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Top 10 Blog Articles on Hydration

Here are some awesome articles I read about hydration (with sources)!

Hydration Institute White Paper: Results from Our Lab Study

Here at Hydrant, you know how much we emphasize the importance of science-backed research and how it relates back to staying hydrated. To look further into the effects of Hydrant and general hydration, we conducted a lab study to see how Hydrant might help clinically increase hydration.

What is Sweat?

Sweating keeps our body temperature regulated and even helps us attract romantic partners. Humans are almost constantly sweating at least a little bit. Sweat also plays a major role in how hydrated (or dehydrated) our bodies are at any given moment.

Does Beer Hydrate You?

Alcohol consumption can have varying dehydrating effects. The question we want to answer is: does beer hydrate you? According to some studies, beer may actually hydrate you adequately. However, stronger beers may actually cause dehydration.

How Long Does It Take for Your Body to Rehydrate

According to a recent study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it will take your body 45 minutes and 20.3 oz (600ml) of water to alleviate mild dehydration. If you are severely dehydrated, you will likely be hospitalized and put on an IV for up to 24 hours to recover from dehydration.

What Minerals Are in Water? And Are They Healthy?

What minerals are in water? The minerals that are in mineral water are calcium, magnesium, sodium and fluoride. Minerals in tap water vary.

Can dehydration cause headaches?

Evidence shows that for many people there is a link between water deprivation and headaches. A survey of people who were dehydrated showed that 1 in 10 of the subjects had a headache and many of them also had impaired concentration and increased irritability.

The Ultimate Guide To Dehydration 2020

No matter the season or your activity levels, water is an essential accompaniment to your day. Those who are active in sports and those who work outdoors should always have extra water with them anyway, but how many people ever question why? We all know that we need water to live; we are, after all, made up of water.

How to Tell if You're Dehydrated: The Signs of Dehydration

Watch for signs such as always feeling thirsty, having dark urine and a fuzzy head.