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Forbidden Hill

Forbidden Hill is a lifestyle accessories brand based in Singapore We create beautiful gifts and keepsakes inspired by the cultures and craftsmanship of South East Asia

Online Gifts & Jewellery For Sale in Singapore

Get exciting offers on gifts and jewelry online in Singapore. Forbidden Hill has a wide collection of interchangeable jewellery, Peranakan inspired jewellery, and customizable jewellery. Get these products at

Get The Best Customisable jewellery Collection in Singapore

If you want to create a jewellery collection that is timeless, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars buying many pieces, you just need to know which pieces to choose. For more information visit @

Styling Your Gold Jewelry Like A Fashion Pro

Gold is a timeless and classic metal, which makes it easy to work it into all kinds of outfits and ensembles, but you might still find yourself struggling occasionally with some pieces. No matter how you style your favorite gold jewelry, chances are you will love the elegance and sparkle that it adds to all outfits. For more info visit @

Find Asian-Inspired Gold and Silver Earrings Online in Singapore

A contemporary twist on South East Asian heritage, our Earring collections are vibrantly chic with a range of gorgeous colours. Set against the richness of 18k Gold or the brilliant silver shine of Rhodium, our Earrings come in two collections - the Ban Zu for sophisticated elegance, and the Hoi An for playful iridescence. For more info visit @

Wear one or more of these simple, stylish cuff bracelets for an extra chic look! Feel luxurious wearing ladies' cuff bracelets by Forbidden Hill. We also provide Earrings, cufflinks, and Gifts Online. For more information visit @

Amazing Offers on Interchangeable Bangles in Singapore

Forbidden Hill is the complete Jewellery shop in Singapore. Here you can buy interchangeable bangles with the varieties of Gold, Silver, and Other Unique designs. Try out the beautiful collections of our jewellery at

Buy Valentine's Day Gifts for Her in Singapore

For unique, tasteful, and sophisticated jewellery to show your devotion, Forbidden Hill is your go-to shop. They have the most elegant Valentine’s Day gifts for her in Singapore, including strikingly beautiful silk bangles, silk cuffs and earrings, plus sterling silver cufflinks for him. For more information visit us @

If you are planning to buy gifts for her in Singapore, Forbidden Hill allows you to choose from a plethora of stunning jewelry options, ranging from gold earrings to bracelets and necklaces. For more details visit us @

Forbidden Hill’s vibrant-chic collection of Singapore gold earring designs are a favorite of many! The Ban Zu collection is a stunning combination of colored resin set against the richness of 18k gold. For more information visit @

Forbidden hill provides the best quality lacquer trays online in Singapore. They are using for serving light refreshments or holding accessories. To buy these products online visit @

There’s something different about Vietnamese Lacquerware due to the unique nature of materials used and construction. These ornate lacquer boxes make for a perfect gift! If you’re looking for high-quality, authentic lacquer boxes, take a look at Forbidden Hill. Visit -

While choosing the right cufflinks can sometimes seem like a daunting task, you will never go wrong with a pair of men’s sterling silver cufflinks. The Melaka Collection by Forbidden Hill will beautifully complement your black-tie ensemble like no other. For more details, visit -

The production of lacquer boxes, or any lacquered object for that matter, is a laborious process that takes a lot of time and impeccable attention to detail. Lacquer painting is one of the most unique and impressive art forms that go back thousands of years. For more details, visit -

Gold and Silver Earrings Designs Singapore

These beautiful Singapore earring designs bring a contemporary twist to South East Asian heritage. With exquisite designs sparkling in precious gold, you’ve got yourself the perfect gift for your beloved. Explore elegance and playful iridescence with the Forbidden Hill gold and silver earring collections. Buy them online at

Thoughtful and Traditional Gifts For Men Like Cufflinks

Think buying gifts for men is tough? At Forbidden Hill, we’ll spoil you for choices when it comes to gifting your man! Men’s cufflinks are often associated with the highbrow, only meant to be worn to black tie events and posh galas but actually, they are the modern man’s perfect accessory for self-expression. More at -

Delicate Lacquerware Collection in Singapore

Elegant and delicate lacquerware is a great housewarming present. There are so many beautiful Collections available at Forbidden Hill like the Harmony Koi, Soaring Garuda, Autumn Lantern, Tropical Queen, Cirebon Cloud, and Utama Collections. Get the detailed information at -

Buy Gifts and Jewellery in Singapore

If you are planning to buy gifts for her in Singapore, you have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of stunning jewelry options, ranging from gold earrings to bracelets and cuffs. Grab your favorite gifts at -

Buy Housewarming Gifts Like Lacquer Trays

If you want to give something that is both functional and pleasing to look at, a lacquer tray is just what you need. But picking out a housewarming gift can be quite tricky, mostly because there is such a wide range of things for you to choose from. For more information, visit -

Best Occasions To Give Gifts to Your Partners

There is something about jewellery that makes it so precious and sentimental. And that is one of the reasons why it is such a treasured birthday gift. Peranakan jewellery is one of the most beloved jewellery in Singapore to gift to your partner. More at -

The Best Leaving Singapore Gifts

Looking for something to remember Singapore by? How about adding some Singapore exclusive chic jewellery to your ‘leaving Singapore gift’ list? We are talking chic silk cuffs, earrings, silk bangles and more! Browse striking designs right here at-

Who said men’s cufflinks can’t be trendy and classy at the same time? Grab these superior quality style statement cufflinks and add some oomph to your everyday classics! Be it a Black-tie event or a regular day at work, don’t forget to add an edge to yourself! More at -

Avoid these Mistakes While Buying Jewellery for Your Partner

Buying jewellery is no cakewalk, we understand! However, if the event calls for a robust accessory as a gift, here’s a list of common mistakes that you should avoid! To know more about doing jewellery shopping right, read this-

Boyfriend, father, brother; wedding, birthday, anniversary, finding the right gift for a loved one from the opposite sex is tricky. We have a selection of thoughtful, functional & aesthetic gifts for him in Singapore! Shop at-

If you want to buy the finest quality cufflinks with striking designs, shop online at Forbidden Hill. Their unique designs combine heritage with a modern touch and are perfect for any gentleman’s wardrobe. More at -

Revisiting The History of Men’s Cufflinks

By the early 1600s, ribbons and laces were replaced by small chains with gold or silver buttons. The button was fed through the cuff’s holes to fasten them – which gave birth to the cufflink. The twentieth century witnessed the mass production of dress shirts that sported cuff buttons, which led to a sudden decline in the demand for cufflinks. For more information, visit -