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Headline for Virtual Book Tour Celebration for "21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour
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Virtual Book Tour Celebration for "21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour

A virtual book tour is one of the most powerful things an author can do, to reach new audiences, across the glove, without leaving home!


Virtual Book Tour Celebration for 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour

by D'vorah Lansky I wonder if celebrating the launch of a second or third book is like celebrating the birth of one's second or third child? I can only imagine as I am blessed with one child. I have however, published several books and today I celebrate the book launch of my third print book!

Are There Different Types of Virtual Book Tours?

In answer to the question posted in the title of this article; “Are there different types of virtual book tours?” my response is, “indeed there are!” While there are popular virtual book tour formats that can be easily replicated, in truth, the format for a virtual book tour is only limited by your imagination! In this article I’d like to share with you three popular virtual book tour models. You can decide which format you’d like to base your first, or next, virtual book tour on.

Make the Most of Your Blog Posts

In essence, your audio, video, and written blog posts are “virtual real estate.” In addition to providing informational, educational, or entertaining content, you can include subtle marketing material. For example, at the end of each of your blog posts, you can include information about yourself along with a compelling reason why people should come to your blog.

What in the World is a Virtual Book : Morgan James Publishing

In this post Iíd like to share a few tips regarding virtual book tours and outline a few things that you can easily put into play, for your own tour. A book launch does not just have to be for a newly published book.

Why Does An Author Need to Have a Blog?

As an author, having a blog is essential to your online book marketing success. Your blog is the hub of your online world and provides you with a platform from which to share your message, sell your products, build community, house your membership site, show your videos, and share your knowledge.

Develop your author platform and extend your reach | Build Book Buzz

n this article I’ll be talking about the importance of developing your online author platform. An author platform is a place where people can come to connect with you. It is where you share your message and it refers to the size of your following/readership and your presence on the Internet.

Expand Your Virtual Book Tour Reach with Social Networking

Social networking is a powerful way to grow your business, reach, readership, and sales. As an author, you want to become known for your area of expertise and as the go-to person for your topic. The purpose of social networking is not to constantly promote your book, but rather to be seen as someone who interacts and offers value to the community.

Tips for Lining Up Tour Hosts for Your Virtual Book Tour (Guest Blog Post â€" D’vorah Lansky)

A virtual book tour is where you travel, from blog to blog, across the Internet. You are featured as a guest blogger and share content with the readers of those blogs. One of the most common questions I receive about virtual book tours is, “how do I find blogs to travel to?” While the task may seem daunting, it really is much easier than you might think.

Tips for Preparing Your Blog for Your Virtual Book Tour

Preparing for a virtual book tour requires you to be organized and focused. In this post I’ll be sharing tips for preparing your blog for your tour. Your blog is your online home. It’s the place where you invite people to come to, to find out more about you and your book.

21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour

I am delighted to introduce you to my friend and colleague D'vorah Lansky. D'vorah recently shared with me a fabulous formula that she devised that quite literally takes the visitor/viewer on a virtual book tour. Let's face it, as a VA/OBM (Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager) this process made perfect sense to me.

Visit the Virtual Book Tour Pinterest Board

I created a board on Pinterest and added images, links, and descriptions, of every stop on my virtual book tour. I then tagged each of my hosts and they helped to promote their pin and their post. On Pinterest, you can program the images so that when clicked on, you are taken to the destination of your choice.

Virtual Book Tours Using Google Hangouts " Daniel Hall Presents

Join Daniel Hall and D'vorah Lansky, for a Virtual Book Tour via a Google Hangout!

Harness the Power of Online Relationship Building Tools to Grow Your Reach During Your Virtual Book Tour | Business B...

As authors, it is important for us to easily access tools that allow us to get more done in less time. When participating in virtual book tours, there are many projects and many systems to streamline, as you promote your event and reach out to new audiences. In this article I’ll share three of my favorite relationship building tools for authors, with you.

How to Identify Your Target Audience

where you contribute blog posts as a guest blogger. Participating in a virtual book tour increases your credibility as you share your expertise while, at the same time, you are endorsed by blog owners. You receive increased visibility and come—by association—to be seen as an expert.

Expand Your Reach by Participating in Audio Interviews

Participating in audio interviews—or talking about your book over the air waves—is both a powerful way to create content and to provide a way for your audience to hear your voice and connect with you. In addition to your live audio interviews, the recordings can be made available for people to listen to.

The Power of Virtual Book Tours

In this interview, which is part of D'vorah Lansky's virtual book tour, she defines a virtual book tour and tells of the power of a virtual book tour. Listen in as she also shares her tips on organizing a Virtual Book Tour and tells us about her book!

Virtual Book Tour: 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour

Recently my good friend and colleague D’vorah Lansky and I got together for a Google Hangout to talk about her incredible new book, 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour. D’vorah has been a trendsetter with blogging and book tours for several years now, and explains how this works when you want to build your credibility and visibility online.

Hot Tips for Preparing Your Book Blog for a Virtual Book Tour

An important aspect of your virtual book tour is that you have an attractive and branded blog dedicated to your book or work. Your blog is the hub of your online world and provides a platform from which you can share your message, sell your products, and build a community. Your blog is not just where people go for content; it’s where they go to connect with you.

Create and Enhance Your Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon Author Central is a free service provided by Amazon to allow authors to reach more readers, promote their books, and interact with the community. Having a well-developed author page on Amazon will provide you with increased visibility and access to more readers. In preparation for your virtual book tour, you’ll want to make the most of your Author Central page on Amazon. This is your place to shine!

Take Your Book on Tour... Across the Audio and Video Airwaves | How to Get Published: The Refreshing Honest Truth abo...

It is common for authors of print books, to participate in book signings and book talks to celebrate the publication of their new book. This requires them to travel from venue to venue in hopes that they will have an audience and sell their books. Did you know that you can now take your book on tour, around the globe, without leaving home? It’s true! With the advance of today’s technology there are numerous ways that authors of both print books and digital books can participate in book signings and book talks, virtually.

Prepare Gifts for Your Virtual Book Tour Guests - Novice to Advanced Marketing System

We all love gifts, so during your virtual book tour celebration, why not prepare gifts to give to people who tour to your site? The most effective way to provide your gifts is by having an opt-in form on the sidebar of your blog. Offer something really special and unique so your blog visitors will be eager to request your gift in exchange for their name and email address. By doing this they will be subscribed to your list and you’ll be able to build an ongoing relationship with people who are interested in your topic.

It's Book Launch Day: Activities to Focus on During Your Virtual Book Tour

This 21 blog tour is a virtual book tour, on the topic of virtual book tours, for a book ON virtual book tours. It felt a bit like those nesting eggs, where you find an egg, inside of an egg, inside of an egg!

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation, as the support and participation of our author community, and the communities who participated in the 21 blog tour, led to my book becoming an Amazon bestseller, in three categories, in less than eight hours.

Today I’d like to share with you an overview of activities you can focus on, during your book launch and during your virtual book tour.