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Headline for Marketing to Women Consumers
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Marketing to Women Consumers

Great content related to trends in marketing to women consumers.

Brands failing to connect with women | News | Research Live

Despite brands that are gender-balanced or slightly female-skewed outperforming male-skewed brands, many are failing to reflect and represent women in their marketing and advertising.

Why Healthcare Advertisers Should Really Consider Women's Perspectives in Campaigns

These days, women make more health and wellness decisions for themselves and their families than ever before. "They really are the chief health officers," said Lynn O'Connor Vos, CEO at GreyHealth Group. In fact, a 2015 study GHG helped prepare found that women serve as decision makers 94 percent of the time.

Marketing to Women in 2016: Ten Trends

Here are some insights that will help us navigate the New Year of Marketing to Women. They are less crystal ball thoughts and more practical information for the new year. Social is marketing. Women are embracing new platforms of social media and marketing needs to follow.


Products Aimed at Women Cost More than Those Aimed at Men

Products Aimed at Women Cost More than Those Aimed at Men
Marketing To Women: Trends To Watch In 2015

2014 was a watershed year in marketing to women. We witnessed female-empowerment advertising campaigns from brands like Pantene (Not Sorry), Under Armour (I Will What I Want) and Always (Like a Girl); we saw a sweeping effort to update women's images in stock photography with the Lean In Getty Images [...]

What Women Want

Keds is doing more than just designing cute and colorful shoes. This year, the company hit the ground running to inspire girls to take positive risks and develop the confidence to reach their full potential.

Why Health Care Must Stop Designing for Women

by Sarah Hungate Whether it's for labor and delivery or cancer care, health care marketers have good reasons to reach out to women. The US Department of Labor reports that women make 80 percent of health care decisions in America. But our industry (and many others) have got it all wrong.

Three Things Women Want Businesses to Know About Them

Saying that women are the engine for economic growth is not an exaggeration. On the world stage, women have taken the lead, working at the helm of some of the world's most powerful government positions and corporations. Even in the home, women wield considerable buying power, accounting for an estimated 80% of all purchase decisions.

Women Consider Friends' Opinions the Most 'Trusted Advertising'

It seems word-of-mouth means a lot when you are trying to separate a woman from her money. A Ladies' Home Journal study found that female shoppers value peer opinions over any kind of paid placement-and the vast majority of those surveyed said the experience of someone they knew directly led to a purchase decision.

8 Ways to Get Real When Marketing to Women

Here's what we know for sure: Hospital marketing is a conservative industry, bound by HIPAA laws and surrounded by sensitive topics. We also know for sure that the female owner/operator of the house makes the majority of purchasing decisions, including healthcare.

Hemispheres Millennial Moms Whitepaper 7 14 12

Hemispheres Millennial Moms Whitepaper 7 14 12 - Free download as Text file (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free.

Teaching Young Girls To Save Could Change The Global Economy

Call it the power of the piggy bank. As the worldwide population of girls peaks in the next decade, access to simple savings accounts can have a big impact on their economic futures.

What Women Want...From Healthcare

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we've been told. If this theory is true, marketing must meet in the middle ground to appeal to both cosmos. But, healthcare is naturally a gender-stratified industry. There are clinical as well as behavioral reasons to target gender.

What Happens When Wall Street's Mad Men Market to Women?

A cursory glance at more modern Wall Street advertising reveals an industry still overstocked with Y chromosomes. The financial services industry has been trying to speak to women for 20 years, and it started with really beautiful pink and purple brochures. They haven't quite gotten it yet.

Women Dominate The Global Market Place; Here Are 5 Keys To Reaching Them

Women are the next global emerging market. Their economic power is truly revolutionary, representing the largest market opportunity in the world. Just look at the numbers: Women control 65 percent of global spending and more than 80 percent of U.S. spending.

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