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6 Reasons why should you visit Oman - One of the most underrated travel destinations!

Being a travel destination that is often overlooked by travellers, Oman is a destination filled with wonders and surprises. Read on to know why you should travel to Oman.


Experience the most authentic version of Arabia

Oman is a conservative country with a very little influence from western nations on its culture – the nation is one of the most traditional countries of the Arabian nations. The people of Oman highly regard their cultural norms and they are very proud of it. The town and cities of Oman retain their traditional charm – the nation has a no highrise policy.


It is a land filled with diversity

Despite being a middle eastern country, Oman has a lush green southern region which is home to fruit orchards, plantations and wildlife reserves. The country features varied landscapes which feature dramatic mountains with rocky cliffs, deep valleys, rivers and coastal reaches.


Omani Cuisine is extremely decadent!

Oman has one of the most decadent food cultures among the Arabian nations. Its food culture is not tainted by western influence hence it features an authentic form of Arabian cuisine. People are very generous when it comes to food and here in Oman, you get substantial portions of meals as well. majboos, shuwa, shawarma, mishkak, madrouba, Omani chicken biriyani are some of the quintessential food items of Omani cuisine that you should not miss during your time here.


An ideal destination for desert adventures

Oman also features vast reaches of desert land which is completely barren and desolate. These regions, however, are famous for an exquisite adventure activity that is dune bashing. Numerous Omani tour operators have this included in their tour packages and this activity basically is, 4x4 vehicle rides over the dunes. The exciting part of this activity is that you will be in luxurious 4x4 SUV which travel at dizzying speeds over the undulations which offers you an experience that is much similar to a roller coaster ride but in a luxury SUV, and in a dessert. You also have the option to partake in quad bike rides and dune buggy rides as well.


Fall in love all over again

Oman is home to a myriad of resort establishments that offer you a cosy and comfortable holiday experience. These Oman luxury resorts are ideal for honeymooners as they are situated at remote locations and they come replete with a host of luxurious benefits offering you an idyllic setting to fall in love with your significant other all over again. If you are planning to stay at a luxury resort property with your loved one, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort is an option worth considering.


Mountains and Nature

With less human interaction and fewer levels of pollution, natural environs in Oman retain their pristineness and splendour. The mountains of Oman are magnificent these immaculate combine to form a seamless living fabric that supports a vibrant array of wildlife. These wildlands feature an incredible variety of fauna which include oryxes, Arabian leopards, hyenas, Arabian wolves and so much more. The sea surrounding the nation also teems with marine life!