on Social Media - Cambridge School Noida

Kids these days have access to numerous TV stations and millions of apps. With various internet sites cropping up every day, children are continuously getting exposed to the latest information.

Importance of Discipline in a Student's Life - Cambridge School

One of the essential behaviours in life is discipline. Since time immemorial, the following saying holds true that “Discipline is the key to achievement.”

As an adult, most things in life are simple and not scary. Indeed, we get nervous from time to time, but we forget how the world looks to a child in haste.

How to Teach Your Children Respect - Cambridge School Noida

Showing respect for others is one of the essential skills a person can learn. If learned at an initial age, it can positively affect a child's development.

Skills Your Child Should Know Before Pre nursery School - Cambridge School Noida

Skills Your Child Should Know Before Pre nursery School As a parent, you want to make sure that you prepare your child for pre-nursery school.

Children build several levels of empathy at different ages. The development of empathy is essential for compassionate behaviour to develop as well.

Do You want to Pull Your Hair because Your Child Is Disorganized? Get the Tips on How to Get Your Kid Organized - Cam...

Children usually have trouble getting organized, utilizing and managing their time, and transitioning to independent adult life. Organization skills are important for kids for college life and beyond.


A lot of parents struggle with finding the right balance when it comes to praising their kids! The parents have questions as to How much is too much?

The Best Habits to Shape a Kind, Calm and Well- Adjusted Child | Cambridge School Noida

Parenting is a complex and challenging task. If we are not too careful, we will become too focused on one aspect and let others’ aspects fall by the wayside.


We can learn about children just by observing them play. Kids learn the best when they are engaged in activities driven by their natural curiosity and intrinsic desire to explore.

Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Big Feelings - Cambridge School Noida

The greatest gift you can give to your child is the competence to handle their emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, excitement, happiness in healthy ways.