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Box Pitbull Mix - Facts To Know

This Pitbull Boxer dog is a cross-breed between two extremely popular dogs.

The parent breeds of this dog have won the hearts of millions of dog lovers around the world with their playful attitude and extreme affection towards their owners. Fortunately, you can mix the characters of these two great dogs to get the best four-legged companion for the whole family.



Known as American Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit, the Pitbull Boxer is a cross-breed two popular American dog breeds. The parents of this dog are American Pitbull Terrier and a Boxer.

Both the dogs share a “fighting in the pit” history but primarily, Boxer and Pitbull are known for being working dogs. The breeds have left the past where it belonged and since found a new life in the families, living peacefully among the members. They are highly-intelligent and extensively used in public affairs such as guarding, search & rescue, therapy, and helping the disabled.

This breed requires plenty of play and exercise time because they are extremely energetic and intelligent. Leaving them to their own instruments can cause serious problems for them and those who live around them. Yet, they are extremely friendly if conditioned and trained at an early age and love spending time in the company.



This cross-breed is not supposed to be the exact copy of its parent breeds. In terms of appearance and other traits like personality and attitude, they tend to lean more to the one or the other direction of the parent breed.

Generally, the dogs of this breed tend to have a broad head of the Pitbull with long legs, dropping ears, and chest of a boxer. The muzzle does not have the characteristic brachycephalic feature of the Boxer and is usually short. These traits significantly reduce the complications of the respiratory system which are rampant in purebred Boxers.

One common thing between both parents is the short and smooth coat with a moderate amount of shedding. There could be occasional excessive shedding in the early spring, but otherwise, it should be on the minimal side.

Like most cross-breeds, they come in multiple colors or the combination of many such as black, white, tan, fawn, cream, brindle, blue, etc.


Size & Weight

Again, like most mixed breeds, it is not easy to predict what exact size they would grow up to. An estimate could measure them around 20 to 26 inches at the shoulders when they are grown up. They are on the heavy side of the weight category and could clock around 50 to 80 pounds in their adulthood.

The breed is usually termed as a medium to large dogs.


Color & Coat

This dog comes in a variety of colors. As for the parent breeds, Boxers could be brindle, white, or fawn. Whereas, Pitbull could be of those colors or show cream, brown, tan, black, or blue colors.

So, your furry friend could be a mixture of any of those colors. There is also a probability of patches around its eyes, muzzle, chest, and socks.

The coat is easy to maintain owing to being short, smooth, and shed only a little. They do not cope well in the freezing temperatures because their coat is thin. For most of the fall and winter, they would need a coat to keep warm and cozy.

These dogs are temperature sensitive on both extremes, which means they could burn at extreme temperatures.


Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit Temperament

This should always be kept in mind that in cross-breed dogs, there is not always the case of 50/50 of both parents for apparent and hidden traits.

In order to comprehend the possible temperament of Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit, it is important to study the temperaments of both parent breeds independently.

There is no denying that both Pitbull and Boxer are great breeds with wonderful characteristics. Unfortunately, they both have some not-so-desirable traits which are worth knowing if you plan on getting a dog which is a cross-breed of these two.

Pitbull: The Pitbull is a faithful and affectionate dog with sometimes eccentric but totally harmless behavior. They are known to turn into big babies around their families. Due to their wild history, they still get protective which can be neutralized by proper training and socialization at an early age. They are perfect guard dogs with a history of aggression. Ironically, they passed official temperament tests which put these claims to serious tests.

Boxer: This is a notoriously bouncy breed that wants to play at all times, especially with its front paws (hence got the name). This makes them jumpy which can be troublesome around small children and older adults who are not good at their feet.

Both dogs from the parent breed need a lot of attention and stimulation to grow in a healthy way. They want to be around their owners most of the time and if you are not for them, they can develop separation anxiety, which could be a serious issue. The Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit can become destructive when left to its own instruments.

Boxers and Pitbull, both have an attached and protective nature which makes them loyal to their owners till the end of the line. Early socialization is important because they grow wary of strangers and can cause injury if not properly trained.

By harnessing this protective nature and employing their great strength, they can be great guard dogs for large farms and country lands.

Also, they could aggressive towards other dogs. So, it is better to have plenty of playdates with other dogs at an early age so that they could learn how to behave accordingly around the same specie members.


How to Train A Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit Dog?

This dog’s striking trait is its extreme intelligence and smartness to learn new things. In addition to that, they have natural urges to please their companions, most importantly their human keepers.

These dogs do not take any kind of punishment in a positive way. If you decide to take punitive measures in order to train this dog breed, it might make them fearful and more disobedient instead of adopting positive behavior.

Constructive feedback and reinforcements are the best things to counter stubbornness while they are still in their learning phase. The best course to make them well-behaved is to reward good behavior and ignore the rest. It is important to be consistent and repetitive in your behavior towards the dog.

From a young age, these dogs are highly intelligent and can easily recall things and commands which allows them to learn quickly. It should not be your concern to keep them on the leash at all times. But if you notice aggression towards other dogs, it’s better to have a constant eye on Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit dogs.

As stated earlier, at the owner’s end, there should be consistency in socializing your dog. Ideally, it should meet new dogs and people every day. This will drastically decrease their levels of natural protectiveness, and teach them all sorts of mannerisms and how to respond to different stimuli. To keep things on the safe side, it’s better to keep in an eye on them while they are around children.

They are hyper-excited and need plenty of stimulation. If left alone to their own instruments, they get bored easily and turn to destructive behavior.

They love a job at hand, owing to their genetics. To best keep their head occupied, give them puzzle toys and other things they can box around with. They love to play physically active games like fetch and hide & seek.

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