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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 18, 2020
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5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Anywhere – Let’s Go to Kandy!

If you would like to visit Kandy from wherever you are you should be adding it to your holiday itinerary when you are visiting Sri Lanka. Ideally, a trip to Kandy should be about two days so maybe you could make it part of a weekend. Here are 9 tips to get you on your way.


Choose Your Destination

Your first point is already done as you have chosen Sri Lanka as the country you want to visit and Kandy as one of the cities. Before you go, especially if you are going with children, you need to do some thorough research on the country. Something that people often ignore about visiting a city is a brief understanding of the local culture. What do people in Sri Lanka like, what is taboo in Sri Lankan society? Once you understand some cultural context you are ready to visit. And it will give you a whole other perspective that you would otherwise have missed completely.


Book Your Flight

Before choosing your flight you need to do some research into the types of flights that are available from your country to Sri Lanka. Will you be taking a direct flight because your children might not like the layovers? Or would you prefer to take a cheaper roundabout flight instead? Once you have answered these questions you are ready to book your flight.


Get Travel Insurance

You have to finish booking your flights before you can apply for travel insurance to protect your investments. This is something that most people don't consider but it is a very important part of the whole process. Let's say you were unable to make your flight for some reason? With travel insurance, you can recover the money spent. It will cover things from a terrorist attack to your passport being stolen or lost to hurricanes in your chosen destination.


Book Accommodation

When booking accommodation, you need to ask yourself in is a resort in Kandy that is of a good reputation. For example, if you want to know if Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy is a great place to stay when you are in Kandy, there are a myriad of websites on the internet that rate hotels. Do some research and then book the hotel from its own site so you can cash in on the discounts and offers they offer.


How Will You Get Around?

This is most important especially if you are travelling with children. You need to know what kind of transport you will be using at each leg of your journey. If you want, you can leave that in the hands of the hotel and ask them to provide you with a chauffeured vehicle for when you are in the country. But you might like to try out the local transport in Sri Lanka or take a tuk-tuk. So, it is important to research these routes and prices beforehand so you arrive in the country armed with all the information.

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