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Headline for Top Festivals in Oman that You Shouldn't Miss – Colourful and Festive Oman
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Top Festivals in Oman that You Shouldn't Miss – Colourful and Festive Oman

Immersing yourself in a different culture is not an easy task. But, once you get to experience one of its festivals, you observe what their rituals are and how they see different things in life. If you want to feel what Omani culture is like, you should surely go join one of their festivals.


Eid al-Adha

Oman is a Muslim country like all the other Middle Eastern countries in the world. One of the most significant religious festivals that they celebrate is 'Eid al-Fitr,' which marks the end of their holy month Ramadan. Omanis celebrate this festival for three days consecutively. The first day (especially, the morning) is reserved for religious prayers at the mosques, after which the Omanis go for celebrations and feastings. If you choose to spend a holiday at one of the best hotels in Oman the likes of Al Wadi Sohar Hotel during this festive time, you'll be able to see many of their rituals such as hosting communal meals and so on.


Muscat Festival

Muscat Festival can be called the most fabulous and glamourous festival in Oman. This is also one of those events that best showcases the unique traditions and culture through various art performances. Each year, this festival is held throughout one whole month from January to February. It provides a magical experience to all its attendees while respecting their cultural values and norms. Everything from camel races, educational programmes, circuses, theatre performances, and recreational programmes are here at this festival to entertain the crowds. The impressive firework shows, and the heavenly food stalls should never be missed during a visit to this splendid festival.


Sultan Camel Race Cup

Camel Racing has been one of the most loved and demanded Arab sports from the past, and this Sultan Camel Race Cup is an event created to encourage this old sport. In Oman and many other countries in the Middle East, there are farms that are specially designed to train camels for this sport and all these camels are brought here annually for this event. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, and as the patronage by the King is always there with this event, it gets grander year by year.


Salalah Festival

This is a festival that targets its tourists. It happens during the Khareef season (the monsoon season) of Oman which generally falls from mid-July to late August. The monsoon rains bring in life to the Salalah region and the city welcomes this season with many cultural celebrations and parades, entertaining the tourists and the locals alike.


Other festivals and events in Oman

Although the above-mentioned events are the most popular in the Omani events calendar, there are also some other events celebrated by the locals. Sinbad Classic (a deep-sea fishing competition) and the Cultural Theatre Programme hosted by the Ministry of Tourism in Oman are some good examples. Many traditional boat races are also held early in the year (February- March) and they attract tourist attention too.

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