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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 18, 2020
Headline for Top 5 most popular cuisines to try in Maldives – the taste of Maldives
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Top 5 most popular cuisines to try in Maldives – the taste of Maldives

It's commonly known that the Maldives is famous for its beaches and luxury resorts. Not many, however, are aware of what opportunities the islands offer when it comes to a culinary experience. The Maldives too has its authentic dishes and here are a few you'd want to try out.



Picture a few round flatbreads about the size of a cookie served on a plate. It might seem like its just some fried dough but bite in and that's where you get blown away with this snack. The dough is made by mixing flour, salt, oil and warm water. The filling is delicious smoked tuna with coconut, onions, minced curry leaves, ginger, garlic and lime. The dough is first made into small balls and then flattened; the filling is added to each one afterwards. Once this is done, the dough is made into a ball again and they are flattened before frying. The dough is then fried till golden brown and served for breakfast, a tea snack.


Mas Huni

This is a typical Maldivian breakfast which includes tuna as the main ingredient once again. Onions, hot chilli peppers and grated coconut are all mixed with a bit of salt and pepper. This salad like dish is served with huni roshi which is yet another local flatbread. The salad is eaten by scooping it up with the flatbread. This goes great with a steaming cup of sweetened tea. Mas huni is usually served cold while the huni roshi comes freshly baked and warm. Try it out and you'll find yourself wanting more! It is a simple but healthy and tasty start to your day.



This is one of the healthiest dishes that has turned out to be a staple in the Maldives. Garudihya is a basic fish soup. Big cubes of tuna are simmered in water. Curry leaves, pandan leaves and chillies are chopped and added into the soup for seasoning. The soup is served with either roshi, fried chilli, a wedge of lemon, sliced onion or rice. This is available on the menu at any Maldives resort restaurant for you to try out.



Another local snack, a fried pastry with a filling of tuna or Maldives fish or tuna mixed with grated coconut and onions. A steaming cup of tea makes the perfect accompaniment for this snack. You will find it being sold at small cafes known as hotaa.


Bis Keemiya

Yet another perfect teatime snack, bis keemiya is a pastry that is stuffed with tuna or hard-boiled egg along with sautéed cabbage and sliced onions. The pastry used is somewhat like that of a spring roll which gives a blissful crunch once you bite into it. The flavours are unusual but certainly do blend making it pop with flavour once it reaches your taste buds. If you are staying at Kurumba Maldives, head over to the restaurant for some tea and try out this lovely snack.

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