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Updated by Arun Vivek on Oct 05, 2021
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Why WordPress Localhost Installation is Important? Step by Step Guide

Learn how to install WordPress locally and do more. Steps to follow:

  1. Why install WordPress locally?
  2. Downloading the Bitnami installer
  3. Installing the software
  4. Logging in to your local WordPress site
Is your WordPress Backup done right? | What You Need To Know

A mistake that could have been fatal to the company at such an early and crucial time. If you haven’t asked yourself “Did I backup my Wordpress site correctly”, then your company is headed for disaster.

So, What is the correct backup? The ideal backup should consist of three key areas.

  1. One is frequency, in other words, the number of times you make a backup.
  2. The second is redundancy, which means how many places you keep the backup files
  3. The third is Fidelity, simply means “is this a working backup?”
WordPress SSL: Don't Let Your SSL Certificate Expire!

Google Said There Will Be WordPress SSL and so it was! WordPress SSL is easy to find, difficult to install - unless you use cloud based 1-click SSL.

How to be 10x More Productive with WordPress Updates

Achieve a 10x increase in productivity when you run a WordPress update with WPBlazer, a full management tool with a single dashboard.

Shopify vs WordPress (2021): Which is Better?

Shopify vs WordPress: Which is Better for your Online Store? Shopify is the web application, it allows merchants to build their own eCommerce store.

How to fix WordPress Site not secure warnings?

Why is the website displaying a “Not secure” warning? Learn how to fix insecure content warnings on your WordPress website by installing an SSL certificate.

Weebly vs WordPress (2021): Which one to choose?

Weebly vs WordPress: A Quick Comparison - Weebly is a hosted and user friendly website builder. WordPress is an open-source CMS.

Why You Can’t Install WordPress Plugins

Have you been asking yourself: Why can't I install WordPress Plugins: We've got the list of possible issues - together with solutions

WordPress Icon Fonts: What are they and How to use them?

Make your website more user-friendly with WordPress icon fonts! Find out what they are and how to implement them on your website with ease.

How to use WordPress with GitHub (The Complete Guide)

GitHub is one of the most popular tools among developers. If you haven’t done so yet, as a WordPress developer, it’s time you added it to your workflow. As you’ll see, whether you’re developing WordPress websites, themes, or plugins, a WordPress GitHub mix will make your life easier.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress (The Complete Guide)

Comment is a great way to engage your audience. In this blog, you'll learn step by step guide to disable comments on wordpress website.

WordPress Classic Editor: What Is It & How to Use It?

Wordpress Classic Editor is an official Wordpress plugin & found in WordPress prior to the release of version 5. It was part of the WordPress core files.

WordPress and cPanel: Is it the Best Control Panel for Busy Developers?

Looking for a reliable control panel for your WordPress server? Find out why WordPress and cPanel are a great mix for every WP developer.

The Complete Guide to Shopify WordPress Integration

Not sure which leading platform to build your business on? Find out how to set up a Shopify WordPress Integration and get the best out of both worlds!

How to Fix the WordPress Internal Server Error (Detailed Steps)

Everything you need to know about WordPress Internal Server Error. Find out why it crashed your website - and how to get your site back online!