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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 7 Ways to Get Rid of a Headache without Medicine – Simple things that’ll cause relief from the pain…

No matter how young you are, you are bound to get a headache at some point or other, sometimes at the least expected moments. When this happens, you become very helpless and often end up swallowing a pain killer which can sometimes have negative after-effects. Say no to medicine, and try to follow the following easy tips.


Place a cold pack

This advice is best if you are someone suffering from migraines. Headaches are an everyday problem for you if you have a migraine, and quiet, unfortunately, no medicine will work fully on you. Here's a quick tip. Try placing a cold pack on your forehead as soon as you get the pain. It can be some ice cubes wrapped in your towel or even a pack of frozen fruits. Keep it on your forehead for 15 minutes and you'll feel relief.



If what you've got is a tension headache, your forehead, neck, and temples need proper massaging therapy. Make an appointment at a luxury day spa in Sydney the likes of Elysia Wellness Retreat and let the experts chase away your stress. They rotate pressure to the painful area and you'll feel much better after a while.


Using a heating pad

This works best for those who have tension headaches. Get a heating pad and place it on your neck for some time, and on the back of your head too if you feel it's necessary. A warm shower will also help you to chase away a tension headache.


Fix the lighting as you want

If you get migraine headaches, one factor can be the light. Wear sunglasses when you go outside, and when inside, always remember to cover the windows with blackout curtains during the day time. If the light emitted by the computer screen is too much for you, make sure you go to settings and get it adjusted.


Hydrate yourself

It's a fact that dehydration makes things worse. So, drink plenty of water and other liquids to feel better. You may also try a cup of tea, coffee, or anything with a little caffeine in it. But, make sure you don't drink too much caffeine because that has its after-effects as well (which sometimes end up with different kinds of headaches).


Do something to relax

The main reason why you've got a headache could be stress. So, why not allocate some time and relax a bit? You may practice yoga, meditation, or even stretches for this. Get the basic instructions from a guru and then practice them at home by yourself. You'll feel better after some time.



This may sound strange, but this is true. Chewing not just hurts your jaw, but your head as well. Be it a chewing gum, your nails, lips, or even a pen that can worsen your headache sometimes. Avoid eating crunchy and sticky food when you have a headache and make sure you take small bites of them.