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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 26, 2020
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6 Interesting Facts to Know about Laos Culture – Respect and Accept the Cultural Differences

The culture in Laos is different from any other culture you come across in the world. It's a bit conservative but more family-oriented. Locals tend to take things very easy and this is sometimes very surprising. Here are some of the most amazing cultural facts about Lao culture for you to know.


They never pass negative comments on their government

No matter how wrong a government decision could be in Laos, the locals will never criticise it. They will not tolerate even when a total stranger says something against the government. The locals very hardly express their opinions about communism in a public gathering, and that's a strange fact to know in this millennial era where the freedom of expression is valued more than anything else.


They take everything so easy

If you go to a boutique in Laos, you will have to wait for a while to get the goods you asked for. This is because the locals take things very easy and do things in their way, to their rhythm. Have patience if you come across such an instance when you are in Laos. They make you wait, and that's something they've got from their culture.


Expect to receive comments about your body and appearance

According to Lao culture, wearing a bikini or talking publicly about sex is not acceptable. But, passing a direct hint or a comment about someone else's body shape or appearance is quite a fair game, surprisingly. While holidaying in Laos, if you get to hear a lot of comments about how you look, don't get hot-tempered and react to them. Take it easy, because it's their way.


They have an amazing wedding culture

If you ever come across a wedding function during your stay at any hotel in Luang Prabang the likes of Avani+ Luang Prabang, make sure you peep in and see what's going on. It's okay that you don't even know the couple because most of the people who are in the function will have no clue of that either. Lao weddings are strange because of this fact. They invite their neighbour and invite the niece and the nephew of that neighbour as well. Weddings also follow a colourful agenda in which traditional dances and speeches take place.


They are serious about the Buddhist precepts

According to the great philosophy of Lord Buddha, a person should not take the life of any other, steal, commit adultery, lie, and take alcohol. Mainly due to this guidance, the theft rate in Laos is very low and that's why it's a safe country to visit. Locals are very honest and trustworthy when it comes to money and property.


Their road culture is terrible

Accidents are a common thing in Laos. Drivers use the roads as they wish, and sometimes they drive even when they are drunk. Motorbike drivers consider it a pleasure to drive the wrong way. This is why the tourists are asked to be extra vigilant when crossing roads in Laos.