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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 16, 2020
Headline for Alternatives Places to Visit in Hong Kong than the Usual Tourist Attractions – Enjoy the lesser-known
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Alternatives Places to Visit in Hong Kong than the Usual Tourist Attractions – Enjoy the lesser-known

If you love to explore but doesn't want the explorations to be disturbed by the crowds, you should probably look for alternative places to visit rather than opting for the popular attractions. When touring in Hong Kong, you may say yes to the following amazing places without any fear.


Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan is slowly gaining its fame as one of the perfect locations in Hong Kong where the East meets the West. This whole area is vibrant and energetic, and there are many great spots such as temples, cafés, bars, and galleries for you to enjoy during your explorations. You shouldn't forget to enjoy an amazing shopping spree at the Red-bricked Western Market during your Sheung Wan moments.


Dai Pai Dongs

If you select one out of the several Tsim Sha Tsui hotels the likes of Park Hotel Hong Kong to stay during your holidays and enjoy the best of all international cuisines, you may hardly think of any other dining options because what you get served with are of course the best. But, once in a while, go out and try out a different experience as well. Yes, a memorable street food experience will entertain you much more than you think! Dai Pai Dongs are open-air food stalls that treat everyone alike and you may enjoy all the delectable eats they offer.


Dragon's Back

Although the adventurous hiking trail in Hong Kong 'Dragon's Back' is not so much popular among the tourists, it has been recognised as one of the best by many sources such as Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, and the Time Magazine. It's an urban hike that offers you the greatest views of all. It's an easy trek even for the beginners if they decide to climb it with their most comfortable shoes on. For the full hike, it'll only take around 3-4 hours and the breeze will follow you throughout making the journey effortless.


Sai Wan Swimming Shed

It's located remotely, and this is why many travellers have not yet enjoyed the bliss offered by the Sai Wan Swimming Shed. It's a wooden pier that directs towards the waters of the Sulphur Channel and sets a beautiful setting for those who are interested in creative Instagram photography. If you decide to go there, make sure you don't miss out on the sunset views.


Lamma Island

If you are asked to name an island that you'd wish to head to when you are in Hong Kong, you'll most probably name the Lantau Island. Yes, there's nothing wrong about this amazing island setting, but you can't avoid crowds here. Thanks to all the marketing efforts, it has tourists every day. So, this is where you can shift to Lamma Island. It's also a remote island, which is relatively small; however, it has everything authentic including the fishing villages, markets, hills, and seafood stalls. There are many cafés and craft shops that await you and your generous patronage as well. The people are also very friendly here, and they'll make your journey even more blissful.

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