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5 Squares in Dalian – some of the most iconic spots in the city

Dalian is a place with as many squares as a city could have. The locals are very active in their daily lives and you will often find them either taking a stroll or practising their tai chi and simply revelling in nature. This is what all the squares and parks are for. Here are a few if you wish to visit yourself.


Zhongshan Square

Although this isn't particularly in the shape of a square, this is an old but wonderful spot to enjoy a lovely stroll. It is also known as Nicolas Square and is actually constructed in a circular pattern. Walk about and you'll come to notice that this square which was set up in the Russian colonial period has many western features surrounding it. From Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance, there are buildings with architecture from just about every European era that surround the square. State financial offices still use these old buildings. Come evening and everything is lit up and its at its most beautiful by night.


Renmin Square

This a park with a more modern feel to it and the most prominent feature here is the musical water fountain located towards the north of the square. Just opposite the fountain are a couple of government offices. Renmin Square is located within easy reach from Dalian service apartments.


Youhao Square

This is not one of those public squares for relaxation, but rather a marvellous piece of art that you are sure to see at a junction while driving. Youhao Square was built to mark the friendship of the previous Soviet Union with China. It is easily identifiable with its giant crystal ball held by 5 hands which represent the 5 continents. In the evenings, this crystal ball is lit up and looks absolutely gorgeous. There are quite a few entertainment spots close to this square as well, so it is a very lively place to visit in the night. It is also the main attraction in Dalian for photographers.


Olympic Square

This is one of the most iconic squares here in Dalian. The square was a 100th-anniversary project that was constructed in 1999. It consists of 5 squares which are circular. Towards the northern part of the square is the Olympic symbol, that is, 5 rings and towards the south are 4 tennis courts, a football field and on the east and the west are music fountains which are quite popular for their hands holding the five rings. The Olympic Square is just a 30-minute drive away from Citadines Gugeng Dalian. Walmart has a shopping centre under the square for all your shopping needs.


Shengli Square

This is also known as Victory Square and is located right in front of Dalian Railway Station. If you need to go shopping, there are plenty of good stores close to this square in Dalian. It is just a 3-minute walk away from the west of Youhao Square.