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Collaboration & Internal Communications

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil Jackson

Social Intranets: Are They Right for Every Organization?

Social intranets have taken the world of personal communication by storm. Should the trend of social networking be a part of your business processes?

Disengaged Employees: How To Recognize & Deal With This Hidden Issue

Disengaged employees are bad for business. We can all identify a disengaged colleague. They’re that grumpy individual with a long list of complaints.

Disengaged Employees: Identify And Deal With Workplace Disengagement

Disengaged employees are bad for business. In fact, it’s estimated that disengaged employees are costing up to $550 billion every year in the US alone.

HR Portal: How Your HR Intranet Portal Can Improve Employee Relations

Read on to find out how a HR portal can deliver in terms of two-way communications, relationship building and employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Quotations

Reading on for ideas on how best to use employee engagement quotations as well as some examples that you’re welcome to cut and paste for your own use.

10 Reasons Why Cross-Team Collaboration Is Important | MyHub Intranet

Cross-team collaboration supports agility while improving productivity. Here we make a case for why every business should embrace cross team collaboration.

10 Tips To Overcome Remote Team Conflict

Conflict resolution with employees is a difficult task for any manager. Disputes within remote teams is an even bigger challenge.

Can Workplace Technology Really Help Us To Collaborate More?

Workplace technology has transformed the way we work. Common issues facing businesses and how an intranet offers a solution.

How Your HR Intranet Can Improve Employee Relations

HR intranet portals deliver on two-way communications, relationship building, remote working and increase employee engagement.

Top 10 Internal Communication Examples For 2021

Many businesses have been forced to rethink their strategy. Here are our top 10 internal communication examples to help you with this.

Employee Engagement Statistics | MyHub Intranet Software

Detailed infographic showing some of the latest employee engagement statistics grouped by business areas, such as profitability, productivity and turnover.

Top 8 Performance Review Tips For Employees | MyHub Intranet Software

Performance reviews are your chance to get feedback on your performance. Done well help you to grow in your job and progress in your career.

Employee Appreciation: 10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Show Your Team Some Love

Why wait until employee appreciation day, with these budget-friendly ideas, you can show your appreciation every day.