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React Native - App Development and Trending News

Trending news about React Native app development framwork.

Top React Native apps that have ruled the world

Before the process of mobile app development begins, it is essential to decide the mobile application framework. The reason is crystal clear, the more flexible and authentic the app framework is, the more robust the mobile app would be. The nature of today’s mobile technology realm is such that if the framework is not compatible enough to include the updates, the mobile app will fall on the face at the app store. Amidst this, React Native has become one of the go-to platforms for the app developers as it allows the app developers the convenience of coding less and building mobile apps for both the leading mobile OS platforms.

Mobile app development on React Native correlates with the scenario of the modern-day app development and two mobile OS platforms rule the roost that often leaves the organizations bemused. The confusion ranges from deciding the USP to figuring out which operating system would be apt for the mobile app. React Native Development Companies can help the organizations in this situation as the app development done using this framework can efficiently run on both OS with better accessibility to codes. It also acts as a catalyst in speeding up the app development process, thus reducing the time duration of the app development cycle.

We will discuss the list of the table topper mobile apps developed on React Native framework and have done exceedingly well in their genre at the respective app stores.

Top market-leading mobile apps built using React Native Platform

React Native Vs. Flutter: The Epic Comparison between two trending Frameworks -

React Native and Flutter are among the two most widely used frameworks for cross-platform app development. To make it easier, we have described the major aspects using which you can decide on a framework that’s more suitable for your app development project.
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Which Kind of Apps Are Most Suitable for React Native? -

React Native is beneficial to develop custom mobile apps and in addition to that the cross-platform app development framework is best suited for the apps of various types.
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How React Native will help in reducing mobile cost?

The popularity of React Native has made even names like Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Pinterest, and uber to look up and take notice. These companies have started using React Native in their companies and are reaping rich dividends from it. React Native lets developers build good quality hybrid apps super fast and in a cost-effective manner.
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How To Convince Your Superiors To Opt For React Native?

Most often, the boss in the company look at the changes and manage everything with the mindset- “don’t fix something that ain’t broke.” The resistance to leverage new technologies and tools poses quite a challenge for the company as it limits the progress and festers the culture.
The app development in the IT organizations shares the resemblance with the aforementioned scenario. Presently, the stakeholders want the app to get developed for the multiple platforms in the minimum time, and offer native-like experience, and perform to the notch. Wearing the developer’s lens, it’s unachievable by going native development way or embracing any of the cross-platform tools (Quality and performance issues may occur). Besides, the expectations of shipping the new features faster make their work harder.
That’s where React Native, which is jam-packed with all the tools, plugins, modules, and libraries is an intuitive and affordable option for the companies.
Don’t worry! Showing the positive results of embarking on the React Native technology journey can sway even the stubborn bosses. The extensive list of benefits helps in convincing the bosses that React Native framework implementation in the project don’t fix the broken things; instead, it improves the development process, and increase the bottom line.
Here’s a guide on how you can make your boss sure about jumping on the React Native.

Kotlin Vs React Native- The Barely Known Differences Between The Two

React Native is JavaScript library & Kotlin is a JVM backed programming language. This blog provides quick comparison between the React Native vs Kotlin.

Factors affecting the cost of hiring a React Native developer in USA -

Want to develop app using React Native? Here are the trips that will help to reduce the cost of react native app development for you.