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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 23, 2020
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5 Amenities your luxury apartment should have - Essential attributes for a private paradise!

Offering its patrons exceeding levels of comfort and convenience, luxury apartments are the ideal accommodation options of the 21st century! Read on to know about 6 essential amenities your luxury apartment should have.


Private patio or balcony

Unlike other accommodation options, due to limitations on the availability of space, most of the regular apartments do not have ample outdoor spaces for you to relax and to take in some fresh air. But the availability of a private patio or balcony is a necessity if you are living in a luxury apartment. It is sort of an essential requirement for the price that you have paid in securing a luxurious living space.


Energy-efficient appliances

Sustainability is indeed an important concept that is being deeply instilled with modern lifestyle. Adhering and adapting to sustainable practices is crucial for being empathetic and considerate about climate change and conservation of nature. Hence one must do everything possible to conserve energy. Since people spend a considerable amount of time in their homes the usage of energy-efficient appliances is of utmost importance. This is also something that you have to look for when you are purchasing a luxury apartment. Automated lighting systems with improved energy efficiency ratings, appliances that consume less energy, adaptive thermostats are some of the quintessential features that a luxury apartment should have.


Co-working spaces

With people adapting to a work from home lifestyle due to the current pandemic situation, makes the availability of a co-working space in your apartment an essential feature. Though you could set up a home office, it is challenging to not be distracted by the events that are happening around you. This is where the co-working space in your apartment comes in! This feature is already being integrated to many of the upcoming apartment projects the likes of Cinnamon Life Colombo - which has a dedicated co-working space that comes replete with benefits and facilities one usually would enjoy at a modern and well-equipped office space in Colombo.


Large windows with natural light

Natural light provides you with warmth and it instils a profound sense of comfort within you - this is why the availability of natural light is important to any accommodation. They also help you conserve energy and lighten up the ambience in an abode. Large windows are an essential requirement for a luxury apartment for which they let in more natural light into your living space!


Modern facilities

Luxury apartments should also have modern facilities that will make your life better and will aid you to carry out your daily tasks effortlessly. Among such facilities, the availability of ample parking spaces with EV charging, the availably of a well- equipped gymnasium, an expansive pool area for relaxation, availability of high-speed internet