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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 18, 2020
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6 Street Food from Shanghai that You Must Try – Let your Food Adventures Begin

If you are planning to travel to Shanghai on a vacation, make sure you allocate some time to enjoy its local dishes of food as well. Yes, you can have them at a restaurant or a café if you wish, but it's always great if you can eat as a local would do. It's fun and wallet-friendly too!


Rice Balls

They call them 'Ci Fan'. If you feel like enjoying street food for your breakfast while holidaying at a place the likes of Citadines Hongqiao Center Shanghai, you simply need to step out and go to a street food stall or a vendor. Almost all of them will have rice balls ready for you and this will be a nice way to start your day with lots of energy. Yes, breakfasts are included in most of the Shanghai serviced apartment rental charges, but once in a while, this change is worth trying out!


Crab Shell Pies

They call them 'Xie Ke Huang'. This is a kind of street food that can be found in Shanghai throughout the year. They make them by baking in a clay oven until the pies take a golden brown colour, after which they stuff them with fillings. The fillings can either be sweet or savoury. These delicious delights look exactly like crab shells; hence, the name.


Chai Pan Wonton

If the day is going to be too cool and you are about to freeze, here is a good suggestion for you. Get a bowl of warm wonton soup. This is one of the best ways to get yourself warmed up and grab some energy.



No matter where you go in the world, kebabs will be there for you to make your night walks more awesome. So, why not try them out when you are holidaying in Shanghai too? Even if it's 3 or 4 in the morning, Shanghai street food stalls will still be open for you, and you may choose your favourite kebab to delight your taste buds. One good suggestion is to go for the Yang Rou Chuan (lamb kebabs), which is full of flavour due to being seasoned with cumin and paprika.


Smoked Fish

The Chinese call it 'Xun Yu'. If you get a craving for fish and chips, here's a much better option for you. Go for a dish of Xun Yu. It's not the main meal at all but makes a great snack. Here, they fry the outer skin until it gets crispy and golden brown. But, the insides of this delicious dish will remain soft and tender.


Duck Neck

You may find it a little odd, but once you taste a dish of duck neck, you'll not feel the same anymore. Although they look like some odd tubes in a dish, they are very delicious, and tourists never fail to fall in love with this dish. Enjoy it with a can of cold beer and you'll start loving this combination in a matter of seconds.