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Technologies to Use in the Classroom

This is a list on ten of my favorite and what I think most useful tools for my future classroom that I will be teaching in! Enjoy!


Flipgrid is a great way for teachers to get students more involved. It is an awesome way to help the kids come out of their bubble and truly be involved in the class. It also helps teachers to make sure that each child understands exactly what has been taught and how much they need to know. It truly gets each child involved in the class and feel included.
Benefits: Benefit could be that it could really help get the kids interactive and give them a voice.
Barrier: Some kids may feel awkward in front of the camera and not do well with it.
SAMR: Redefinition
Six C's: Creativity and Communication
Flipgrid is student centered


Nearpod is an amazing way for teachers to truly connect their students to their lessons. Students can interact within the lesson while the teachers are teaching it. It is an easy way to teach but still keep the students interested in what they are learning and it makes it easier for students to understand the material that is being taught.
Benefits: Keeps the kids engaged and interested if you have to do a lecture style teaching.
Barriers: It may not be easy for the kids to use the technology or they may not have access to the technology.
SAMR: Substitution
Six C's: Connectivity and Thinking Critically
Nearpod is student centered.


Prodigy is a perfect way for all student to do math and learn math in a super fun way. Prodigy allows students to play a game and level up by playing math games that only help them learn. It is a great way to keep them interested and wanting to learn more and more.
Benefits: Helps keep the kids interested and learn math in a way that is fun for them.
Barriers: It may be too distracting if played in class.
SAMR: Redefinition
Six C's: Creativity and Thinking Critically
Prodigy is student centered.


Brainpop is a website that provides videos, games, readings and quizzes for learning. This website provides these resources for many subjects that can be taught. It is a fun way for students to learn new subjects and keep them interested while doing so. It is also an easy way for teachers to find good and successful ways to teach their students.
Benefits: Allows students to be interactive and learn in different fun ways.
Barriers: Some kids may not have access to the website from home.
Six C's: Critical Thinking and Creativity
SAMR: Modification
Brainpop is teacher and student centered.


Quizlet is an amazing way for students and teachers to quiz themselves and teachers on what they are learning or have learned. Quizlet provides many different ways to study including a matching game, practice quizzes, flash cards and even a competitive games that they can play with their classmates to help them learn and to help the teachers know if they know the information or not.
Benefits: A great way for teachers to provide an easy way for students to study and review for their test or quiz.
Barriers: Could be hard for students to use because a lot of students need hand on work.
SAMR: Augmentation
Six C's: Communication, Connectivity, Collaboration
Quizlet is student and teacher centered.

White Board

White board is a great way for teachers to truly know how much each students knows right on their device. Teachers now don't have to walk around the classroom when checking work during a practice problem, students can work out the problem or write the answer right on the iPad and the teacher can see it.
Benefits: It allows kids to really work out the problem or give their answer without having to speak out loud.
Barriers: Some barriers may be that schools may not have all of the resources to do this.
SAMR: Modification
Six C's: Creativity and Critical Thinking
Whiteboard is teacher cenered.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an app that allows parents to feel connected to the classroom that their children are in and a place where teachers can keep their students on track and behaved well. This app allows teachers to shows parents what they did that day in class and even how their child was throughout the day. It is the perfect way to keep parents and teachers and even students connected.
Benefit's: An easy way for teachers o know what's going on in their Childs classroom and keeping them interacted with their children.
Barriers: Some parents may not have access to the site.
SAMR: Redefinition
Six C's: Communication and Creativity
Class dojo is teacher centered.




Kahoot is an app and website that allows teachers and even students to create a competitive educational game for their students and peers. Teachers can make a kahoot as a way of review before a test or quiz and it can allow them to see exactly how much they now and need to know. Teachers can see all answers and how many people got it right which can help them know which questions they need to go over.
Benefits: I is an easy way to review for a test or quiz and make it fun for them.
Barriers: It can sometimes be too distracting for the kids and make it hard for them to focus and learn.
SAMR: Redefinition
Six C's: Communication and Creativity
Kahoot is student centered.

google classroom

Google classroom is an easy way for parents and even students to connect with their teachers. teachers can upload assignments, post what the class learned that day and even notify parents of upcoming homework or tests and quizzes. This resource is a great way for teachers to keep parents involved in their child's school and everyday life at school.
Benefit: This is a great way for teachers to connect with their students and parents.
Barriers: It might be hard for parents or students to get access o this website.
SAMR: Modification
Six C's: Communication
Google classroom is teacher centered.


Mursion is the perfect way for teachers and potential teachers to practice and understand the aspects and different challenges in the classroom. This is a great way for teachers to practice being in the classroom and learning how to be around children and how to teach them the best.
Benefits: It is a great way for learning teachers to learn how to act in the classroom and prepare themselves and learn what to do in certain situations.
Barriers: It can be hard to truly understand the classroom because it is not exactly like a real classroom.
SAMR: Augmentation
Six C's: Creativity and Communication
Mursion is teachers and student centered.