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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Must Pack Things on Your Trip to the Maldives – Good preparation ensures a great trip
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Must Pack Things on Your Trip to the Maldives – Good preparation ensures a great trip

If your idea is to travel to the Maldives next holiday, it's high time you start packing what you need. Yes, it's going to be a tropical getaway, so you'll, of course, need your swimwear, sunscreens, and shades. But, what else? Let's discuss everything here.


A Scarf

Do not forget to take your scarf wherever you go in the Maldives. It's a Muslim country, and they have strict regulations when it comes to dressing. It's a country that admires the concept of 'modest clothing' and no matter where you are coming from, you still need to obey it. If your dress does not cover your shoulders, you may just use the scarf to cover it all. It's simple as that when you have a scarf with you.



A sunscreen must be there with you when you are in the Maldives. It's a tropical destination and you can't stop the sun from following you wherever you go. If you have a preferred brand, take it with you so that you are sure no allergies will occur after using it. You may also buy sunscreen from the Maldives, but they tend to be too expensive.



You can't forget your sunglasses when you go to the Maldives. You will need them as soon as you arrive at the Male airport. Then, for every excursion and sunbathing session, you are going to need your sunglasses. TWhen you find a spot with a pretty backdrop - which is almost everywhere in the Maldives - slip on those shades and pose for that glamorous Instagrammable click!



If you are a lady, don't hesitate to pack your bikini for your trip to the Maldives. Yes, some beaches in the Maldives will not allow you to wear these due to their laws, but at your chosen resort in Maldives, you surely can. You may wear anything you wish during your stay at properties such as Niyama Private Islands Maldives and there's no one to blame you.


Mosquito Repellent

This is something that most travellers forget to take with them when they go to the Maldives. Located in a tropical region, a few mosquitoes here and there is to be expected in this country. Although the resorts do their best to prevent mosquitoes from coming in, you can never be too safe – plus, it's always good to be prepared with insect repellents when you go to rural islands or even when hiking.


A Waterproof Camera

What's the point of visiting the Maldives if you don't capture every moment you spend there? If you plan to have a diving session, make sure you take a waterproof camera with you so that you can capture the corals, fish, and even the whale sharks.


What Not to Pack

The Maldives is a country governed by Islamic Law. So, according to this law, you are not allowed to take alcohol, pork or pork products, chemicals, spear guns, gun powder, pornography materials, narcotics, or any other material that goes against Islamic values. You'll be punished by the law if you get caught carrying these things in the Maldives.