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India Travel Tips

India is a dream destination for almost everyone. But India can be overwhelming and chaotic. Some tips to make you help understand India and its fascinating culture and history.

5 Reasons to Visit Jaipur

If you are visiting India, you would be traveling to Jaipur. The city is one vital angle of the famous Golden Triangle Route of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. As a result, all travellers to India, tend to...

India Travel Tips for the First-time visitors - Take Off With Me

How can you prepare yourself for your dream Indian vacation? Fifteen India travel tips to help you cope and enjoy your vacation to this amazing destination.

Best Things to do in Delhi | Must-see Attractions - Take Off With Me

From historical monuments, spiritual experiences, lush green spaces to buzzing markets - let us check the best things to do in Delhi

Indians love to travel but they are not very experimental in their food habits. They prefer to eat Indian food instead of trying new cuisine. Why?

5 Reasons to visit Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi - Take Off With Me

Lip-smacking street food, glorious history, and biggest shopping hub. Do you need more reasons to visit the tumultuous but iconic Chandni Chowk?

Tips to save money while traveling in India | Travel Blog

India is one of the most popular destinations in the world and manages to find a place on everyone’s bucket list. Deep-rooted history, diverse cultu

Travel Tips for Women Traveling to India | Travel Blog

India is a dream destination for most people. However, it is not an easy destination - it is chaotic, overwhelming, exasperating, and tumultuous. In r

Kerala Itinerary for 7 Days | Best of Kerala - Take Off With Me

Check the suggested itinerary to explore the best of kerala in 7 Days. Best cities to visit and things to know before you travel.

Rajasthan itinerary for 7 Days / 10 Days - Take Off With Me

Check the suggested itinerary to explore the best of Rajasthan in 7 Days or 10 Days. Best cities to visit and things to know before you travel

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Kerala is a place where the natural beauty of Kerala can be seen from a boat. The sight of water rushing over the lovely beaches in the pristine waters, and with the backdrop of beautiful mountains and waterfalls are mesmerizing and captivating. So this article will provide you with a brief information about the Kerala itinerary.

Great Places To See In Rajasthan - Travel to Rajasthan - Qasim Zahid | Launchora

Great Places To See In Rajasthan - Travel to Rajasthan

Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa Review - Take Off With Me

The newly opened Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa is attracting clientele looking for a luxury resort in the lap of nature. Is it worth the hype?

Indian Matrimonial Sites - The Untold Story - Take Off With Me

In the past decade, we have seen a sudden spurt of people using Indian Matrimonial Sites to find their life partners. But do they work?

Culture Shock For Indian Travellers - Take Off With Me

Travellers get a culture shock when they land in India. But Indians too get a few culture shocks when they travel to the Western countries. Let's check them

Is the Indian traveller really bizarre? - Take Off With Me

Indians are traveling like never before. Unfortunately Indian traveler is still considered to be uruly and bizarre. Is the tag justified?

Why do Indians love Dubai?

Dubai, the most popular city of the United Arab Emirates, has always attracted tourists because of its luxury shopping malls, flamboyant buildings, plethora of amusement options and super luxury hotels. The Indian tourists especially have a special inclination and affinity towards Dubai. Most of the Indians travelers have Dubai on their bucket list. From the middle class to the highly affluent, we find all Indian tourists flocking to Dubai. Over two million Indians traveled to Dubai in 2018. So why are Indians traveling to Dubai?

Why do I live in Delhi?

I have been living in Delhi for the past 30 years. After my marriage, I shifted from Jaipur to Delhi and never looked back. But nowadays, I am often asked this question – ‘Why do you still live in Delhi?’ The question doesn’t surprise me. Delhi had been facing lots of issues recently. The traffic jams were always there, but the rising pollution levels are really a health hazard. In recent years, the city had witnessed some of the most horrific crimes against women and it is not safe to go alone at night. Recent riots in Delhi have only aggravated the situation. But I still prefer to live in Delhi. One of the major reasons is the habit. This has been my home for decades and I have become used to the city, its roads, its people, and the environment. I am not willing to adjust myself to a new city and new challenges. But there is much more which keeps me in Delhi.

According to UN World Tourism Organisation, about 50 million Indians travel overseas every year. India has so much to offer in terms of exotic locations, history, wild life, culture, delicious local cuisine and adventure. It is a vast country and every province has some new experiences and insights. The question then arises that why do Indians prefer not to explore their own country and prefer to travel abroad?

India is considered to be an affordable destination. It manages to hold its place in every list of budgeted places to visit. So what makes it affordable.?

Wedding Shopping In Delhi – lovetotravel

Photo by SKG Photography on In India, weddings are grand affairs with people spending a fortune on them. From food, decorations, lodgings, gifts to clothing, everything goes overboard. Actually, there is no limit to the amount which people spend on these lavish affairs running for 2-3 days. And with the rising trend for a destination…

Heatbud | Travel - Why do Indians migrate to Dubai?

Over the years, Indians have moved to Dubai in large numbers and have made it their home. What can be the reason for Indians inclination towards Dubai?

Food & GastronomyIndiaTop vegetarian dishes you must try when in India

India continues to be one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. It has the perfect mix of stunning landscapes, rich culture, fascinating history, and amazing architecture. But there is something more which attracts travellers from all over the world – Indian cuisine. It is delicious, diverse, extravagant, and vivid. To be honest, Indians are obsessed with food and they actually live to eat.