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5 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka – An Island Paradise

Look at the map of the world and close to the sub-continent of India, you will spot a teardrop-shaped island. This tiny isle, as small as it is one of the treasures of Asian and has been nicknamed The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is an amazing destination and here's why you should visit.


The beaches

Let's start by introducing the beaches of Sri Lanka to you. If this is your first time visiting, you'll need to know that Sri Lanka is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world! So, what do they look like? Absolutely pristine! Picture beige sands on endless shores and cobalt blue water curving into waves at every corner. Once the waves hit the shores the white foam and bubbles scatter over the sand like pearls bouncing on the floor. This is no exaggeration! It is very much real, and it is paradise. If you are into water sports, you'll have opportunities for surfing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, diving and even banana boating here on the island.


The hills

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate and therefore, it can be very hot on most parts of the island. But the hill country is certainly different. Drive upcountry to places like the historic kingdom of Kandy or cosy Nuwara Eliya and you'll see that the climate is completely different. The hills of Sri Lanka boast a cool climate and a relaxing vibe with evergreen trees surrounding the roads and pathways. The smell of pine is ever-present in the air, this aroma is sure to refresh your soul. For those who love nature and adventure, there are plenty of hiking trails and massive gardens to explore. Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka are best experienced in the hills with the special European atmosphere they offer.



With an abundance of greenery and an arid zone as well, Sri Lanka's wildlife is diverse both on land and in the waters of the ocean. If you are interested in observing the wild, a safari is the best option and Yala National Park is well known for theirs. Elephants roam free in the jungles here while the sloth bear and the Sri Lankan leopard are rare animals that are indigenous to the country. Even hotels by chains like Uga offer stays that lets you experience wildlife firsthand. The waters of Trincomalee in the east and Mirissa in the south of sees visits from whales, so make sure you book a whale watching tour as well.



For the history buffs, when it comes to ancient ruins and tales of the past that are quite interesting, Sri Lanka's got plenty for you. From age-old ruins in all directions of the country to museums that include artefacts from the times of kings and queens, there is so much to explore here. Once known as Ceylon, the country has a history of more than a thousand years and evidence from the prehistoric era too have been discovered here.



Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country where 4 religions prevail in peace and harmony. This makes the culture so rich with a combination of Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian religious festivals taking place on almost every month of the year.

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