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Updated by Sphinx Solution on Nov 22, 2020
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10 Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales Online

After selling products at a reasonable rate, still, your sales chart is going downward. Find out what mistakes you are committing and how to prevent them.


Poor Site Navigation

If you want customers to interact with your website, you need to make it easy for them to search on your site. eCommerce websites that don’t have a precise navigation bar are confusing. Exceptional site functionality makes the difference between a satisfying and a disappointing user experience, so be sure your website is simple to navigate.


Slow Loading Website

Living in a 5G age has created a dependency on fast and immediate satisfaction. Patience is a virtue we do not hold our internet usage to. Slow, unoptimized eCommerce websites won’t see good conversion numbers. Every second of increased loading time results in customers leaving the website quickly, resulting in higher bounce rates and lower eCommerce conversion rates.


Complicated Checkout Process

When customers browse your website, add the product(s) in a shopping cart, and start to check out, hold them back from hitting an additional ten unnecessary steps.


Lack of Payment Options

The eCommerce website doesn’t accept your credit card or offer only limited payment options. If this happens on your site, your business conversions will suffer. Appeal to every consumer by taking a wide variety of payment options. Accept every major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Let customers connect to UPI platforms like PayPal and Google Pay too. Make your payment process convenient and effortless, so you don’t miss that hard-earned sales lead.


Lack of Social Proof

Remember, images make the visitor stay engaged, but it’s the content that gets things done and appeals to the customers to hit on the add to cart button and eventually convert. Consumers like socializing, and research has shown that social proof like customer reviews and testimonials drives the purchase decision.


Not Implementing Trust Signs

If you have not implemented an SSL certificate and a Verisign (or similar) trust seal on your website, you will not give new visitors to build trust in your business.


Lack of Mobile Optimization

The digital transformation shows that the world is becoming more and more mobile-friendly. A study shows that smartphones account for a 62 percent share of total digital minutes, followed by desktops at 29 percent and tablets at 9 percent.


Lack of Customer Service

If you want to please your customer, provide several ways for your customers to get help. Use multiple communication channels such as phone, email, social media, and live chat to increase your brand’s accessibility and increase customer trust. Quick responses from customer support also boost the likelihood of a visitor completing a purchase.


Poor Quality Product Image

Use product imagery as an advantage while developing eCommerce website. Offer a 360-degree angle of your products, color variations, and options. Don’t upload an undersized picture and expect people to click the “add to cart” button. Allow them to zoom in on the picture(s) and be able to get the sense of “holding and inspecting” before buying.


Sloppy Return Policy

Metapack’s Guide to Returns found that 50% of shoppers had abandoned a purchase due to a lack of choice of returns channels. Most online shops made a mistake by ignoring the return policy. Be sure that your website is not one of should offer a great shopping experience with a clear and generous return policy.