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Updated by Finovera Inc. on May 20, 2013
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Best Personal Finance Posts - Week of May 6th

Rethinking Money Goals

"I'm never going to be rich," my future brother-in-law said, "I'm too lazy." We were sitting on a blanket, enjoying a picnic on an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon in May. He continued, "I like doing things like this way more than I like having money, so I'm not going to get myself into a situation that forces me to come into the office on a Sunday."

Are LED Light Bulbs Worth The Money? | Bargain Babe

We're considering upgrading to LED light bulbs in our home, but at the store we choked. LEDs cost a pretty penny! However, I'm told that LED light bulbs last so long they are worth the significant upfront cost. Being the Bargain Babe, I decided to crunch the numbers to prove - or disprove it.

Identify Your Financial "Microdecisions" to Save Money

On any given day, we might face hundreds of tiny financial decisions that aren't very meaningful on their own, but can add up over time. As much as possible, we should try to be in the right mindset when we're confronted with these choices.

10 Ways To Save Money On Everyday Things - Finovera

I know many people with modest income saving more money than others who have considerably higher income. In fact, they are on the way to save enough money for their family's future needs, retirements and attain their personal goals. They don't have a magic wand. It all starts with saving.

The Single Most Important Trait That Defines Personal Finance Success

That's it. Personal accountability. Sounds pretty simple, right? In fact, you're probably thinking to yourself right now that you should hit the back button and go read some other article. But the truth is, there is a lot more to personal accountability than meets the eye, and it is the single defining factor that will allow you to achieve personal finance success.

7 Investing Lessons From the Two Comma Club

When's the last time you heard about someone reaching the goal of becoming a millionaire? Do you even think it's possible? I certainly do. Because over in the Bogleheads forum, which is frequented by average, everyday investors, a member recently shared how he reached the major milestone they call the " Two Comma Club."