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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 26, 2020
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5 Natural Wonders to Discover in Namibia - Lie In the cradle of Nature!

Being one of the most beautiful and naturally gifted nations in Africa, Namibia is a bucket list destination of naturalists and adventurers alike around the globe. Read on to know 8 of its natural wonders that one must not miss visiting during their time here.



This is an iconic desert landscape which features a number of formidable dunes! One of the dunes of this location towers at an elevation of 325 meters in height. But the most famous of all the dunes is a red sand mound that measures at 80 meters in height. Named as Dune 45, reportedly this particular sand formation has sand particles that have formed over 5 million years ago. With a stunning backdrop of clear blue skies, surrounded by a salt pan, and being composed of red sands, it offers amazing opportunities for landscape photography!


Epupa falls

Located between the borders of Namibia and Angola, the Epupa falls is spread over 1.5 kilometres. It is actually a cluster of cascades which combines to form one single waterfall! It has unique features and it is indeed a cascade unlike any! It is 60 meters in height and is always surrounded by mist. Being located at a remote site, that is composed of a rugged landscape, the waterfall is only accessible by a 4x4 vehicle; the journey one has to take to see the cascade is adventurous and it accentuates the overall expedition!



Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and it is a city that features stunning buildings that boast European and African design accents. The city features its own array of man-made and natural attractions among which there is a beautifully landscaped botanical garden. There is also a wildlife reserve located in proximity to the city which features an enticing hiking trail. The city is home to plenty of accommodation options the likes of Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino that comes replete with a host of exclusive Windhoek hotel offers which are ideal to plan your stay after a tiring day of exploration.


Fish river canyon

Featuring similar traits with the well-renowned grand canyon in the USA, The fish river canyon boasts formidable rock formations and towering cliffs that were the result of millions of years of geological activity. The canyon region is 160 km long, 27km wide and over 500 meters deep. The region is also home to a variety of wildlife which includes hyenas, mountain zebras, Egyptian geese, a vibrant array of butterflies, dragonflies, and different species of reptiles.


Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is the destination where nature lovers and adventurers could see Africa's diverse wildlife up-close and personal. The park offers its visitors well-curated wildlife safaris and during their journey, they could see, African elephants, lions, zebras giraffes, flamingos and many more! The park is also a malaria-free zone and it is safe to visit here even during rainy seasons. In fact, the rainy season is the ideal time to visit the reserve since the salt pans at the park fill up attracting a large population of flamingos.

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