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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Places to go Fishing in Shenzhen – for your fishing excursions in China

Fishing is an art that the Europeans and Americans mostly enjoy and is considered a noble sport like horse-riding or golf. China is getting into fishing in recent years and the best time to do so is in spring when the weather is just nice. Shenzhen is famous for fishing spots.


Huaide Fishing and Barbecue Ground

This is a recreational area with two ponds, one big and one small. The convergence point of both ponds is considered the ideal spot for fishing. Towards the right side of the larger pond is a small clearing that can be used for barbeques. There is also a chicken farm and an orchard to explore. the offseason here is from January to March and during this period the fee is 100 yuan for 4 hours. The season starts from April right through to November and at this time the fee would be 100 yuan for 3 hours. You can either keep the fish you've caught or sell it to the owner for 3 yuan per 0.5 kg.


Donghu Fishing and Barbecue Ground

Here too are two ponds, one large and the other small. The larger pond has a few wild fish which the smaller one has Carassius cuvieri. These fish have been bred here for many years. Both ponds are long and are covered in greenery just as its surroundings. This makes the place look absolutely gorgeous and the fishing enthusiasts out there are going to love it. If you are planning on visiting, keep in mind that for fishing at the smaller pond, you will have to pay 20 yuan and you cannot take the fish with you. At the larger one, you will have to pay 45 and you will be able to take 5 kgs of fish.


Kuichong Reservoir

If you are heading over to Kuichong Reservoir from your accommodation in Shenzhen China, then be sure to pack up a picnic so that you won't be hungry as no food will be served here. This body of water lies on a quiet mountain away from all the noise and busy streets of the city. The place is open 24 hours a day, but non-members aren't allowed. You can either use a rod or a telescopic fishing rod in the waters here for a good catch. The fee is 30 yuan for a day with unlimited fishing.


Dragon Lake Fishing Club

This is quite a famous spot located in Longgang Botanical Garden and is a natural lake that covers 43 hectares. There is a golf field with 36 holes not far from here. On the lake are 3 islands which have been connected with curving bridges. A few fishing competitions have also been held here before. The place is quite refreshing.


Meiguan Dafapu Fishing and Entertainment Centre

This is one of the main competition training centres and is spread out across 80,000 sqm. The complex includes restaurants, private rooms, fishing cabins and parking. The rates range from 60 yuan for guests and 50 yuan for members for 8 hours. You can find out directions to the place from the front desk at Somerset Grandview Shenzhen and other hotels.

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